Why is Vivo V23e a love for selfie enthusiasts, thin and light lovers?

Vivo V23e review video made by Mobile World Youtube channel

Recently, when it comes to Vivo, most users often think of smartphones with top-notch camera systems. Seeming to understand the core values ​​that users believe in, Vivo V23e was born with the mission to bring a smartphone with impressive shooting capabilities along with a youthful and modern design. The rookie Vivo V23e promises to be a “heart” for selfie enthusiasts looking for a slim and light phone.

Let’s join 24h Technology to discover the strengths that Vivo is doing very well on the Vivo V23e phone launched not long ago in today’s article.

Vivo V23e stands out with its super camera system, allowing you to unleash your creativity

Front camera with 50 MP resolution, ‘sincere’ for selfie enthusiasts

The first thing I want to mention is also the most outstanding highlight of Vivo V23e, the front camera with the highest 50 MP resolution compared to other competitors in the same segment.

Vivo V23e camera review video made by Mobile World Youtube channel

In addition, the eye-detection autofocus feature is also integrated to help create selfies with high sharpness, realistic skin color reproduction as well as keeping the subject steady.

Why is Vivo V23e a love for selfie enthusiasts, thin and light lovers?

Vivo V23e has a front camera with a large resolution of 50 MP

The device is equipped with more filters with vibrant colors to shorten the time when having to edit 3rd party applications. You can still use this filter when video calling your friends, this helps you automatically more confident when chatting or working.

Vivo V23e removes magic background with high quality lens

The video recording quality on the front camera is also quite impressive thanks to the super portrait stabilization combined with the noise-reducing microphone, helping vlog enthusiasts to start right away with the Vivo V23e phone.

The rear camera cluster provides many professional photography modes

Cluster of three cameras with a resolution of 64 MP main camera, 8 MP wide-angle camera that can be expanded to 120 degrees, and finally a 2 MP macro camera. With such invested hardware, users can freely create photographic images.

Vivo V23e removes magic background with high quality lens

Accordingly, in bright enough conditions, Vivo V23e produces images with clear colors, clear details, and colors as true as the human eye. Many outstanding features, such as portrait photography with high background blur, help highlight the subject to bring about magical photos that you can’t find anywhere else but Vivo V23e.

Vivo V23e offers many brilliant color filters

Photos taken in backlit conditions have quite good quality with good detail reproduction in contrasting areas, meeting the needs of storing and sharing images on social networks of most users.

Many modern photography technologies are equipped for Vivo V23e

If you want to take pictures with shimmering street lights with urban colors in the night sky, Vivo V23e is definitely your effective assistant. The machine offers an improved night mode compared to its predecessor to help night photos still bring out the artistic quality that can only be found in digital cameras.

The design of Vivo V23e is youthful and dynamic, suitable for young people’s trends

Youthful design in line with the trend of Vivo V23e

Vivo V23e retains the outstanding features of the V Series with an impressive 7.36 mm ultra-thin design. The chassis is also beveled and finished from plastic, but it is difficult to tell what material this is because it is treated with an ultra-fine coating.

This provides an extremely comfortable grip while maintaining a sophisticated and trendy beauty that fits well with today’s design trends.

The melody of dawn brings new beauty

The device offers users two versions black and pink blue. Especially in the pink and blue version, also known as Melody of Dawn, which offers stunning colors that ensure Vivo V23e is always the focus everywhere this smartphone appears.

This is clearly the color Vivo wants for women, creating a gentle and luxurious beauty for users.

Vivo V23e has a clear screen with AMOLED panels

The overall harmony of the screen Vivo V23e

The device uses a 6.44-inch screen with an AMOLED panel, so it gives deep blacks, bright colors are not too dazzling, Full HD + resolution brings an eye-catching visual experience to users.

Fingerprint sensor on Vivo V23e

With two moderately thin screen edges combined with a water drop screen design to create harmony for the front of the device. Fingerprint sensor is also integrated into this screen for fast and accurate unlocking speed.

Vivo V23e configuration is stable thanks to the Helio G96 chip

Vivo V23e uses a processor from MediaTek – Helio G96, comes with 8 GB RAM that can be expanded to 12 GB thanks to RAM Extension 2.0 technology. The machine can handle basic daily tasks well as well as meet the entertainment needs with popular games such as Lien Quan, Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile.

With virtual RAM technology, this is a technology that uses the phone’s internal memory (specifically ROM) to expand the storage capacity of RAM. This will solve the lag when running heavy tasks such as gaming or image editing, as well as help the machine operate more smoothly.

Stable and comfortable configuration for entertainment on Vivo V23e

The internal memory of the machine is 128 GB which can be expanded up to 1 TB via an external memory card, providing large storage capacity, helping you comfortably store photos, videos as well as many other important documents.

Vivo V23e battery is quite strong, comfortable to work all day with 44 W . fast charging

With the device’s 4,050 mAh battery capacity, it helps you to have both a battery that meets the needs of continuous operation all day, and a machine with a thin and light weight that is comfortable to move, or hold the device for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. tired.

The battery is quite strong combined with Vivo V23e’s 44 W fast charging technology

In addition, the device is equipped with 44W fast charging technology for an impressive full charge time. This is clearly an advantage of Vivo V23e in this price segment.


After listing the highlights of Vivo V23e, we can see that with a mid-range price, you can both own a phone with good configuration, professional camera cluster, especially the front camera 50 MP is very suitable for you who are passionate about photography, in addition to the youthful and compact design.

Are you impressed with Vivo V23e? Leave a comment so we can discuss!

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