Can I still borrow from FE Credit? Borrow how?

Can I still borrow from FE credit? This is a question that many people are interested in today. Especially for small businesses that need a lot of investment capital to import goods. So what is the truth of this problem, let's find out in detail for the sharing article below.

What is FE Credit?

FE Credit is currently the most professional credit lending unit in Vietnam today and has a certain trust. FE's loan is unsecured, not collateral, so any customer can make a loan here. Looking for a loan, the loan procedure is very simple and the disbursement time is quick with the amount of several hundred million dong.

FE's loan form is also very diverse and rich. Customers can easily make loans for personal consumption, installment loans or installment purchase of household goods, etc. With a quick application review time.

Can I still borrow from FE Credit?

Can I still borrow from FE Credit?
Can I still borrow from FE Credit?

Borrowing from FE credit is still a question that many people ask. In fact, if you have an FE loan, you can still make further loans, but the second loan needs to meet the following conditions:

  • Must be a Vietnamese citizen and have a valid national identity card

  • Loan payments need to be made over a period of six months or more.

Quickest guide to borrow FE Credit for the 2nd and 3rd time

Customers who need to borrow FE credit for the second time need to understand and apply for a loan as follows:

Form of unsecured loan FE Credit for the 2nd time

Compared with the first loan, the second loan at FE credit, customers still have the option to use the corresponding loan form:

  • Cash loan

  • Borrow money to pay for phones, pay for phones

  • Car loan

Supported conditions and subjects

To be considered for the second FE credit loan application, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Borrowers have made loans at FE before

  • Have a stable income job and can afford to pay interest and pay off the loan

  • Have a good payment history with no late payments

  • No bad debt information at CIC

All those who have made a loan at FE and fully meet the above criteria will be considered for a second loan application in the fastest time.

Second loan interest rate FE Credit

The interest rate for the second FE credit loan will be calculated according to the regulations at the time of borrowing and clearly stated in the loan registration contract. Customers taking a second loan need to take a picture of the information on the contract, including information about interest rates, penalty fees, etc.

Application for unsecured loan for the second time FE Credit

FE credit does not require too high a loan application for the second time. Customers only need to apply for an unsecured loan, just need to prepare all the following documents:

  • Salary statement or insurance policy of electricity and water bills for the last 3 months

  • ID card valid citizen identification card

  • Registration book

Instructions for unsecured loans for the second time FE Credit

To apply for a second FE credit loan, customers can apply in the following ways:

  • Directly contact FE credit via call center (08) 3911 1555

  • Visit the official website of FE credit and then apply for a second unsecured loan by following the spending link on the website.

  • You can download the FE credit app to complete the required information for quick appraisal and approval. FE Credit staff will quickly contact you to confirm the application and proceed with loan disbursement.

Borrowing FE Credit for the 2nd time, the 3rd time is the fastest
Borrowing FE Credit for the 2nd time, the 3rd time is the fastest

Borrowing from FE Credit, can I get a loan from another bank?

When applying for FE credit, customers can still borrow from other banks, specifically as follows:

Borrowing Home Credit while borrowing FE Credit

When applying for a loan from FE credit, if you want to borrow in parallel with Home Credit, the appraisal documents will be more thorough. If the customer still has the ability to pay, Home Credit will support the loan.

Borrowing HDSaison while borrowing FE Credit

Besides Home credit, HDSaison also supports customers who can borrow more while having unsecured loans at FE Credit. At HD Saigon, customers only need:

  • Prepare ID card, driver's license when borrowing less than 30 million VND

  • Prepare more proof of assets when you want to borrow an amount of over 50 million

Borrowing ACS while borrowing FE Credit

ACS is the 3rd unit to support customers to borrow more money when they have FE credit loan documents. Customers only need to prepare full documents and then submit them to the nearest ASC facility to have their documents appraised and sign contracts easily.

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Should I continue to borrow a new loan while borrowing FE Credit?

If you are borrowing FE credit, you can get a new loan. But before proceeding to apply for a second loan, customers need to carefully consider their repayment ability so as not to fall into bad debt if the payment period is overdue.

Just because you are late for payment, your loan application may also be due to bad credit and the ability to get approved for the next loan application will be much more difficult. Please consider carefully before deciding whether or not to take out a second or third loan at FE Credit.


Can I still borrow from FE Credit? We have explained in detail as above. Please balance the period of personal finance, allocate loan time, reasonable interest payment time so as not to fall into the case of late payment leading to bad debt.

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