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Meaning of feng shui license plates

Feng shui license plate
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Can choose feng shui license plate will bring the owner fortune, luck, convenience for everything and peace of mind when operating on all roads. Let’s join Digital Experience to update how to view and interpret the meaning of the latest feng shui license plate to see how your license plate is!

What are the elements of a feng shui license plate?

Long ago, choosing feng shui license plate It has become something that many people are interested in and carefully researched. Especially with expensive cars.

License plate according to feng shui
The number plate of the car according to feng shui is interested by many people

Because when choosing a beautiful license plate, feng shui not only helps them always have a prosperous business, good luck, all the advantages. It is also a fulcrum to support car owners psychologically and safely on all roads.

According to the concept of our country, a beautiful license plate is when the numbers are arranged logically and most reasonably. Along with that, when the numbers in the sea are added together, the higher the score, the more luck will be.

One feng shui license plate must harmoniously combine the two elements yin and yang in the five elements. The rear number plates are forward, the rear number is larger than the previous number, which is considered to bring luck, happiness and fulfillment. Here is the meaning of each number that has been thoroughly researched by feng shui experts:

Number Reading convention


Real normal, nothing
1 Best first, sure, unique
2 Forever forever, long lasting
3 Finance prosperity, fortune
4 Death Most people think the number 4 is not beautiful
5 Sleep the pentagram, the five elements, the mysteries
6 Loc fortune, happiness, many blessings
7 The seventh usually understood as loss
8 Play prosper, develop
9 Excess longevity, the greatest number

Meaning, how to translate license plate according to feng shui

Meaning of license plate according to the concept of five elements

The theory of the five elements explains the interdependence and contrasts in the interactions and relationships of all things. According to his father, each number in the sea corresponds to an element. From that perspective, it will determine whether it is in harmony or belonging to the five elements that car owners need to find ways to improve their luck.

On the other hand, based on the five elements, we also know the harmony of colors. The right color brings luck, all the advantages, and vice versa, the car’s destiny color is easily damaged and costs money to repair. So choosing the right car color is also something we should consider when buying a car to bring smooth convenience during operation.

Decoding the meaning of beautiful license plates according to hexagrams

The hexagram is an important feng shui element that has been studied and summarized by his father over the years. For license plates 64 hexagrams provide accurate numbers on the sea to know that the sea is beautiful or bad.

The reason why a license plate has a bad meaning will predict bad luck that is easy to happen in the future, causing consequences for both yourself and the vehicle. On the contrary, a beautiful license plate will also predict good and favorable things for car owners.

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So how to see if the feng shui license plate is right for you?

How to see the license plate of the car according to feng shui The best have been thoroughly researched by experts. Follow Experience No It is known that this method is widely used to determine the meaning of the license plate number in accordance with feng shui.

How to read license plates according to feng shui
How to read license plates according to feng shui
How to see the license plate of the car according to feng shui
How to see the license plate of the car according to feng shui

Calculation: Take the last 4 or 5 digits of the license plate and divide it by 80. Then subtract the whole number and then multiply the remainder by 80. The returned results will be looked up in the following table:

Eg: License plate 28896. We have: 28896/80 = 361.2. Subtract the integer part: 361.2-261 = 0.2. Then take 0.2×80=16. Looking up in the table, we have: 16 is the support person. A beautiful license plate, the owner is easy to get lucky, gets a lot of help from others.

Bad license plates no one likes

In addition to the beautiful, feng shui license plates, there are a number of license plates that, in the opinion of many people, are not good and should be avoided. Specifically:

  • Number 49.53: Pair of numbers related to five unlucky, risky years.
  • Number 78, the driving degree is a failure, 44 is a quartet.. or pairs of numbers total 1, total 4, total 7…
  • The numbers at the end of the sea are reverse numbers, implying that life does not develop, always goes down…

In addition, some young people also read the steering wheel, deviating syllables to create a very strange way of translating number plates. For example: 7762 dirty dirty bad boy.

So how many digits are good and bad?

  • Usually, the sum of the digits in the sea is 9 which is the best. The sum is determined by adding the digits and then subtracting 10.
  • Many people do not have a sum of 4 (death), 7 (seven), and a sum of 1 because this is a “mean” is nothing.

On the other hand, some beautiful consecutive pairs are very popular:

  • 23: Balanced fortune
  • 39: Little God of Wealth
  • 29: Forever fortune
  • 56: Prosperity, prosperity
  • 66: Lucky charm
  • 68: Loc Phat, Loc Phat
  • 88: Playback.

See the meaning of beautiful license plates through the series of numbers at the end of the plate

Beautiful license plate is a concept that is not too strange to everyone. Especially for business people, car players are not afraid to spend hundreds of millions of dong to own a beautiful license plate. Typically, the four-quarter license plates are very popular with car players because of their good arguments. Specifically:

What is a beautiful license plate?
What is a beautiful license plate?
  • Number plate of the fourth quarter of 1111: His father’s conception, 1 is the starting number is the basic number that always brings good, new and new life to everyone.
  • Quarterly license plate 2222: The number 2 represents a couple, a pair. In the old conceptions the number 2 is a happy number, extremely favorable for events. Vehicle plate 2222 will indicate the time of smooth operation, the development of all things, the coming of blessings and also symbolizes the balance of yin and yang.
  • 4th quarter license plate number 3333: The number 3 is a mysterious number that the ancients had many different conceptions of about the state and form associated with it. Specifically, such as the Three Jewels, the Three Realms, the Three Times, the Three Multi, the Three Talents.
  • Quarterly license plate 4444: From the Chinese point of view, the number 4 is not a bad number. On the contrary, this number helps to bring good luck to the owner.
  • Quarterly license plate 5555: The number 5 belongs to the earth element, yellow and is the central number in the numbering factor. It is always believed that the number 5 is the number of the noble, promotion and symbolizes honor and authority.
  • Number plate of the fourth quarter of 6666: In the interpretation, the number 6 is considered a beautiful number. Because in the kanji reading, the number 6 is Luc, which is homophonous with Loc. So license plate 6666 symbolizes fortune and fortune.
  • Number plate of the fourth quarter of 7777: In the Eastern concept, the number 7 is extremely beautiful, it is 7 stars and the 7-star sword is used in Lao rituals. The number 7 also represents strength, repelling evil spirits. According to Buddhism, the number 7 also means the most powerful power of the Sun.
  • Quarterly license plate 8888: The number 8 symbolizes health, peace and prosperity. In Buddhism, this number 8 corresponds to the eight immortals in Taoism and the Noble Eightfold Path.
  • Quarterly license plate 9999: Longevity and luck is the meaning of the number 9. A happy number, all advantages and well-being for the owners. The number 9 is for salvation, the four for salvation is for the death and longevity. More specifically, the total of the fourth quarter of the 9th quarter also has a tail number of 6, Luc (Luc). Both luck, longevity and fortune.

Discuss the license plate of the car through the last number of numbers

Besides, many people also read the license plate number to make out other very interesting meanings. Eg:

  • 456: Four seasons of fertility
  • 01234: Going up empty handed, 1 wife, 2 children, 3-storey house, 4-wheeler vehicle.
  • 4953: 49 has not passed, 53 has come
  • 227: Long live
  • 569: Happiness, fortune, longevity
  • 8683: Prosperity, prosperity
  • 8386: Prosperity, fortune
  • 2204: Never die forever
  • 6578: 6 years of failure
  • 4078: The four seasons do not fail
  • 1368: 1 life of fortune

Interpretation of license plates according to personality

  • 1102: Unique
  • 1122: One is one, two is two
  • 6789: Leveling everything
  • 6758: Living by faith
  • 7762: Dirty ugly boy.

Above is how to see feng shui license plate The latest that you can apply yourself to see for your beloved car. In general, a beautiful license plate is according to each person’s judgment. And importantly, a peace of mind when owning a satisfactory license plate will help car owners feel more secure as well as lucky and convenient in business.

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