Instructions on how to minimize the screen on Windows computers

How to minimize the computer screen

In the process of using the computer, you may have the need to minimize the work window for a number of reasons, such as more convenient for opening and viewing multiple windows at the same time. Known to shrink the computer screen then there are many ways to do it, follow the article below to refer to these ways!

Minimize the computer screen with the Restore / Minimize . button

The first and simplest way is to use the Restore button on the title bar of the application. This button is usually located on the right side of the work window and has a common design with Minimize and the X button used to close the application, with the icon of 2 squares arranged on top of each other.

In contrast, with the Minimax button, there will be a square icon and will help you maximize the working window on your computer.

Minimize the computer screen with the Restore / Minimize . button

In addition to reducing the size of the working window such as clicking the Restore button, you can also use the Minimize button to minimize and temporarily hide unused applications.

With the Minimize button, it will have an icon of a dash, you can easily do it by moving the mouse and clicking on this icon. Then again click on the application’s icon on the taskbar to maximize (reopen) the last working window.

Minimize the computer screen with the Restore / Minimize . button

Or you can choose to right-click on the title bar to open the title bar menu, or use the Alt + Spacebar key combination (spacebar) and then click Minimize to minimize the working screen on the computer. .

How to minimize the computer screen with keyboard shortcuts

Minimize the computer screen with the Windows + EASY key combination

In addition to clicking the Minimize button to minimize a work window of your choice, you can also minimize the screen in bulk. It can be understood simply that all the application windows you have open will be minimized at the same time, you can easily do so with just the keyboard shortcut Windows + D. Once minimized the screen is successful, then you press Windows + D one more time to be able to restore it as before.

Use the Windows + EASY key combination

Use the key combination Windows + CODE

Alternatively, you can try another key combination and have the same effect as the Windows + D keyboard shortcut, which is the Windows + M key combination. With the steps to minimize the screen and zoom in, the same way you do use Windows + D.

Use the Windows + Home key combination

Next, with a slightly different option is the Windows + Home shortcut. All other application windows will be minimized, except for the application you are working on.

Minimize the computer screen with the Windows + arrow key combination

Another option for you is Windows + arrow, you have the option of up or down arrow and watch the change to customize the size of the application window that you are working directly.

Use the Windows key + arrows

Or you can also use the method of minimizing application windows in bulk with another way is to click on the small stripe located on the far right (on the Windows 10 taskbar), close to the notification icon . Clicking on this area for the first time will shrink the screen and then enlarge the screen (depending on whether you are minimizing or maximizing the working windows).

The above article has introduced to you some ways to reduce the computer screen simply and effectively. Hopefully, the article can help you know more about this simple but quite convenient tip and apply it successfully.