Should I upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been born for less than a year, the sources of information about the Galaxy S22 series have appeared with a dense frequency throughout the websites. Will Samsung’s upcoming flagship coming early next year continue the success of the previous generation? Today, let’s compare Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and S22 Plus after the article below!

Some comparisons about Samsung Galaxy S22 plus and S21 Plus

About design

The flagships from Samsung are always at the top of the smartphone world in terms of luxurious and trendy design. According to some sources from expert Mauri QHD, this time Galaxy S22 Plus will have a slightly thinner and lighter design than the Galaxy S21 Plus. Specifically, this time the screen of the Galaxy S22 Plus will have a size of 6.55 inches, smaller than the screen size of the Galaxy S21 Plus of 6.7 inches.

Some comparisons about Samsung Galaxy S22 plus and S21 Plus

The change in size this time is partly due to the size of the battery. According to expert analysis, the battery on the Galaxy S22 Plus has been reduced to make the device look more compact. However, this may change slightly as Samsung has always increased the screen size of their devices through each product line. We have to wait for the product to be released to confirm this information.

About the screen

The screen on the Galaxy S22 Plus will continue to use the same mole design as the previous generation. However, according to some other information, it is believed that the Galaxy S22 series will have a hidden camera design under the screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 product launched this year. This is also likely to happen on the S22 Plus because of the success of this technology on the Galaxy Fold 3.

Some comparisons about Samsung Galaxy S22 plus and S21 Plus

The back of the S22 Plus will still be a leaf-style camera cluster, not much changed compared to the Galaxy S21 Plus. In addition, the Galaxy S22 Plus will be released with some rather strange colors such as black, white, rose gold and green that are being awaited by many Fans.

About Camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has disappointed many users when there are not many changes in camera compared to the previous generation. So most likely, with this launch, this Galaxy S22 Plus Samsung will equip more new technologies for the camera.

Specifically, according to a few leaked information sources, the Galaxy S22 Plus will equip the larger 50MP main sensor camera on the Galaxy S21 Plus when it has only 12MP. In addition, this camera is also equipped with a 12MP telephoto sensor that supports 3x optical zoom and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor.

About Camera

Besides, some leaked information is very likely that this time Galaxy S22 Plus will be equipped with a main camera with extremely high resolution of up to 200 MB. However, if this is true information, then the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the flagship that owns this upgrade, not the Galaxy S22 Plus.

About configuration

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will be designed with the latest chips on the market – Snapdragon 895 or Exynos 2200. This will definitely be an upgrade that helps Galaxy S22 Plus beat Snapdragon 888 chip on Galaxy S21 Plus easily. easy.

About configuration

Besides, this time Samsung also equips their new device with a GPU provided by AMD, which will help the device handle tasks that require high graphics smoothly. Other experiences such as playing games or watching movies will also be upgraded to a new level.

Should I upgrade from Galaxy S21 Plus version to S22 Plus?

Although the S22 Plus has not been officially launched yet, with some leaked information, this device is worth looking forward to. Thanks to the upgrades in design, camera, or quality display and configuration. Strong image certainly will not disappoint SamFan.

How much does Samsung Galaxy S22 plus cost?

Currently, there is no real source of accurate information about the price of the Galaxy S22 this time. But it is expected that the price this time will be slightly higher than the previous generation. The price will fall in the range of $799 – $1379.

How much does Samsung galaxy s22 plus cost?

Hopefully, the above comparison of these two phones will help you choose the most suitable product for you!