How to advance Vina
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Cash advance is an extremely useful solution that network operators have offered to help customers “rescue” urgently in case the subscription has run out of money. In this article, Experience No will summarize for readers how to advance Vina, Vinaphone cash advance syntax for you to use flexibly in necessary cases.

Conditions to advance Vinaphone

Belonging to VNPT group, Vinaphone is the 3rd largest network operator in Vietnam with a very large number of users. In order to best meet the needs of users, Vinaphone also supports advance service for prepaid subscribers with the following conditions:

How to advance Vinaphone
Do you know how to advance money for vina sim yet?
  • The main account must be equal to or less than 5000 VND.
  • Your subscription number is active two-way, at least 3 months from the date of activation.
  • The amount of the main account used in the most recent previous calendar month is at least VND 15,000.
  • Within the last 2 months, subscribers must top up at least once a month with a minimum of 10,000 VND.
  • Subscriber has fully refunded the advance and transaction fee from the previous session.

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Synthesize the latest way to advance Vina money

Currently, Vina network operator provides users with very flexible payment methods. Here is a summary of 3+ how to advance Vina which you can use on a case-by-case basis.

Syntax of proactive Vina money advance

Syntax of Vinaphone cash advance

Instead of having to wait for a message from the network operator, this way you can actively send a request to the system yourself to get an advance. The system automatically scores and then provides the appropriate advance for your subscribers. In case of ineligibility, the system will not receive the request and send a specific notice.

Syntax: Compose UT send 1576 or press *1576#OK.

Syntax to advance Vina money continuously when not yet refunded

If your subscriber has a good history of cash advance and refund, this advance method can allow you to make up to 3 consecutive advances even if the previous transaction has not been completed.

Specifically, your subscriber will receive a message from the carrier inviting money to advance when the original account is about to run out. And if you agree, you just need to compose the correct message as follows: Y sent 1576

Some note:

  • Depending on the process of the system analyzing the advance history, you may be accepted for 2 to 2 times in a row.
  • After receiving consecutive advances, you must make a deposit to pay off your debt first before you can continue using the service.

Syntax for automatic Vina money advance (fast money advance)

Similar to the way to advance Vina in a row, if the history of advance and refund is good; especially, if you regularly meet the required conditions, the system will send a message inviting you to participate in automatic payment. With this advance, you will be able to participate more times. However, only up to 5 times before refund.

Syntax: UTD send 1576

How to advance Vinaphone 3k in an emergency?

This way of advance will help you “save” with 3000 VND. Syntax *911#OK

The condition to apply for 3K is the subscription period of at least 1 year; the time of advance is active in both directions and the balance is less than 300 VND.

Fees for Vina money advance service

Depending on the amount you advance, there will be different fees. The network operator will offer a fee of 10 to 30% of the advance amount. Don’t worry, Vinaphone will have a specific notice about the service fee when you make an advance.

How to advance Vina

After that, in the last time to top up the card, the system will deduct the advance and fee according to regulations.

For example, you advance the amount of 50,000 service charge 7,5000. Thus, when recharging, the system will refund the total amount minus 57,5000VND.

Here are the how to advance Vina which you can use to save money in case your subscription runs out of money. Currently, the network operator has not yet given the Vina money advance feature, which is not eligible. Please visit regularly to follow useful tips!