How to cut PDF files with Foxit Reader, split files for free

Crop pdf files with foxit reader When your daily work has a lot of document files in PDF format with large documents, it will cause difficulties for you in the process of handling tasks such as modifying, sending gmail. Therefore, you need to cut the PDF document file into smaller sizes to be able to modify or send to gmail. And if you don’t know how to solve the problem, then let’s find out through the article below to help you do it easily.

The PDF file cutter is often used by foxit reader software because of its efficiency and usage is also quite simple, and another great thing is that the software is free to use, so it is usually the optimal solution.

1. The outstanding features of Foxit reader.

  • The software interface is quite eye-catching and very simple to use.

The latest versions of Foxit reader software are increasingly appreciated by users, you can manually change the background color of your application by choosing the color you want to change at the Menu in the left corner of the section. software and select “Change Skill”.

  • PDF file cutting function

You can use Foxit reader software to cut PDF files for free and quite easily. And it is currently one of the functions that many people care about and use today.

  • In the PDF file you can create additional annotations.

It is one of the quite useful functions, because in the process of using the document you can add or add circular symbols, arrows, or any other annotation you need. And that feature is in the Drawing section if you need to use it to remember or let others know.

  • When you need more text, you can copy it.

You can copy any document as a PDF to modify it through a Word file easily, by opening the PDF file and then selecting Paste into the word file to be able to modify it. When done editing, you convert from Word file to PDF.

  • The software can also help you zoom PDF documents.

This is a feature built into the application of the software that helps you to enlarge or reduce the text in PDF files as you like. And to do it, you just need to right-click and if you don’t use it, you just need to press the ESC key on the keyboard to finish.

  • The software also has the function of browsing documents by Tab

A Foxit Reader window opens and various tabs pop up which is quite convenient. Tab positions can be modified by using the mouse to move the tab to a position you need, or you can use the Ctrl + Tab key combo to move from one PDF file to another.

2. How to cut PDF files.

Steps to take

Step 1: First, to be able to cut PDF files with Foxit Reader, you need to download and install the software on your computer.

cach-cat-file-pdf-bang-foxit reader-1

Step 2: You open the software and select the PDF file that you need to cut and then open it.

Step 3: Next, press the Ctrl + P key combo on the keyboard, this time a message board will appear.

cach-cat-file-pdf-bang-foxit reader-3.1

Step 4: You click “Foxit Reader PDF Print” in the Name tab. and in the tab Pages to be printed (Print Range), you click to select the page (Page).

Eg: If you need to crop a PDF document from page 1 to page 9 then you type "1-9", if you just need to crop page 1 and page 9 then you just need to type "1,9" and when you need cut only a few pages from number 1 to number 8, remove page number nine and cut page number 10, then type the following: "1-8,10".

cach-cat-file-pdf-bang-foxit reader-3

Step 5: When done entering the number of pages to cut, select OK to cut.

Step 6: Then you click save the file and wait for a short time for the cutting to complete.


When you need to install this software on your computer, you should install anti-virus software in advance to avoid the case when you download the software there is a virus that harms your computer and files.

You should use Internet Explorer to be able to view PDF files directly, not the software’s Plug-In with the following websites: Google Chrome, Opera or Safari or FireFox because the confidential information of the document can be will be revealed.

So you have just finished the job Cut PDF File with Foxit Reader Pretty easy and quick way. Hopefully through the article will help you when you encounter problems with PDF files to be resolved quickly to bring you the highest productivity.

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