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Shengshi GK350 is a clone of CB300R?

Chinese brands are always criticized by the community for often using designs from famous brands in all fields from fashion, electronics, motorcycles,… And Shengshi GK350 is a typical example of the above situation, because this model has a similar design to Honda’s CB300R model.

Shengshi GK350 is a clone of CB300R?

Shengshi GK350 is a clone of CB300R?
​China really has a reputation for not having its own independent designs from time immemorial. However, to be fair, we have to admit that there have been some famous Chinese motorcycle manufacturers who have stepped up their game when it comes to designs that have their own brains both in terms of style and design. mechanical parts.
Talking about the Shengshi GK350 in this theme, its neoclassical design makes it look like Honda’s small nakedbike like CB300R. As can be seen from the fuel tank, the tail section and round LED headlights seem to be inspired by the Japanese nakedbike.

Honda CB300R.
However, it does have some styling differences. In addition to the spokes, it also has an enduro-style front brake disc guard. Above all, Shengshi decided to equip this car with advanced features such as keyless start, backlit switches, tire pressure monitoring system and Bluetooth connectivity.

In terms of performance, GK350 more than CB300R in terms of power with a 350cc single-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, producing 39 horsepower (CB300R reached 30.5 horsepower).
Likely Shengshi GK350 will be sold exclusively in the Chinese market, not distributed in other markets. If I have more news, I will update you guys in the following topic at forum.

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