Westwood College - Online Bachelor's Degree in Game Software Development

An online bachelor’s degree in game software development is perfect for you if you have a love for games and want to pursue an exciting and phenomenal career in software development and animation. An accredited online bachelor degree teaches graduate the skills needed to succeed in this revolutionary field. In 2004, video games, software and hardware has reached over 9.9 billion dollars. Gamers are always ready for something new to play and entertain them. If you have a passion for video games and one day would like to development one of your own, an online bachelor’s degree is your first step. This degree is for the creative and innovative who can bring something new to the table. Coursework in this degree program includes animation, software testing, and almost everything related to game development.

There are tons of jobs available in this market because the demand for new video games is so high and just continues to increase. Engine programmers write software to make games run smoothly, artificial intelligence programmers give inanimate game characters life-like qualities, and artists are the most creative ones; they design graphics to make video games as lively and vivid as possible.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings for these developers ranges from at least $62,000 to $73,000. If you want to earn a lot of money while working for something you love, video game development can be the best career you can possibly have. Earning your online bachelor’s degree is a must to compete with many others who seek the same career.

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