The most used computer cooling brand today

Choosing how to buy a computer cooler will greatly affect the performance and lifespan of your computer’s CPU. Because its cooling capacity will directly affect the maintenance of a stable temperature of the machine. With this article, let’s learn about brands best heatsink Please!

Classification of best heat sink, popular today

First, to make it easier to choose to buy a computer cooler, you need to know what types it has. From there, learn and choose to buy a heatsink based on your computer’s needs so it can work as efficiently and save your money as possible. It is known that computer heatsinks can be classified according to air coolers and water coolers (AIO, Custom).

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Classification of popular computer heat sinks today

Air cooler

On the market today, there are many brands that produce air coolers with different sizes, performance and price ranges. Here are some of the most used air cooler brands today.

Computer cooling brand Noctua

When it comes to brands of air coolers, it is certainly impossible not to mention the Noctua brand. The Noctua brand’s computer heatsink is distinguished by its classic design, the fans operate with high performance but are still very quiet and gentle. Besides, its easy installation and high durability are also one of the advantages in the eyes of users.

Computer cooling brand Noctua

Cooler Master computer cooler brand

The Cooler Master brand is certainly not a strange name for air cooling components. In addition to being famous for the production of heat sinks, it is also known for other computer related accessories. Cooler Master brand air coolers often have an impressive and powerful design, the fan is capable of creating strong airflow to help your computer maintain a stable temperature.

Computer cooling brand Noctua

MSI computer cooler brand

Next is MSI, one of the famous brands in the production of air coolers and AIO water coolers. The heatsink products come from the MSI brand, which is famous for its variety of price options, colors, etc. It has a solid and durable design, and the cooling system works extremely efficiently. .

MSI computer cooler brand

Water cooler

Similar to air coolers, heatsinks are also extremely diverse in type, price and design, etc. Currently, there are many brands that produce water coolers and you can easily find one suitable for your needs. your computer. Here are a few of the most prominent and trusted brands of water cooling that you can refer to:

DeepCool . computer cooling brand

It is known that DeepCool brand is famous for its good air cooling products and more specifically, its AIO water cooler is extremely high quality. DeepCool’s water-cooling models have a fairly diverse design, bold gaming, quite reasonable prices with many different choices, so you can more easily find your computer a suitable one. Best.

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DeepCool . computer cooling brand

ID-Cooling computer cooler brand

With the ID-Cooling brand’s water cooling, you will find the design of the LED system is quite smart and eye-catching. In addition, it also adds a protective coating to the water pipe, thereby increasing the durability of the device.


Brand BitsPower

If you are looking to buy a Custom water cooler, you can refer to the BitsPower brand. It is known that this brand is based in Taiwan and started as a supplier of thermal solutions and then moved into computer accessories repair. BitsPower’s Custom water cooling products have extremely eye-catching designs and are also quite diverse in models, price ranges, and more.


This article has introduced to you some of the best cooler brands that are trusted for both air and water cooling. Hopefully you can consult and choose a brand to buy the right heat sink for your computer.