12+ The most effective way to get rich from Agriculture in the countryside

Get rich from farming – is currently a trend chosen by many young people to develop. And this is chosen by more people when many young people succeed and become "millionaire farmers".

To help you find the right agricultural model for you. Today, lamchutaichinh.vn will synthesize 12+ most effective ways to get rich from agriculture in the countryside through the article below.

How to get rich from farming with farming solutions

Farming has never been out of date and there are many farming models that provide an attractive source of income. Let's take a look at the most effective forms of agricultural cultivation today.

Growing clean vegetables

Growing clean vegetables
Model of clean vegetables and fruits

Currently, health is considered the most important, so the model of growing clean vegetables and fruits is chosen by many people to start getting rich from agriculture. Because the market for safe and healthy vegetables and fruits is very scarce, choosing this model will be one of the ways to get rich sustainably.

However, the technique of growing clean vegetables is quite sophisticated and requires more care than growing conventional vegetables. Because growing clean organic vegetables needs to be guaranteed under strict quality control regulations IFOAM and PSG.

Planting bonsai, feng shui tree

Increasing urbanization makes trees in big cities less and less. Therefore, the model of growing ornamental plants and ornamental plants is one of the right choices to get rich from agriculture.

Simple care techniques along with can unleash creativity such as tree shaping to match market trends and increase product competitiveness. The most popular plants today such as: fortune tree, money tree, etc. The varieties that are easy to grow and have many feng shui meanings, will be a great choice for fastidious customers.

Planting trees for wood

It can be said that growing trees for timber is the most sustainable agricultural enrichment model. Because this model not only brings high economic value but also contributes to environmental protection. The average minimum income of a farmer is from 12 to 15 million VND/ha/year for small trees.

As for large trees, it will be many times higher, the price of mature trees can be up to 02 million VND/m3. In general, the average income of timber growers will fall to about 22 million VND/ha/year and with this income level, getting rich from agriculture will not be difficult anymore.

Planting rare trees

Model of planting rare plants
Model of planting rare plants

The next model of getting rich from agriculture is the cultivation of rare plants. The main products are seedless fruit trees or medicinal (medicinal) plants. Precious medicinal herbs have been successfully grown by many farmers such as: ginseng, ginger, trichium, ...

Or a seedless fruit such as watermelon, grapefruit, lemon, etc. Fruit trees are not only widely consumed in the country but also selected for export. Because planting rare trees will be one of the ways to get rich from agriculture for garden owners.

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Ways to get rich from livestock in the countryside

Cultivation is always accompanied by livestock, so in addition to growing crops of economic value, you can completely refer to how livestock is very potential today.

Raising poultry and cattle up to standards

Raise livestock and poultry up to standards
Raise livestock and poultry up to standards

When it comes to getting rich from agriculture, it is certainly impossible to ignore the standard model of raising poultry and cattle. Quite similar to the model of growing clean vegetables, consumers also want to eat standard poultry and livestock. Therefore, the consumption market of this model is really very potential.

First, the environment and rural land fund is one of the leading conditions for poultry and livestock to grow and develop. Next, the current standard livestock production process will largely be supported by modern technologies. For that reason, creating qualified livestock and poultry products is really not too difficult.

Breeding to get rich in the form of aquaculture by region

Aquaculture according to the characteristics of each region is one of the models of enriching from agriculture with obvious economic benefits. Depending on the geographical location of each region, you can choose different models of fish, shrimp, crab, ... to achieve the highest output.

To start with the aquaculture model, first, you need to make a comprehensive investment: from choosing a pond, choosing a breed, choosing a food, and needing to fully supplement your knowledge of aquaculture. products, and finally, to find effective outputs.


Currently, more and more young people have a hobby of keeping pets, so raising cats and dogs is also one of the good ways to get rich from agriculture. Because for dog lovers, they are willing to spend a few million, even tens of millions of dong to own an extremely cute and lovely dog ​​and cat.

However, when raising a pet, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Pets need to have a clear origin.
  • Pets must be fully vaccinated as prescribed.
  • Ensure that pets will not cause harm to humans, even if accidentally scratched or bitten.

Get rich in the countryside with free-range chicken farming

Free-range chicken farming is one of the most popular models of getting rich from agriculture. The current market for free-range chicken meat is very sought after by the freshness and firmness of the meat when eaten, conquering even fastidious customers.

When starting with this model, you need to keep in mind:

  • The land is large and has its own net.
  • Breeding cages must be cool, winter must be warm.
  • When buying breeders, you should choose bright eyes, quickness and big legs.
  • Regularly clean the chicken coop to make sure the chicken coop is always dry and clean.
  • When chickens are infected, you should isolate and give medicine.

Breeding cattle

Breeding cattle is also one of the ways to get rich from agriculture that many people choose. Although the period of this type of farming is long, in return for few diseases, the price is stable.

Breeding cattle
Breeding cattle

With a large and abundant land fund, fodder for cows is available, so you can choose this model to get rich from agriculture. However, when raising breeding cows, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Breeding is the most important step when raising reproductive cows. Therefore, you should choose purebred animals, 4 nipples must be even, straight legs, fast shape. big belly, wide snout and straight teeth.
  • Breeding cages must be cool, winter must be warm.
  • Regularly clean the cow shed to ensure that the cow shed is always dry and clean.

Some ways to get rich with other occupations in the countryside

In the countryside, livestock or farming are familiar methods of getting rich, but besides that, there are still many other potential ways of making money.

Trade in animal feed, plant protection drugs, agricultural materials

This is a form of getting rich from agriculture that you cannot ignore. Agricultural materials such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, etc. are an important part of farming.

Trade in animal feed, plant protection drugs
Trade in animal feed, plant protection drugs

Along with that, pesticides are also one of the most consumed items to ensure product quality. Or animal feed is definitely indispensable for livestock households.

It can be seen that these are essential and indispensable commodities in agriculture that any farming household needs to use to serve the needs of production and livestock. However, for this type of business you need a certain amount of capital.

Next, you need to rent a business location and find a product supplier, etc. By the time the business has stabilized, the profit will be high because the output is always stable.

Open an agricultural product processing factory

There is a fairly new way to get rich from agriculture, which is to open a processing workshop for agricultural products in the countryside. Instead of directly participating in cultivation and production, processing agricultural products will bring greater benefits and a broader consumption market.

The establishment of agricultural product processing workshops effectively supports agricultural activities. After the crops are harvested, they are transported to factories to be packaged into products or semi-finished agricultural products. Product quality must meet standards of cleanliness and safety to gain the trust of users.

In particular, you should promote the product widely in combination with your marketing strategy. Once you have stabilized in volume, you will gradually have a steady market share. This way, you will have a much better chance of succeeding in the field in the long run.

Open a grocery store

Running a grocery store is one of the easiest ways to get rich in the countryside. The store will provide people with daily necessities. When deciding to open a grocery store, you need a certain amount of capital. About the location of the store, it should be near a market or a crowded residential area to ensure passenger traffic. Next, you must find a reliable partner and import goods to sell.

In order to last long, it is necessary to exchange for a wide range of high-quality products at “affordable” prices. Good products, reasonable prices, easy-to-find locations, and more are all factors that help your store attract many customers.

Purchasing agricultural products

One of the ways to get rich from agriculture in the countryside is to buy agricultural products and find wholesalers to make a profit. Your countryside may have oranges, grapefruits, bamboo shoots, chickens, fish... Go to big cities to find potential markets, but restaurants or customer groups need clean food. Then, will collect products and sell to these customers to make a profit.

Buy agricultural products to make a profit
Buy agricultural products to make a profit

This is said to be the cheapest way to get rich and the key to success is finding the exit. This requires you to be diligent and know how to advise and convince customers. Can bring samples for customers to try, ensure the return and exchange system, etc. to create trust and reputation at the early stage.

Don't forget to create a sales website to promote your products and brand. Customers can also easily find out your product information, if needed, they will contact you to place an order.

Internet service

In the era of 4.0, the need to apply technology to life seems to be an indispensable part. From big cities to rural areas, internet business models are changing day by day. Opening an internet service store in rural areas is a potential niche for small and medium business owners, chosen by many business owners.

Building materials business

With the trend of concreting, construction works, people's houses are increasing day by day, you can choose to open a shop dealing in basic building materials such as cement, iron and steel, bricks, stones, etc. sand, gravel. Combined with the accompanying shipping service, it will be even better.

Breakfast shop

Most people tend to think that rural areas are poor villages, business is not good, people are thrifty, so it is difficult to open a successful restaurant. But that was before, but today, rural Vietnam has made great strides in economic development, leading to an increasing demand for food and cultural and spiritual life.

Breakfast shop
Breakfast shop

Opening a breakfast restaurant in your hometown gives you the advantage of cheap ingredients and few competitors, but if you want your business to succeed, you have to set yourself apart. You should do business with delicious and unique dishes that are not available locally, and at the same time choose the right audience for thoughtful preparation.

Note when doing business to get rich in the countryside

Currently, there are many ways to get rich from agriculture in the countryside. However, you should be selective and only focus on a certain array, this will give you more pronounced results. When getting rich from agriculture in the countryside, you need to have the will, not afraid of difficulties, to be afraid of suffering, to know how to overcome challenges and difficulties.

Constantly updating and improving skills and knowledge to apply to work.
Concretize plans, set out clear business strategies for effective implementation step by step.


The above article has shared ways get rich from farming most effective in rural areas. Hopefully, with useful information about farming, breeding and other professions, it will help you gain more knowledge and choose for yourself a suitable form of agricultural enrichment for a long-term commitment. Good luck!

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