Mortgage Trigger Leads - The FAQ's

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FAQ Answers

A: Trigger Leads come directly to us from the three major credit bureaus. A mortgage trigger is simply a credit bureau derived lead based on live credit attributes triggered by the actual credit behavior of your prospect. It is highly specialized and targeted for individual client

A: Yes. You can select the FICO scores, mortgage amounts, LTV ratios, geography, and revolving debt balances that make up your ideal candidate. When they apply for a mortgage, we send you the borrower’s information within 24 hours

A: never charges you extra for the filters that create your ideal borrower. Other companies that do are interested in their bottom line and not about helping you achieve yours.

A: Once you have established your ideal criteria the bureau creates a “watch” list of all homeowners that fit the exact criteria you desire. When they have a mortgage inquiry which is generated when their credit is pulled, we send you the lead.

A: You can set your own daily lead cap. We will never force you to take more than you can comfortably handle. Our goal is to give you the best chance to close more loans. Imposing a minimum number of leads you must take in a day doesn’t serve your interest or ours.

A: The leads are delivered daily via email. They are in an excel spreadsheet. Barring a delay of our daily trigger lead updates from the bureaus, most leads are delivered prior to noon in all time zones.

A: Yes. Every lead with a phone number has been scrubbed against all state and federal do not call lists. Your company does have to obtain a Subscriber Account Number for all area codes in which the leads are provided. Information on registering with the FTC for a subscriber account number can be found at

A: As with all live credit based pre-screened data, a firm offer of commitment is required. We furnish approved telemarketing scripts meeting the Fair Credit Reporting Act standards. All scripts or direct mail pieces MUST be approved in writing PRIOR to ordering and using this data.

A: Leads will start within two (2) business days of receipt of all required documentation and receipt of payment.

A: NO! Aged triggers have consistently shown not to be worth the effort expended, do not yield consistent results, and do not offer a consistent ROI. Aged triggers, often called acquisition triggers are bundled leads that are “delivered to you daily” but are only pulled by the bureau on a weekly basis. They then parse out your leads on a daily basis, thus making it appear that it is a daily, 24 hour trigger. Some companies use the aged triggers to offer you a lower price and then hype it as a 24 hour trigger.

Ask yourself…which would you rather have… an apple just picked from the tree or do want one that’s been laying on the ground for over a week? The freshness of the 24 hour trigger lead in unsurpassed maximizing your mortgage marketing ROI.

A: There is no such thing as an exclusive trigger lead. Other lead companies use a play on words by stating ” the leads we send to you are exclusively yours”. You read that thinking that you are getting an exclusive lead. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

FCRA regulations and the bureaus own contracts state that this is one time use data for the sole use to the client is provided for. For that reason, they aren’t sending it to anyone else. The credit bureaus on the other hand are selling it to other companies.

Our clients consistently tell us they feel they are competing with 3-4 other companies. suppresses your order across our database everyday ensuring that you will never get the same lead more than once, even if a borrower meeting your requirements has their credit pulled more than once.

A: We gladly provided FCRA compliant scripts to all clients during our completion of the bureau related requirements when setting up your account.

We will also provide a kick-off conference call with your team prior to start of your campaign to answer any questions they may have about using mortgage triggers, call flow, compliance and do not call regulations.

TRIGGER DATA HAS A WHOLE HOST OF ADVANTAGES OVER OTHER LEAD GENERATIONS TYPES: From the source and integrity of the data (the credit bureaus), to the ability to select your exact FICO’s, LTV’s, mortgage amounts, your specialized geography, and more…Trigger Data is superior to all other types of leads available at any price.
Trigger data is delivered within 24 hours of a hard mortgage inquiry. This means another lender, mortgage company, or bank has pulled this persons credit for the purposes of obtaining mortgage credit.
These borrowers are “In-Market” right now. This is like having a crystal ball to tell you whenever someone who fits your exact desirable lending profile has applied for a mortgage.WHY IS TRIGGER DATA BETTER THAN OTHER TYPES OF LEADS OR LISTS? The source is reputable. This data comes from the major credit bureaus. This data is exactly what they have on file for each borrower and confirmed homeowner nationwide.
This is information provided by a borrowers “estimate”. How many times have you asked a borrower “how’s your credit – to which they say “pretty good”…Only to find out their credit is awful, they have no equity, and you can’t work with them!
This info isn’t obtained by offering them an incentive. This information is generating when someone has filled out a 1003 and mortgage credit is being pulled.
A lot of internet leads offer a free gift if they fill out the web form that generates the lead. The result…they were never interested in getting a mortgage loan in the first place
NOBODY FILLS OUT A 1003 BECAUSE IT’ S FUN – THEY DO IT BECAUSE THEY NEED A LOAN NOW!The Comparison50 “Exclusive” Internet Leads – (exclusive is in quotes because there is no such thing!)50 Leads @ $65 = $3250 invested
2% conversion – 1 deal
Average Funding Revenue – $4,000
Net Profit – $750 returned50 “Hot Transfer” Telemarketing Leads @$100 = $5,000 invested
2% conversion rate – 1 deal
Average Funding Revenue – $4,000
Net Profit – You LOST 1,000 BUCKS!5000 Direct Mail Letters @ .65 = $3250 investedResponse Rate – .25% – 12.5 “responders”1 Funded loan (I’m being generous) Average Funding Revenue – $4,000 Net Profit – $750 returned500 Trigger [email protected] $3.00 – $1,500 invested2% conversion rate – 10 dealsAveraging Funding Revenue – $40,000 (10 deals @ $4,000 each.)Net Profit – a whopping $38,500 returnedTrigger data has: The lowest upfront start cost per campaign The highest Net Profit The highest return on investment (ROI) The lowest amount of funds at risk The highest number of people that are actually looking for a mortgage (they have already applied for one – 100% are interested!)

THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION ABOUT TRIGGER DATA IS “WHAT’S THE CONVERSION RATE?”The truth is … it varies. I have a 16 year old son and an 83 year grandmother. If they both drive my car, the gas mileage is going to be dramatically different. Your mileage may vary too. The same is true with results. Your results will depend on a number of things:Here are just a few:Your skill on the phone. After all, it’s still a cold call. Your ability to demonstrate that you have a better or more compelling offer. Your company’s competitiveness in the market (Can you close a loan faster, have more favorable terms, or can do difficult loans, etc.)There isn’t a one size fits all answer to that question. Consider this though.Our calculation above shows 10 closed loans per 500 leads – a 2% conversion rate. Assume for a moment that your results are lower. If we took the worst case scenario and you closed only 1 loan from 500 trigger leads ( it’s ridiculously low but I’m making a point), trigger data would still have you in a position that you more than doubled your investment.While no lead program can guarantee results, use your common sense. If you could talk to 500 strangers who applied for a mortgage in the last 24 hours, how many do you think you could close?