5+ Fastest and most prestigious Momo withdrawal game app in 2022

Nowadays, making money online is quite popular. In particular, both being able to make money online and playing games are increasingly attracting the attention of many people. There are many apps on CHplays or Appstore play games to withdraw money to Momo or paypal… Is this a new form of scam, is it safe?

Let's follow the article below, lamchutaichinh will answer your questions, and introduce you to 5+ fastest and most prestigious Momo withdrawal games in 2022.

Learn how to play games to make money online

When 4.0 technology develops, everyone can easily access the internet to exchange, learn information and entertain. The form of playing games to make money online is that with just a smartphone or a computer connected to the internet, you can both make money online and play games and withdraw money to Momo, Paypal or some electronic wallets. other.

Learn how to play games to make money online
Learn how to play games to make money online

There are many different gaming apps, you should choose reputable, non-scamming and highly secure gaming apps. Usually, you will earn money by watching ads on game apps, completing challenges or winning games.

You can withdraw money via Momo, paypal, zalopay, ATM card or phone card.

Conditions for playing games to make money withdraw to Momo

To be able to both play games and make money online, you need to have the following basic conditions:

  • A smart phone or an iOS or Android computer with an internet connection.
  • Have a Momo, Zalopay or Paypal e-wallet account
  • There is a bank account connected to the account number of the e-wallet.

Besides, if you have good gaming ability, it is also an advantage.

The list of 5+ gaming apps to make real money withdraw to the most prestigious Momo wallet today

Currently, there are a lot of virtual gaming apps with "winged" ads for the purpose of cheating, profiteering, and making money. So how to know which app is reputable, which app is scam, let's find out with lamchutaichinh 5 games to play games to withdraw money to the most prestigious Momo wallet today!

Puppy Town

Puppy Town is a typical application for the form of playing games to withdraw money to Momo that is known and used by many people. In particular, Puppy Town is very suitable for pet lovers.

Play game Puppy Town
Play game Puppy Town

In the Puppy Town app, based on merging dogs or cats, you can get rewards in coins. When the number of coins reaches the specified level, you can withdraw money to your Momo wallet or Paypal

Besides, you can get coins for watching ads on the app. Puppy Town is a popular, interesting and quite gentle Momo withdrawal game. If you persist every day, you can also increase your income quite a bit.

Sicbo roll the dice

Sicbo dice roll is a game app to withdraw money to Momo with the form of online shaking, dice at random to determine winning or losing. Gamers will place bets and roll the dice, if you win, the coins will fall into your bonus wallet.

The more you bet on the box with the big bonus, the more coins you get back, vice versa. Especially, Sicbo dice also has storm bets, if you win in this storm, the number of coins you receive can be 150 times the total number of coins you have.

Please install and try to play Sicbo rolling the dice, if you are persistent, the number of coins you get back is not small!


MistPlay is a gaming application launched in 2016 with 10 million downloads. Mistplay has integrated many games on the app. You just need a phone connected to the internet to be able to play games and earn money at the same time.

Currently, MistPlay has updated the PC version to improve the limitations on the phone.

At MistPlay, you need to perform the following tasks to accumulate bonus points:

  • Complete the game now and win.
  • Play a variety of games to increase your points.
  • Chat directly on the game, make friends with people with similar interests.
  • Refer friends to download the app and join the games on the MistPlay app.
  • Check in daily to receive extremely attractive rewards.
  • When accumulating big prize points, you can exchange cash by withdrawing via e-wallets like Momo, Paypal...

Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game
Blockchain Game

Blockchain Game is a product of modern information modeling technology that has been bringing many attractive and interesting games to players.

Here, players accumulate playing points on Blockchain Game which are bitcoins. After a period of accumulation, players can sell bitcoins and exchange them for cash.


CashonGame is one of the well-known gaming apps, which is not only a game application but also an integrated series of games for you to choose freely.

Through the CashonGame app, you can completely play the game and withdraw money to Momo or Paypal when the coins you accumulate are eligible.

The ways to accumulate coins at CashonGame are as follows:

  • Login, start the game and get the first 5 coins.
  • Invite more friends to download the game app to get 20 coins.
  • After the end of the game, if you leave a comment, you will receive 5 coins, the more comments, the more coins.


Funtap was produced in 2015 by the company of the same name. Funtap is a Momo withdrawal game app with more than 70 different game genres for the best user experience. Up to now, Funtap has always been the top choice of users.

Here are some games that can be played while increasing income in Funtap:

  • King of the Three Kingdoms
  • Love Sword 3D
  • The best swordsman
  • Three Kingdoms Go

In addition, players can also earn extra income, increase bonus points by watching promotional videos available on the app.


Lucky Box is a game app that withdraws money to Momo or can be accumulated to buy goods on Amazon. Money in LuckyBox is calculated by token, the more you win the game, the corresponding token will be received. This token, you can convert to cash.


If you win and complete the tasks, the number of tokens you receive can be up to 1 million tokens. With 1 million tokens you can convert to 1$. When you have up to 10$ in your LuckyBox wallet, you can withdraw money to your Momo wallet or buy things on Amazon.

Instructions for making money on Lucky Box:

  • Refer the game to your friends, each successful invite you can receive up to 100,000 tokens.
  • Agree to participate from friends' referrals, download the app and log in to receive 1$ to your LuckyBox wallet. In the menu, click invite friends, enter your friend's code, select Submit to receive 20,000 tokens.
  • Access Lucky Box app daily to scratch and win, you can get 5,000 tokens/day.
  • At the app, participate in playing Lotto Jackpot, you can choose 6 free numbers and receive rewards up to 50,000 - 100,000 tokens.


Money Dog is a name that when we mention it, we will think of dogs. Is there a game that can satisfy the love of dogs and earn money at the same time?

It is Money Dog, your duty to raise and take care of the dogs is available in the app. When the dogs are old enough, you take them to races in the game.

When the dogs win, the rewards are accumulated points for you.
However, the reward in the game may be a bit small, if you are a persistent person, try participating in the game for fun!

Board Fun game

Board Fun Game is an online game on your phone or computer, play games to withdraw money to Momo or Paypal. Players perform tasks on the game, if you win, you will receive a number of accumulated points. Besides, you can completely increase your income by watching promotional videos on the app.

In addition, if you are a gamer, get the best performance of the week or month, the bonus amount in your wallet will also be increased.

Instructions for withdrawing money to Momo wallet when playing games

Instructions for withdrawing money to Momo wallet when playing games
Instructions for withdrawing money to Momo wallet when playing games

After winning the game or performing the introduction of the game, you can receive a certain amount of money, this amount is real money, you can withdraw it to your Momo or Paypal e-wallet depending on the regulations of the company. app. The steps to play the game to withdraw money to Momo are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the game app and log in to your game account.
  • Step 2: Play to win games or complete quests to accumulate bonuses.
  • Step 3: Click on the bonus wallet or in-game account wallet to check the balance.
  • Step 4: If eligible, choose the method that suits you, you can withdraw money to Momo wallet.
  • Step 5: Agree or click confirm transaction.
  • Step 6: Momo or the transaction method you choose will notify you of successful withdrawal.

Thus, with just 6 simple steps, you absolutely have more income based on playing games and withdrawing money to your Momo or Paypal wallet.

Is playing games for money a scam?

The form of playing games to make money online is now very famous and can be developed for the future. Some young people are now able to earn their main income by playing games for money. Playing games is not a bad thing if you know how to make the most of the benefits that games bring.

However, now there are many different gaming apps, if you don't learn, it's easy to be scammed or taken advantage of. Some apps will steal user information or ask for money. If it is a reputable money-making game app, this will not happen, only in some real online game apps, you need to recharge to increase your level.

Therefore, when choosing a game to make money online, increase your income, you need to choose carefully, find out information and see reviews of previous people. Or you can refer to the most prestigious 5+ gaming apps to withdraw money to Momo that lamchutaichinh has provided for you.


Above, lamchutaichinh has introduced you to the most useful information and updated 5+ most prestigious Momo withdrawal game apps. Hopefully with this information, you can both entertain and earn extra income.

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