How to enable fast and simple facebook tracking

How to enable tracking on facebook give your facebook page more interaction. Facebook defaults to showing tracking mode, but for some reason you turned it off or it was hidden, but you don’t remember or don’t know how to turn it back on. will limit your interaction as well as making friends on Facebook. Don’t worry to remind you, guide you how to turn on tracking mode, let’s find out how to do this in this article!

1.Why you should enable tracking on your profile.

Get more followers and interactions when you enable Facebook following

Show more professionalism and prestige on your personal page (Especially when you use your personal page to sell online, the amount of interaction and tracking is very important).

Even if you are not friends, anyone can see your news page.

2. How to display tracking mode on Smartphone, Computer.

a. On Smartphones.

To use your phone in tracking mode, follow these steps in detail:

Step 1: On your phone, go to your personal Facebook page, in the right corner of the phone screen, and then select the three dashes below.


Step 2: Then the interface appears, select the jagged circle symbol (Settings and privacy).

cach-bat-che-do-theo-doi-tren-facebook-2 Step 3: Next, you select the item Setting.


Step 4: you move the mouse and select Privacy and continue to select Public Posts when the setting interface appears.


Step 5: At the Who can follow me => click on item Current friend mode => Click to switch to mode Public and so you have completed the steps.


With just a few simple steps like that on your Smartphone, you can already turn it on, right?

b. Turn on Computer mode

Step 1: On your computer, you access your personal Facebook page with a browser of your choice.

Step 2: In the right corner of the interface, select the triangle symbol (Account).


Step 3: Next, you also choose the serrated circle symbol settings and privacy.


Step 4: Next on the interface, select the section Setting.


Step 5: At the interface of the settings select item Public Posts as shown below.


Step 6: And to turn on the tracking mode, at Who can follow me you tick Everyone.


3. How to know the number of followers

You want to display the number of followers on your Facebook page but don’t know how, do the following:

  • First, log in to your personal page, then click on the pen symbol and select Edit.
  • Then in the Followers section at the bottom left corner of the screen you tick here and then select save in the right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Friends section of your profile
  • Continue clicking to select the pen-shaped symbol and then click Edit privacy.
  • In the followers section, click Public and then select done.
  • When you complete the above steps, you will open your personal page and you will see the number of followers

Above is how to turn on facebook tracking on your phone or computer, hopefully you can recall, or know how.

Good luck!

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