Runtime Error indicates that something went wrong during software startup. When encountering a Runtime Error C++ error, a window will appear showing information about the error code as well as the applications that encountered this error. Besides, the system will also advise contacting the application’s support team for more information, as shown below:

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 1

The cause of the error depends on different types of applications. If you are not sure what is the cause of the Runtime Error, please pay attention to the content provided in the above window. Sometimes errors can also stem from known problems in the application, but cannot be fixed.

Besides, there are many other factors that can cause Runtime Error, such as lack of memory, incompatible applications, errors due to malware or adware, outdated or damaged hardware. broken,…

Runtime Error is related to missing information in file, file error or feature error, etc. And unlike errors like STOP Error, Runtime Error will not stop the program immediately.

Here are some effective methods to fix Runtime Error quickly.

Temporarily disable Microsoft Services

As mentioned above, running two incompatible applications at the same time can lead to a Runtime Error. Or the application may take up so much system resources that there are not enough resources left for new applications.

However, we need to determine which program is the source of the error. From there quickly close unnecessary applications to fix this error. Open Task Manager then close all unnecessary programs, then reopen the application you want to run. Specifically:

1. Press combination Windows + R then enter msconfig into the window Run. Then click OK to continue.

2. Click the window System Configuration, go to tab General then uncheck option Load Startup items below section Selective Startup.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 2

3. Then go to tab Services then check it Hide all Microsoft Services.

4. Then select Disable all then click the button OK to save the changes and exit.

5. Finally, reboot the computer and check if the error is fixed or not.

Note: Whether the error is resolved or not, quickly re-enable the service in the ways above to avoid conflicts or other errors with the program.

Run the app in safe mode

Safe Mode is a special diagnostic mode in the Windows operating system, and is especially useful in solving hardware or software related problems. Safe Mode can be used to fix most errors in the operating system, so you should get used to this mode gradually. See instructions on how to enter Safe Mode here.

When you get a Runtime Error, try running the application in Safe Mode. Specifically:

1. Right click on the . button Start then choose Settings.

2. Go to section Update & Security, choose Recovery then tap Restart now.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 3

3. You will then be taken to the Windows Recovery Environment. Next, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart. Then Windows will restart to the Startup Settings page. We can now enter Safe Mode by pressing one of the keys F4, F5 or F6.

4. Run the program that is getting the error.

Repairing Visual C++ Runtime

Runtime Error is an error related to the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library. Therefore, consider fixing the Visual C++ Runtime when getting this error. Specifically:

1. Open dialog Run then enter cpl, then press Enter.

2. In the list, disbale all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime except 2010 and 2012.

3. Find and click on Microsoft Visual C++ runtime 2012, then select Repair in the options include Repair, Uninstall and Close. After that, the system will ask to reboot the PC.

Reinstall Visual C++ Runtime

If fixing Visual C++ does not fix the error, try reinstalling the Visual C++ Runtime following the steps below:

1. Open window Run then enter appwiz.cpl and press Enter.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 4

2. Next, find Microsoft Visual C++ in the list and then uninstall all versions.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 5

3. Download the new version of Microsoft Visual C++ and reinstall it on your computer.

Perform Clean Boot

Only necessary services and applications are loaded in Clean Boot. This program will block all third-party applications from loading at startup. Therefore, there will not be any conflict between the system and the Visual C++ software, so try to perform Clean Boot to fix the conflict of the program.

1. Login to the computer with admin rights.

2. Enter msconfig into the window Run then open System Configuration.

3. Go to tab Services then uncheck the line Hide all Microsoft services, choose Disable All then press OK to save changes.

4. Then go to option Startup then click Open Task Manager.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 6

5. Then press the . button Startup in Task Manager.

6. Right-click on the currently running application Enabled then choose Disable in the menu that appears.

7. Next, reboot the computer. Now the machine will be in the Clean Boot state, check if the Runtime Error still occurs or not.

If the error has been fixed, we can be sure that the cause is from a third-party program. If the error still persists, re-enable the programs and then try the other ways below to fix the Runtime Error.

Restore/reinstall Display Driver

Restoring/reinstalling the display driver is a common way to fix the error. Many applications require run time, so Windows also relies heavily on it. Then, try to restore the previous version of the display driver.

If a previous version is not available, install a version from previous years to check for errors.

Note: Windows will not reinstall the driver when restoring the driver.

Here are the steps to restore/reinstall Display Driver:

1. Press combination Windows + X then choose Device Manager in the list.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 7

2. Then expand section Display adapter then select your display adapter. Right click on it then click option Properties. Next, go to tab Driver in the pop-up window.

How to fix Runtime Error - Figure 8

3. Click Roll Back Driver. Then test each rollback, you can see which version is working well.

4. If none of the versions work, reinstall the Display Driver from the publisher’s official website and then disable the update.

So you know how to fix Runtime Error, IT Tips hope this article gives you a lot of useful information and can help you fix this error quickly, good luck!