iPhone 6/6S dropped in water damaged main

iPhone 6/6S dropped in water damaged main - where to fix?

Lỗi Main iPhone 6/6S accidentally dropped into the water very often, although not everyone knows how to “rescue” it. Learn how to save your iPhone 6/6S with the secret in the following article. Remember and do it the right way!

What is the main iPhone 6/6S?

Main iPhone 6/6S is a circuit board that integrates many different details that make up the operation of the phone. It is very important not only for iPhone 6/6S but also for all other smartphones.

What is the main iPhone 6/6S?

When the main error, damage it entails a lot of consequences. If it’s easy, you’ll end up spending a ton of money on repairs. Heavy may have to drop the whole machine. Therefore, you need to consider early to bring your iPhone 6/6S for examination and repair at a reputable facility.

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How to give first aid when iPhone 6/6S falls into water?

As soon as your iPhone 6/6S falls into the water, you need to quickly perform the following actions to rescue it:

Handling phones in water

  • Step 1: Take it out of the water, put it in a dry place → Turn off the phone immediately → Remove all cases, headphones, sim cards from the smartphone.
  • Step 2: Use a soft paper towel or soft cloth to gently wipe, avoiding scratching the surface of the smartphone.
  • Step 3: Put the iPhone 6/6S in a jar of rice to stay overnight or put it in a box with a desiccant pack to dry the device.

Note: Do not turn on the machine to check when the machine is not completely dry. This action can cause water to penetrate deeper, damaging components and causing damage lỗi Main iPhone 6/6S. If the water absorption of your iPhone6/6s is light, then just with the above actions, you can save the device.

How to identify damaged phone main?

If, after performing the emergency operations, you find the following errors, it is possible that the main iPhone 6/6S has failed.

How to identify damaged phone main?

The errors are as follows:

  • The phone is unresponsive even though the battery is fully charged and powered on. The screen is not bright.
  • Phone crashes continuously even though it is not the fault of the battery.
  • The phone loses signal, loses connection suddenly, but surrounding devices still use it normally.
  • Manipulation on the screen is chaotic or non-touch, the charger does not enter, the flash is lost, etc.

Because there are so many problems, so when you see any suspicious signs on your smartphone, you should take it for a test drive.

How to handle iPhone 6/6S main error due to falling into water

The main iPhone 6/6S is really an important part that you need to repair soon. If after first aid and still no success, abnormal signs still occur, it is best to take the device to check.

How to handle iPhone 6/6S main error due to falling into water

If you have suspected that the main iPhone 6 – 6S is damaged, you should not repair it yourself at home. Because the tools are not enough, the lack of expertise can turn “a good pig into a lame pig”.

So how? The best way is to bring your iPhone 6 – 6S for repair. But be careful not to choose a repair shop on the street. Check out a few reputable places before you go, there will be times when you will have to thank yourself for being so careful!

Where to fix Main iPhone 6/6S error, reputable and cheap?

If you are staying in Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, Phone Vui is an ideal location for you. This place not only received many positive reviews about the quality, but also reached the top of the prestigious cheap place.

Where to fix Main iPhone 6/6S error, reputable and cheap?

The advantage when coming here, you can wait in an air-conditioned room with free wifi and free drinking water. While waiting for the phone operator, you can view the details of the process or watch movies or play games.

If you have to replace the Main instead of fixing the main iPhone 6/6S error as you want, the staff will ask for your opinion and exchange the price. If you are satisfied, the staff will repair, if not, you can bring the device back without paying for inspection.