What is Unikey? Download and install Unikey percussion for Windows 11

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Unikey Vietnamese percussion is widely used in Vietnam today. Not only with stability but Unikey 4.0 RC2 The latest version also adds a few features that are essential for everyone while typing Vietnamese.

As you already know Unikey 4.0 RC2 is a free and non-commercially available software. Unikey 4.0 RC2 is a great software to support Vietnamese typing in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

unikey download

Who is the author of Unikey software?

UniKey Vietnamese percussion (originally named TVNBK) okay Pham Kim Long made in 1994. This first version was written in Assembly language for DOS when he was a student. Then, in early 1998, the author continued to write a version for Windows called LittleVnKey, but only for private use and for some friends. This version also does not yet support Unicode.

Main features of Unikey

  • Supports multiple encodings Vietnamese: Built-in Unicode, Combination Unicode, TCVN3 (ABC), VNI Windows, BK HCM1, BK HCM2, Vietware-X, Vietware-F, VPS, VISCII…
  • 5 Vietnamese typing methods: VNI, Telext, IQR, Microsoft style and self-defined type.
  • Convert back and forth supported encodings
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows.

License to use Unikey software

Unikey released for free under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2), which means you can download and use the software for free. Currently, UniKey 4.3 RC4, Build 180714 is the latest version today.

One thing that many of you still don’t know is that Unikey has only one official homepage https://www.unikey.org/. The other sites are all impersonations, so if you want peace of mind, please visit that page and download this software to use for Windows computers!

For those of you who are using both Windows and macOS, in addition to using the default percussion, you can also consider adding another pretty good open source percussion, which has just been released recently. That is OpenKey. You can view detailed information of this percussion through this link.

EVKey is the percussion I’ve tried and it’s been a while since I switched from OpenKey to this percussion. In Windows, we have a lot of options with a stable and optimal percussion. But in macOS, maybe EVKey It’s one of the best percussion I’ve ever used. You can download this percussion here.

Some pictures of Unikey software, Latest Vietnamese percussion:

Install the latest Unikey

Install the latest Unikey

How to install the latest Unikey

Installing Unikey software as well as other software on Windows is not too difficult, with just a few simple steps such as Open the installation file > Next >… > Finish. If you are still wondering how to do it, especially those who are new to computers, you can immediately refer to the video that I have guided below.

In addition, if you still do not know how to type Vietnamese with Telex or VNI accents, then you can refer to this article again. In case you want to know how you can practice typing with 10 fingers, check out the article I shared recently.

Hopefully this article will be helpful for you in installing and using Unikey Vietnamese typing software, if you have any other suggestions or questions related to the article’s content, don’t forget to leave your comments. in the section below.