Quick guide to fix laptop error that can't catch wifi

Quick guide to fix laptop error that can't catch wifi

I was plowing a love drama to the climax when laptop can’t catch wifi? A lot of people have been in this situation and still don’t know how to handle the problem. The solution is actually not that difficult! If you want to quickly get wifi back, see the quick fix guide in the article below!

The reason why the laptop cannot catch wifi

Nearly anyone who uses a laptop has experienced a problem laptop can’t catch wifi already. If you want to know how to fix it, you need to find the cause of this error first. For each different cause, there will be a corresponding remedy. Some causes of laptop failure to catch wifi will be listed below:

The reason why the laptop can't catch wifi

  • Derived from a network error, Router or Wifi transmitter
  • Maybe the switch of the wifi transmitter is not turned on
  • You have not enabled the wifi connection feature on your laptop
  • Laptop is infected with a malicious virus that affects the wifi connection
  • If you change your IP address with Fake IP software or VPN, you may not be able to catch wifi
  • Driver version old, poor quality
  • Software conflicts should cause errors

How to quickly fix laptop error that cannot catch wifi

Use keyboard shortcuts for quick fixes

The new design of the wifi fast toggle button for laptops seems very convenient, but sometimes it also causes you to encounter problems. Just accidentally press the wrong button while using the network, immediately your wifi will lose connection.

The reason why the laptop cannot catch wifi

The way to solve this case is quite simple, you just need to press the shortcut combination again to open it. Note that for each different model, there is a different shortcut.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Dell computers: Fn+ PrtScr
  • Shortcut for Asus: Fn+F2
  • Shortcut for Lenovo: Fn + F5 (Fn+F7)
  • Keyboard shortcut for Acer: Fn + F5 (Fn+F2)
  • Shortcut for Toshiba machine: Fn+F12

How to check if wifi is in airplane mode?

Laptop not able to catch wifi may be because you accidentally enabled airplane mode in laptop. When activating this mode, the connection on the device will be completely lost, including wifi. Therefore, as long as you turn off airplane mode, everything will be fine.

Check network settings

Error laptop can’t catch wifi It is also possible that the mode you have installed is not correct. Please check the settings in the Control Panel again.

  • Step 1: Access Control Panel → Click on Network and Sharing Center

Check network settings

  • Step 2: Select the Change Adapter settings item.
  • Step 3: Find the wifi section, if you see a gray computer icon, right-click → Click Enable to turn on wifi

Scan for viruses for laptops

If your laptop is flooded with viruses, the wifi capture function may be affected and cannot connect. The most effective way at this time is to remove all those viruses. You need to download anti-virus software, it is best to use paid software to get the most effective anti-virus.

Adjust where wifi is located

Try adjusting the place where the wifi is located to see if that position affects the strength of the wifi signal. You also need to see how many devices are using your home wifi.

If someone hacked the wifi and used the temple, the wifi signal might also be too weak to be caught. Check them all out to be sure there’s the best fit for your wifi.

Install Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Try reinstalling the Wireless Network Adapter Driver when you can’t catch wifi for the computer. This method works quite well after you have tried the above methods.

  • Step 1: Open Start → Find Device Manager item

How to quickly fix laptop error that cannot catch wifi

  • Step 2: Click on Network Adapters → Select Wifi Adapter → Right click → Select Uninstall.
  • Step 3: Wait for the Device Manager window to appear → Click on Action → Select Scan for hardware changes → Restart the machine


Here are some ways that can help you fix the error laptop can’t catch wifi. Wish you success in fixing the error to film!