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Top 15 best songs of Son Tung M-TP

Among the many young stars with many genres of music today, Son Tung emerged as a strange phenomenon, bringing a new breeze to Vietnamese music with a unique and new musical style. Let’s review the best songs of Son Tung M-TP with VinID.

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Son Tung M-TP, the new breeze of Vietnamese music village

Nguyen Thanh Tung, also known by his stage name Son Tung M-TP, was born in 1994, from his hometown Thai Binh. With a great love for music, since he was a teenager, he has tinkered with writing music on his own and set his first musical steps in the Underground world when he was just in grade 11.

Not only possessing strengths in vocals, Son Tung M-TP can also compose, play the piano and dance. With inherent strengths and constant learning from his seniors and seniors, in his early twenties, Son Tung M-TP owned himself a pretty “terrible” fortune of well-composed songs. work by yourself.

In August 2011, the song “The rain passed by” was officially the wind named Son Tung M-TP that blew into the Vietnamese music industry with more than 1.8 million plays, a pretty terrible number at that time. Since then, he has continuously released many self-composed songs with a personal impression, leaving a deep impression on the audience’s hearts, such as Run now, You of yesterday… Model name Son Tung M-TP almost covered all the newspapers, becoming the new generation idol of a large number of young customers.

Prime 15 songs marked Son Tung M-TP

As an artist with a sensitive heart and great sense of sound, Son Tung M-TP’s songs not only have catchy music, great harmony, but also hidden deep messages. . Each song, each sentence is the experience and reflection on the life of a talented young man. This is also one of the reasons why he became one of the most popular singers today.

1. This place owns you

Born on February 13, 2017, up to this day, this place with him has attracted 210,904,037 views on the male singer’s official youtube channel and more than 1.2 million likes, a number giant in the Vietnamese music community.

Nice song by Son Tung 1
This place owns him has attracted 210,904,037 views on the official youtube channel of Son Tung MTP

In particular, this song received more than 8.6 million views in the first day alone, once holding the record for the MV with the most views in the first 24 hours in the world. This place owns him to tell the romantic and happy love story of a couple. Son Tung M-TP’s loving actions and gestures for his girlfriend in the song have made the sisters “reckless” because they are too loving and romantic. Beautiful frames like in fairy tales are also a bright spot of this MV.

2. Get lost

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Lac drift once caused a fever with the online community when it brought a completely different version of Son Tung. Bringing to the audience a mysterious ancient space, Son Tung M-TP seems to make us sink into old memories, where the singer and his great-grandfather met and hurriedly parted.

The song has helped Linh Quy Phap An – the temple purchased as the MV filming location – become one of the destinations not to be missed when visiting Lam Dong of young customers. Today, Lac drift has achieved 201,214,076 views and 1.2 million likes on his Youtube channel.

3. We don’t belong together

The song ranked 3rd on this list has now reached 152,781,006 views and 751,000 likes on the youtube channel. According to the sharing from Son Tung himself, this is the song that took him the most time to complete.

With the style of Tropical Home, right from its debut, the song has been well received by many young people and also helped Son Tung M-TP receive a nomination in the category of Male singer with light music at the 5th Golden Plum Award. 22, 2016.

4. Run now

Run now is the male singer’s most recently released song, which has now achieved 111,413,003 views and more than 1.3 million likes on youtube. Not only is this the most colorful MV, this is also a meaningful MV. With the dominant red and black tone, the MV shows the burning emotions in a man’s heart when love is deceived. The magical and unique substance from the MV makes Son Tung like a complete makeover. The MV has also become the most viewed MV after 24 hours at the time of release (May 15, 2018).

5. You of yesterday

Nice song by Son Tung 2
Yesterday’s me gained 110,583,627 views and 308,000 likes

At the time of its release, the song created a “big hit” in the Vietnamese music industry, attracting the attention and popularity of many people. Not only creating a fever in the Vietnamese market, the song is also loved by Asian friends. Foreign media sites have fondly called this song “divine” of Vietnam when the song reached 48,000,000 views on youtube in a short time. Today, Yesterday’s Em has achieved 110,583,627 views and 308,000 likes.

6. Let go of each other’s hands

85,000,000 views and 314,000 likes are impressive numbers that this MV has achieved. The song is the man’s sincere confession after breaking up, hoping his lover will soon find a peaceful destination. With a soothing melody and meaningful lyrics, the song was nominated for the 11th Dedication Music Award – 2016 in the Music Video of the Year category.

7. Silently beside you

Immediately after its release, the MV made Vietnamese music lovers stand still because the MV has beautiful images, good and touching stories. The singer’s natural acting in the MV also surprised and excited many fans. Currently, the song has attracted 68,852,628 views and 350,000 likes on youtube.

8. Maybe someone will come back

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Someone will probably be able to write and perform Son Tung M-TP when appearing in the short film Boy that year directed by Quang Dang Huy. Right after its release, the song quickly became a hit and occupied TOP 1 on online music charts such as Zing Mp3, Nhaccuatui, Chiasenhac in the first week. From 8,000,000 views on the first day, the song has now reached 60,430,829 views and 222,000 likes.

Nice song by Son Tung 3
Somebody’s coming now has reached 60,430,829 views and 222,000 likes

9. A peaceful new year

This is a song Son Tung wrote for his fans, especially young customers who do not have the opportunity to celebrate Tet 2016 with family and relatives. The song touches the hearts of listeners, bringing the joyful atmosphere of spring day and the sympathy and sharing of the singer. The song currently has 46,039,149 views and 213,000 likes on youtube.

10. Peaceful moments

This can be considered a great song and perfect for summer trips. Set as the main background of places such as a fresh beach, a tea garden bathed in golden sunshine, the MV makes all fatigue and hard work disappear. Within just the first 8 hours of its release, the song received more than half a million views and today, 31,722,499 views and 290,000 likes are a testament to the audience’s love for Son Tung.

11. The passing rain

This is the first song that brings the name of Thai Binh boy – Nguyen Thanh Tung to the audience, paving the way for a talented and stylish Son Tung M-TP, bringing a new breeze to Vietnamese music. The fresh and youthful melody brought the 17-year-old boy to 30,883,705 views and 61,000 likes on youtube.

12. It’s not the right size

29,394,480 views and 105,000 likes is a remarkable achievement of this song. Inspired by the saying of the character Dinh Phong in the movie The Boy that year, the song created a strong trend among young people right after its debut. On social networking sites, the phrase “Ko” is not a medium format that young customers enjoy repeatedly repeating, proving the love that fans have for the song.

13. Bear in mind me

Son Tung's beautiful song 4
This emotional song has gained 12,314,839 views and 117,000 likes on youtube channel

This emotional song has gained 12,314,839 views and 117,000 likes on the youtube channel. Bear in mind me is considered a narrative, containing many emotions of a singer of Thai Binh origin. Those were the difficulties and stumbles that he had to overcome to reach the name Son Tung M-TP. The song is also a word of encouragement to young customers, let’s burn with passion, then the difficulties will pass and the rainbow will reappear in the sky after the storm.

14. Go to Vietnam

Not a song about familiar feelings anymore, this is a song composed by Son Tung to encourage Vietnam to participate in the 2015 SEA Video games in Singapore. Right from its debut, the song stirred the consciousness of music and sports fans, and was warmly received. The proof is that the song gained 3,143,548 views and 31,000 likes even though it didn’t go viral.

15. Thai Binh sweat drops

The song was composed when Son Tung participated in the show The Remix season 2. Trying with a new country music genre, Son Tung made the hearts of many audiences sobbing by Thai Binh, sweating is really a pain. remember, is the singer’s deep love for his beloved homeland. Although never released an MV or had any promotional activities, the song still received 1,993,959 views and 22,000 likes on the youtube channel.

From a boy who is passionate about music to the valedictorian of the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music and now a famous singer, Son Tung M-TP has been really diligent and made endless efforts. Let’s follow and support Son Tung’s future steps and projections.

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