The above question is a question that has made many car players feel confused and confused when they want to start cleaning a car. To answer this question, I will give the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of cleaning, in order to help you choose the most suitable option for you!

When customizing cars, should you upgrade them one by one or upgrade them all at once?

When customizing cars, should you upgrade them one by one or upgrade them all at once?

Pros and cons of upgrading each toy

​The first advantage that upgrading each small toy is that you can feel the full performance that the toy gives you, understand where it works better than the original equipment.
For example, if you get on a pair of custom forks, you will definitely find it bounces many times smoother than the zin fork, moreover there is the ability to increase adjustment for you to slowly research and install during use. .
When customizing cars, customizing each item one by one also helps you quickly “satisfy” your addiction because you don’t need to accumulate too long to upgrade all at once.
At that time, you will quickly think of the next goal and work hard to get it. If this is the case, the car tuning process will be accelerated, because you have achieved some results, so you have an abundant source of motivation.

Talking about the downside, when you add each item to the car, you will certainly not get rid of the “lost your temper” mentality when there is some money in your pocket and you see a toy that fits that amount of money.
Surely there will be many of you who can’t resist the attraction of the toy you just referenced, then will decide to ‘go back’ to the item that you just upgraded again to give it a higher level. This not only makes you spend extra money, but also extremely losses, incurring losses to sell the old toy to quickly ‘make up for capital’.

What about upgrading all the toys to the car at once?

​When you upgrade all the equipment on your car, you will see that the appearance of your car is significantly different and classier many times. Performance will definitely be enhanced in a stronger, safer and better way than the original equipment.
Accumulating savings for a long time and then upgrading the whole car, you will have a much happier feeling than upgrading little by little.
It felt like you had just conquered a towering mountain. Done, stand on the top of the mountain, breathe and feel your success!

​But to be able to upgrade all the toys to the car at once, it requires careful refinement and research, moreover, you must have a solid economy or have prepared a large amount of money to do it. get this.
This also requires more time than adding each toy to the car, because the mechanic will have to calculate and adjust a lot of details. Maybe your waiting time will be up to about 1 week or more, but can’t get it in a day!
When upgrading a toy turn, you will also have a completely different driving feeling than at the beginning. But it is this driving feeling that makes you take some time to get used to the car, and at the same time can not feel the performance details that each toy brings.
For example, if you adjust the pig first and still keep the zin brake shackles, you will find the brakes eat better, but when you add the brake shackles, the feeling of brake control will be smoother. When you have 2 dishes at once, you can hardly have these experiences!

My advice to you guys

​For those of you who are not patient enough to save money and like to experience deeply the performance of the toys on the car, I think the plan to upgrade each toy will be very appropriate.
For those of you who have a strong economy, are patient and like the perfection of their car, upgrading the toys one by one will be a right choice. Because after all, upgrading the entire car is within your reach, so why bother with each little toy?