The easiest way to convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint files to PDF

Want to convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to PDF format? No need to install any additional software, Office already supports you with this.

Maybe you don’t know, Microsoft has supported Direct conversion to PDF directly on Word, Excel and PowerPoint tools without installing any additional software. This feature is great for those of you who often have to work with PDF files.

2 fastest and easiest ways to convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint to PDF

Convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint to PDF directly on Office software

Note: The way to do it on Word, Excel and PowerPoint is exactly the same. So I will only use illustrations on Word.

In Word/Excel/PowerPoint, select File on the menu → Select Save asSee more options… → Choose Save as type as PDF, put the file name in the File name section, choose a place to save it on your computer and then press the . button Save

So you have finished converting Word/Excel/PowerPoint files to PDF already.

Convert Word/Excel/PowerPoint to PDF Online

Step 1: Visit the online PDF conversion page at this address:

Step 2: Press the . button Upload files to upload the Word/Excel/PowerPoint file you want to convert to PDF → Wait for the conversion to complete, press the button Download to download the converted PDF file to your computer

PDF is a text format that can be read on any device, easy to share, commonly used for sharing documents online and publishing e-books.

→ See details here

Good luck!!