What is curved LED display? 03 Criteria for determining the quality of curved LED screens

Curved LED screen is an LED electronic screen that is designed to be curved, not flat like a regular LED screen. With a curved shape, easy installation and customizing the desired size, curved LED screens are becoming the current trend of display projection.

What is curved LED display?

Curved LED display is a kind LED screen belongs to the product line of LED technology, but it is specially designed with the ability to bend in convex walls, not flat like traditional screens.

Curved LED screens can be applied in more locations than conventional LED screens and can be shaped into columns to decorate large pillars.

About the basic application, the curved LED screen is similar to the regular LED screen but is designed according to the curve of the installation location.

Features of curved LED screen

  • Unique curved design: Curved LED screen can be easily bent to fit many uneven positions, bringing artistic and novel beauty to viewers.
  • Impressive display: The curved LED screen can create a 3D effect for your content, providing a cinema-like experience for viewers.
  • Wide viewing angle: Compared with flat LED screen, especially when observing in the center of the screen.
  • Light weight: Compared with other types of screens, curved LED screens have a lighter weight of coupled LED modules.
  • High durability: The module panels of the curved LED display can be easily flexed without fear of breaking like a common LED module.
  • Attracting viewers: Thanks to its novel and artistic design, this LED screen model also easily impresses viewers.

Limitations of curved LED screens

  • High cost: This is also the biggest disadvantage of this type of LED display. Because it has not been applied much and the production technology is complicated, its initial cost is quite high, making it difficult for many customers to want to own it.
  • Limited colors: Curved LED screens are designed to be viewed from more angles, so the color parameters must also be adjusted to best suit the user’s viewing angle.
  • Slow frame rate: Because the image shows circular motion or curvature. Therefore, its frame rate is often slower than other monitors.

03 Criteria for determining the quality of curved LED modules

Value brought

To determine the quality of the LED module product, it is necessary to value the value it brings. The higher the value, the better the materials that make up the product and the higher the price.

Similarly, if you want to elevate your business, organization, or agency, you should invest in a curved LED screen because this is a screen with high aesthetics, attracting the attention of people as well as customers. Long-term use value up to 7-10 years.


  • Flatness: Affects image display quality
  • Brightness: Assess the overall quality of the screen
  • Brightness balance effect: Measure the accuracy of displayed colors
  • Maximum screen bending angle: How much can the screen be bent or folded?

Origin of components

If you want a quality screen, guaranteed, long-term use, less damage, you need to pay attention to the origin of the components. If you want quality components, you need to ask the LED screen supplier to provide you with import and export documents, genuine CO CQ goods.

Application of curved LED display

LED lights with innovative curves are used as a solution video wall LED indoor (from P3 – P4) or outdoor (P6), to create a portable LED display.

Widely used as bulletin boards in airports, railway stations, and large shopping malls, concerts, banks, stock exchange centers, bus stations, schools, telecommunications, customs , stadium, studio, shopping mall, railway, airport,…

HACO’s curved LED display has high resolution, low brightness and high gray scale so information display is smooth and vivid.

The above article is useful information about this unique and useful product of this curved LED screen. If you have any questions, please contact us for the fastest advice.

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