Should you buy Huawei Watch GT 3? How much?

Huawei Watch GT 3 is the latest smartwatch model of the Huawei family that has just been launched by the company recently. With the successes from its predecessors, will Huawei Watch GT 3 have any innovation? Should you buy Huawei Watch GT 3?

What’s outstanding about Huawei Watch GT 3 review?

After the previous success of GT 2, recently, Huawei continues to introduce to the technology community the Huawei Watch GT 3 smart watch model with a classic design, improved battery life, performance along with the operating system. Tailor-made Harmony SOS.

Classic and fashionable Huawei Watch GT 3 watch design

Like the previous versions, the classic design style is the favorite point of many users in the Huawei Watch GT 2 model, then to the GT 3 model, the company retains the same design but has added a rotary button. and function buttons are easier to adjust.

What's outstanding about Huawei Watch GT 3 review?

The watch has two versions, 42mm and 46mm, so that it can be suitable for many users. If the 46mm version brings strength, personality and dynamism, the 42mm version will be more compact, elegant and sophisticated, so it will be suitable for both women.

The outer belt showing 24 hours like the Dive watches remains the same but has been designed to be smaller to be able to expand the display screen size.

The screen has a size of 1.46 inches (in the 46mm version) or 1.36 inches (in the 42mm version) but is larger for you to easily observe and perform operations on the watch.

What's outstanding about Huawei Watch GT 3 review?

The strap system with 20mm sizes for the 42mm version and 22mm for the 46mm version are all standard sizes so that users can freely change the strap. The included strap has a high quality rubber material, which is flexible and hugs the wrist but still makes it comfortable to wear.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 watch strap is also very diverse in colors, materials, designs, … so you can comfortably choose a strap that suits your preferences and everyday wear.

Huawei Watch GT 3’s battery life reaches impressive numbers

In terms of battery life, Huawei Watch GT 3 has very good battery life when the 42mm version lasts up to 7 days and the 46mm version lasts up to 14 days. However, this number is based on ideal conditions and in actual use, this number will vary slightly.

Based on usage such as connecting to a smartphone, measuring heart rate, continuously measuring SpO2, receiving application notifications, exercise tracking and Always-on Display mode, Huawei Watch GT 3 42mm will consume about 25% of battery per day. days while the 46mm version consumes about 15% of the battery a day.

Huawei Watch GT 3's battery life reaches impressive numbers

So it can be seen that the battery life of Huawei Watch GT 3 based on actual use will give a battery life of 4 days and about 7 days, respectively. Although not reaching the announced number, this is still an impressive number.

Depending on each person’s heavier or lighter usage conditions, the Huawei GT 3’s battery life may be longer or shorter.

Improved version of Harmony SOS with many new features

Continuing to the operating system, Huawei GT 3 runs on Harmony SOS operating system with improvements to solve many previous disadvantages of LiteOS operating system. The basic tasks on a smartwatch have been done very well by Huawei on this operating system.

In addition, features such as measuring heart rate, measuring blood oxygen levels, measuring temperature, stress, sleep monitoring, weather display, viewing the lunar calendar, etc. are all improved on Huawei GT 3. .

Improved version of Harmony SOS with many new features

In addition, with 2 health measurement features, it also supports continuous measurement based on real time on the Huawei Health application to be able to help users monitor their health status every day and promptly detect abnormalities of the body. .

A new feature on the Huawei Watch GT 3 is quick reply to messages. With this feature, users can quickly reply to messages without having to use a smartphone.

Improved version of Harmony SOS with many new features

However, this feature only supports SMS messages and is not supported on other messaging applications yet. In other messaging applications such as Messenger, Zalo users can still only view messages, but cannot reply back.

If you are a workout lover, the Health application with the feature of sharing exercise information with Strava, Google Fit, etc., which supports the storage of exercise information, will be a great advantage on the GT 3 smartwatch. .

In addition, Huawei Watch GT 3 also allows users to install external applications as well as install additional watch faces to personalize the watch more personality.

How much does Huawei Watch GT 3 cost?

In general, the Huawei Watch GT 3 with new improvements promises to bring users more wonderful experiences, health care, fitness tracking, …. Besides, Huawei Watch GT 3 also has an attractive price, accessible to more users.

How much does Huawei Watch GT 3 cost?

As expected, Huawei Watch GT 3 will be priced at VND 9,990,000 for the silicone strap version and VND 10,990,000 for the leather strap version. Besides, the price of the 46mm version will also be slightly higher.

Should you buy Huawei Watch GT 3?

So should buy Huawei Watch GT 3? It can be said that the current Huawei Watch GT 3 is a great accessory with useful features for users. This is a smartwatch worth owning and if you are considering which smartwatch to buy, don’t miss the Huawei GT 3 watch model!

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