15+ How to make money for students safely, without capital 2022

Students are gullible subjects that many bad actors always find ways to take advantage of them to carry out business activities in disguise to circumvent the law to gain illicit profits. Therefore, students need to equip themselves with a basic understanding of making money appropriate for their age to avoid being scammed.

Here are suggestions 15+ how to make money for students safe, don't need capital 2022 that you should know.

Contributor to write content for Website, Fanpage

For students who like to write and have the ability to write, they can make money by working as a content writer for Website and fanpage.

Make money by writing content for website, fanpage
Make money by writing content for website, fanpage

Currently, the job of writing content for websites and fanpages is posted by many business units and companies. This job is considered to be flexible in terms of time and the workload is quite suitable for the student's schedule because it can be done online anytime, anywhere.

You will receive the job of writing articles according to the topics that the hiring unit offers with simple requirements such as writing content for products in a specific field, requesting additional images or not, posting on the website. . If you have no experience, there are many units that will guide and train you.

Accordingly, students need to equip themselves with skills such as: Writing SEO standards, being able to use simple video editing software, using canva, etc.

When working as a content writer for websites and fanpages, you can receive a salary of 1 - 4 million VND.

How to make money for students safely with a phone app

If the students do not have writing skills, choosing to make money by phone applications is the right way to make money.

Make money with mobile apps
Make money with mobile apps

Phone has become an inseparable thing for many people and most students already use it, so making money with mobile apps is very easy.

Currently, there are many applications that allow to experience and earn money safely (rewards can be converted into phone scratch cards, game cards, cash). Students can do this in several ways:

  • Answer the questions in the survey and get rewarded.
  • Watch videos to earn money.
  • Read newspapers to make money.
  • Play money games.
  • Cultivate the tree to thrive, when harvested, you will receive real money.
  • Introduce new users.
  • Make money on Zalo Pay.

Some applications that students can refer to are: Cake app, VN app today, Tnex app, Clipclaps app, etc.

Make money as a Facebook Fanpage admin

Facebook fanpage management is a regular activity to maintain and develop the fanpage through interacting with customers, creating content to attract more potential customers.

To do the work of managing facebook fanpage, students can do it anytime, anywhere, online very easily through smart devices such as computers, phones. And students can get a salary of about 1.5 million VND from this job.

Make money for students without capital when playing games

Play money making games at home
Play money making games at home

If you are a person who has a passion for games even though you are just a student sitting in school, you should know that playing games can make money. Currently, the game market has organized many competitions, gathering many gamers to participate in the tournament and the rewards are also very valuable.

In addition, some games like NFT games help players earn money through gifts, whereby players can exchange gifts for cash based on exchanges.

Students earn money with Streamer job

Currently, streamer is known for livestreaming on social platforms (youtube, facebook, tiktok, ...) through interacting with viewers. Not only can receive donations from viewers, streamer work also has the opportunity to receive product ads for brands, food and beverage businesses, entertainment venues.…

Test Game to make money for students

The job of testing games to make money for students is one of the ways to help students take advantage of their free time and earn money as well as enjoy this game.

The manufacturer will spend money for the participants to test the game to find the game's errors while playing so that they can edit and update. This game testing job can help students earn from 10-15$ depending on the game.

Blogging earn money based on passive income

Make money from home blogging
Make money from home blogging

Blogging is like recording passions or simply recording personal experiences and insights about a certain field, topic or issue. However, blogging to make money based on automatic income is being approached and implemented by many young people.

This job is suitable for students because this job can work independently and can write about anything you like.


The market today has many translation offices, showing that the translation business has a lot of potential for development. Therefore, students with specialized knowledge and extensive understanding of terms can participate to earn extra income in their spare time.

Knowing foreign languages, this translation job can help students improve their language skills as well as gain experience before going to work.

Translation to earn money with foreign language capital
Translation to earn money with foreign language capital

Review books, stories

School age is a dream age, so it's easy to see girls and boys holding books, storybooks and engrossed in reading.

And the book and story review work is formed to help customers buy can summarize the content of the book and story book. Therefore, students can freely read and rewrite the review according to the criteria set by the tenant.

This job is quite active and flexible in terms of time, but it helps you to hone your knowledge as well as practice observation, feeling and reading habits.

Input, type safe Captcha for students

Fast typing speed will help you do data entry, type captcha to earn from $0.35-1$ for completing typing 1000 captcha codes.

Although this is not a quick money-making job, inputting and typing captcha helps students practice typing as well as agility.

Making handmade goods, souvenirs sold online

Making handmade goods, souvenirs sold online
Making handmade goods, souvenirs sold online

In addition to things related to computers, phones or books and stories, for those of you who are skillful and have a predestined relationship with handmade items, it is an opportunity to make money at hand.

Students can make handmade items such as making macrame products (wall curtain, swing, bag, ...), embroidery, crochet, art paper cutting, paper folding, ... Just be meticulous, love Like it as well as work hard, you can perfect the finished product.

Besides, students can also post online sale of handmade items or souvenirs suitable for their age.

Selling online on facebook, e-commerce floor, Tiktok

Selling online is a booming business in recent years. Facebook platforms, e-commerce platforms (shopee, Lazada, tiki, sendo, ...) and recently Tiktok have created a vibrant market for sellers to do business.

Understanding consumer trends and choosing niches for business, students will have the opportunity to compete as well as approach real business, learn from experience.

Become a celebrity

Most people want to be recognized as well as known and that makes you famous. Being famous will also help you earn money.
If you have experience and knowledge in writing about your favorite field, you want to convey it to many people, then many people will know you and consider you an expert in that field.

When you are famous, you will have many relationships, have many interactions with customers as well as have the opportunity to receive more jobs (advertisements, introduce brands, brands, ...) and increase your income. .

Growing clean vegetables

The issue of food hygiene and safety is of great concern to many people, especially after the recent epidemic, so everyone is conscious of taking care of their health, especially eating and drinking. Therefore, growing clean vegetables to sell is also a good suggestion for students to make money.

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Take a photo of an advertisement

Taking pictures for advertising is also a job that many young people and especially students can participate in because the job is quite flexible in terms of time and there are many places that need to recruit this position.

Brands and brands can contact young models to take pictures for them. The work needs seriousness, responsibility and this is also an opportunity for you to show your qualities.


One more job that helps students earn money while passing on their own knowledge, experience and tips to other students and friends is a tutor.

This job can be taught online or offline, income will range from 100,000 to 300,000 VND/shift.

Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

Make money with affiliate marketing
Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, also known as Affiliate Marketing, is a job where students can send traffic to a third party company that is an advertiser, a sales business and then collect a part of the revenue from surname.

Accordingly, you will not need to deal with customers but receive passive income.

Students make money with banks, e-wallets

Currently, there are many applications for making money on phones and among them is making money with banks and e-wallets.

Students, students can download banking apps to have the opportunity to receive from 30,000-50,000 VND to their accounts. In addition, when you refer new people to download and use the app, you will receive money to your wallet.

In addition to electronic wallets like momo wallet, VNDC also helps you receive money when you register to use it.

Students make money effectively from Canva

Canva seems to be no stranger to everyone, especially young people because this platform has many applications in life.

Through creativity and application of available tools, canva helps users to design products even if they do not know Photoshop. Accordingly, general users and students can sell their designs, become a Canva pro collaborator or make Canva tutorial videos, work as a freelance designer to make money from a professional platform. this use.

Thus, even if you are a student, the opportunity to earn money is for everyone. Therefore, before participating in any job, you need to have an orientation and plan to balance work and study.


Above is a suggestion of 15+ how to make money for students Safe, no capital required. Hope this article has helped you orient yourself in the process of making money while still in school.

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