What is 403 error? Causes and how to fix error 403 Forbidden

 Error 403 is an error that you will sometimes encounter when you want to access a certain website. This error affects the website's traffic and causes discomfort for users. So what is 403 Forbidden error? What is the cause and how to fix it? Let's find out information with Ben Computer right away in this article.

1. What is 403 error?

Error 403 is an error that occurs when you want to open any web address, the screen will display an error message if you are blocked from accessing the web by hosting or maybe that address has been deleted and there is no data. .

In addition to the display as a 403 forbidden error, this error also has other display types such as:

  • HTTP 403
  • Access Denied You don’t have permission to access
  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden
  • Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server
  • ….

403 error

What is 403 forbidden error?

2. Causes of 403 forbidden error

The 403 forbidden error comes from many different reasons, here are some of the main reasons:

  • Blocked by hosting
  • Incorrect file or folder permissions
  • Wrong .htaccess file configuration
  • The plugin is faulty or incompatible

3. Instructions on how to effectively fix 403 errors

To fix the 403 error, it is necessary to determine that both the web user and the website administrator need to have solutions.

3.1. On the web admin side

3.1.1. Check the .htaccess file again

The .htaccess file is a hidden file added to the server configuration and works mainly to configure the Web server's settings.

How to check 403 error is caused by .htaccess file or not, you just need to delete the file. If after deleting, the web works normally, it means that the error is caused by the .htaccess file. Then you need to create a new file again.

What is 403 error?

check the .htaccess file again

How to do it: Access the FileManager in Control Panel=> in thepublic_html directory, search for the.htaccess file =>If the file is hidden, selectSettings=> checkShow Hidden Files (dotfiles).

3.1.2. Re-decentralize files and folders

Each newly created file will be assigned a default permission such as: read, write, etc. However, this permission may change over time depending on the requirements. This is also one of the causes of the 403 Forbidden error, so you should fix it by redistributing the file permissions.

The way to decentralize is the public_html folder and the folders inside will use the 755 permission; files in the public_html directory will use the 644 permission.

Fix 403 error on phone

Folder and file permissions

How to do: Access the website viaFTP client=> Go to the root directory of the account => Select thepublic_htmlfolder=> selectFile Permissions=> Set permission755=> CheckApple to directories only=> ClickOk.

Then do the same operation to re-assign permissions for the files inside the folder but note the permission change is 644.

403 forbidden error

Results displayed after decentralization

3.1.3 Disable plugins

To check which plugins are faulty, you can disable each plugin to see the results.

How to do it: Access theWordPress adminpage=> SelectPlugins=> Check each plugin in turn => expand thebulk actionssection=> selectDeactivate=> selectApply=> Check each Plugin in turn after disabling .

But error 403 on CH Play

Disable WordPress plugins 

3.1.2. On the side of website users

Website users can also try some of the following ways to fix 403 errors:

  • Reload web page content: Do it by pressing the F5 key or using the combination Command + R for Mac or Ctrl + R for Windows. Or you can also click on the search link and press Enter.
  • Check the web link again: Maybe in the process of copying and pasting, you have accidentally inserted additional characters into the link, so please check the website link for errors or not.
  • Check the link access: There are some websites that will keep the article private and you need to log in to the website to access it.
  • Clear browser cache: Sometimes due to overload of browser memory, you cannot load web pages. Therefore, try clearing the cache to check!

Conclusion: Hopefully with the above information, you can clearly understand what the 403 error is, the cause and how to fix the 403 Forbidden error. If you have any doubts about any issues, please comment below to discuss with !