21+ Ways to save money for students, students SHOULD keep in mind

Currently, students - students are the main beneficiaries of their parents' daily allowance. However, most young people do not know how to use that money properly.

And sometimes, spending too much will make you suffer from "vesicle inflammation". Besides, parents should be the first to teach their children how to save money effectively and use them for the right purposes. Therefore, the following article will give you 15+ How to save money for students – the most effective student.

Why is it important to save money for students early?

It is not only adults who start saving, even as students, children should know how to save in the most effective way. Through saving money, parents can educate their children to form those good habits, manage personal finances and understand the value of money. This also helps to reduce the financial burden on parents and build a solid financial fund for future plans.

Why is it important to save money for students early?
Why is it important to save money for students early?

Currently, there are many parents who think that elementary, middle and high school students are too young to be taught how to save money. However, it is never too early to teach this to your children. Because this helps children develop more financial thinking, know the value of each dollar made, spend wisely and understand the value of money that parents give each day.

15+ Ways to save money for elementary, middle, and high school students

When children are young, parents can guide children in ways to save money for students such as:

Breeding a piggy bank

This is a long-standing traditional method and even parents have applied and found its effectiveness. This way is very simple, you just need to buy a lovely piggy bank with soil, then show your child how to put money into it to save.

More importantly, parents should instruct their children on what money to put in specifically and show them the importance of that action. And finally, let your baby practice this habit every morning when he wakes up.

Reuse old school supplies and textbooks

Currently, the cost of buying textbooks and school supplies for students is very expensive and is often a headache for every parent when entering a new school year. And of course, young people will love the "new" and most will throw away the old ones.

However, parents should also teach their children how to reuse old items such as sharpening pencils, recycling old school bags, or combining many old items to create new multi-functional devices. more power. This not only teaches children how to save and reduce household expenses, but also helps develop creativity in life.

Free use of books at the library

At schools, students are often given free reading cards by the school to stimulate children's curiosity in the library. Here, you can read a variety of useful books from reference books, self-development books and also interesting and funny comic books. Therefore, take advantage of this and thereby save a decent amount of money for your pocket.

Using free books at the library is a way to save money
Using free books at the library is a way to save money

Limit spending on junk food, unnecessary entertainment activities

In front of the school yard, most of the snacks such as fried fish balls, pickled fruits, soft drinks, etc. have great attraction to students here. Besides, snacking has become a habit and hobby of many people and even adults.

And those activities will make young people spend a lot of money and even "out of pocket" to enjoy. Therefore, young people should limit excessive spending on these activities. Instead, this extra money can help you buy more essential items.

Working part-time during summer vacations and holidays

Increasing income is also a way to save money for students. Part-time jobs not only help you have more money to spend, but also reduce unnecessary leisure activities and bring you many new experiences in life.

Nowadays, you have many options for different part-time jobs. From tutoring, online business, making handmade items will help young people have more dynamism, creativity and appreciate the money they have made.

Use public transport

With the development of society, young people nowadays often use electric bicycles and 50cc motorbikes as the main means of transportation. But this also entails many costs incurred for refueling, repairing the car every time it breaks down, etc.

Therefore, to save money, you can choose other means of transportation such as bicycle, walking or using public transport. This is not a bad choice for young people who live far from home, because registering for a monthly bus will help you reduce a lot of travel costs as well as receive many discount incentives.

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7+ Ways to save money for students

For students, spending should be a top priority. Because now most of you will live in hostels or dormitories, away from your family and more importantly, need support from your parents.

Saving for students is not easy because nowadays there are too many activities to attract your curiosity. However, if you learn how to save money during this time, you will have a decent amount of time after graduation to realize your dreams. Here are 7 student money savings you can apply right away

Use the bus to go to school and work

In big cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, buses are a regular and very convenient public transport for you to use. With a reference ticket price from 7 thousand to 10 thousand VND / turn, you can go to any place in the heart of the city. When registering for a monthly bus ticket, students also receive many discounts on prices up to 50% and you can take advantage of this to reduce travel costs.

Limit eating out

The main job of the students is going to school, so eating out is a regular activity. However, if conditions allow, you can wake up early to cook as well as plan to buy food for the whole week. This job not only helps you promote housewives skills, reduce spending, but also helps balance nutrition in each meal to help your body grow healthy.

Limit eating out to save money
Limit eating out to save money

Buy used books and liquidate unused books

Buying books is very necessary, but it will cost you a lot of money to invest and after a school year, those books will be put into storage for storage. Instead, you can choose to buy used books or borrow from previous classmates to save investment costs.

In addition, books that are no longer in use can be disposed of. Although the price is not high, you will also have an extra cost to save

Make the most of your student card

Currently, many brands and stores have many preferential policies to attract students such as going to the movies, phone packages, etc. Instead of having to spend an amount from 100,000 VND to 120,000 VND to watch them. For a movie, when you have a student card, that amount is only 50,000 VND - 60,000 VND.

In addition, the student card also helps you receive many incentives such as buying bus tickets, buying technology items, etc. thereby saving you a large amount of money.

Choose your accommodation carefully to save money

In big cities, the material-life is becoming more and more modern, leading to higher housing costs there. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing accommodation that is both close to the school and has a reasonable price. Besides, sharing accommodation is also an effective option being applied by many young people to reduce rent and make new friends.

Try to study, don't fail the exam

Failing a subject is no longer a foreign term for any student. Because in the process of going to school, you did not focus and did not learn more outside of class, leading to failure after each course. And of course, you have to pay to retake that subject if you want to graduate in the future.

The cost for each subject is usually 2-3 times higher than the first time. Therefore, if you want to save money to spend on necessities, then you have to work hard to pass all the subjects smoothly and not get stuck.

In addition, you can save extra money by earning extra money like tutoring, part-time at shops, etc. This way will give you more confidence, real experience as well as an extra amount of money. decent income.

How to save money for international students studying abroad

For international students, living away from home and family is inevitable and balancing expenses while being self-sufficient is not an easy thing. However, for now, you can adopt some of the following small habits to make your study abroad life easy and comfortable:

Find a part-time job to supplement income

Find a part-time job to supplement income
Find a part-time job to supplement income

Saving by increasing income is a popular option that many young people choose. Part-time jobs at shops, restaurants, etc. will help you hone more life skills, foreign language skills as well as have more money to spend when needed.

Make the most of your library card

In foreign schools, the library is a treasure trove of books and you can find a variety of books to suit your needs.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this while studying at school instead of having to spend a large amount of money to buy books. However, you should pay attention to store them carefully, avoid damage and return them on time.

Cooking at home

Food costs are one of the most expensive expenses when you live abroad. And every month you have to spend at least 4 million to 6 million dong for that expenditure. Therefore, to save money, you can spend a little more time about 30 minutes a day to cook and mix your favorite drinks instead of ordering from the store.

Choose housing with suitable costs

Depending on your choice when studying abroad, you can stay in hostels or rent out hostels. However, to optimize costs and save money in the most effective way, you should carefully choose a dormitory to stay in. And that also helps you in the process of learning from friends around later.

Use free calling apps

With growing technology, Facebook, Zalo, Instagram are almost indispensable applications in every smartphone. Therefore, instead of having to spend a fortune to make a regular call, the above applications are completely free. As long as your phone has an internet connection, you can chat comfortably with family and friends anywhere.

Take advantage of sales discounts

Shopping abroad is often very expensive and you should only buy it when absolutely necessary. In addition, the sale occasions during the sale season are a "golden" time to help you own the necessary items at the best prices. In addition, you should also practice smart shopping habits, understand what items are needed to avoid buying them and not using them.

Take notes or use an expense management app

Currently, managing expenses for international students is no longer a difficult problem. You just need to have a small notebook or download the “spending management” app on your phone. Then, you record your income and expenses each day and summarize each month.

This will help you identify what is necessary and what is wasted, and you can adjust it in the following month. In addition, you can learn more ways or learn a course to be able to manage personal expenses most effectively.


Learn How to save money for studentsIt's never too early for students or international students. Therefore, parents as well as each of you should invest in learning how to save as well as better understand your reasonable spending decisions. Create your own savings habits and put them into practice. And then you will accumulate more and more money and serve your dreams.

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