Lucky to get the sea "45678", owners of this Mazda CX-5 can "come to life" Mercedes if you want

Recently, netizens were once again admiring when they saw a Mazda CX-5 appear with a very beautiful sign – 98A – 456.78, based on the head of the sea, the owner of the car is from Bac Giang.

Not only is the number sequence easy to remember, the plate 456.78 also means moving forward, overcoming all difficulties in life. Although not as beautiful as the numbers ‘12345’ or ‘56789’, the signboard ‘456.78’ is still highly appreciated and welcomed by many people.


It is not clear whether the owner of this Mazda CX-5 intends to resell the car, if so, then surely right after selling the beautiful sea CX-5, this person can immediately buy a luxury car, like Mercedes-Benz. Benz for example.


In Vietnam, Mazda CX-5 is being distributed with 6 versions, with prices ranging from VND 839 million to VND 1,059 billion. In December 2021, car buyers will enjoy a 50% discount on registration fees and incentives up to VND 120 million, along with many valuable gifts from the dealer (depending on version and region).

Nhu Hi (Tuoitrethudo)

Photo: Nguyen Trong Hung