Is an Accredited Online College Degree Worth the Money?

You have probably seen the advertisements online, saying that you can have a college degree in as little as a week. If you just send in some money, tell them all about your “life experience”, they will send you a diploma. These unaccredited “colleges” are bogus and the diploma you receive will never do you any good. Although the diploma might look good on your wall, anyone who takes a good look at it will realize that you basically bought it.

An accredited online college degree is not an easy thing to get. You will have to work for it, just like you would in a classroom. Schools that are accredited are required to teach their online curriculum in the same manner as they would in the traditional classroom, and that includes the amount of time that you are expected to spend on classroom materials. An online class is often much more time-consuming than a traditional class.

However, when you pursue an accredited online college degree, you have a huge advantage. You don’t have to travel to a campus, and you don’t have to sit in a classroom for hours at a time. You can take your classes whenever you want, wherever you are, even while you are at work or on vacation. For people who lead busy lives, obtaining an accredited online college degree is a great choice.

The overall cost of an online degree is about the same as a traditional one, minus of course the travel expenses. You will usually be required to purchase the same expensive text books, and pay the same tuition, but the advantages that come with online learning are many. Especially for people who have families or can’t afford to give up their full time jobs, an online degree is the answer.