Does Mirae Asset have bad loans? How to borrow?

You are in need of a loan, but due to a bad credit history, you cannot get a loan from a bank. Have you heard of the prestigious financial company Mirae Asset but still have questions? Mirae Asset has bad loans are not? If yes, how to get a loan? Immediately follow the following article for Banktop to answer your questions.

Why do customers have bad debt at Mirae Asset?

The main reason leading to Mirae Asset's bad debt is the borrower's inability to pay. Due to various reasons, borrowers are unable to repay the loan on time. Moreover, at Mirae Asset, application review is quite easy, so the borrowers are quite diverse and difficult to control.

In difficult economic conditions, the Covid-19 epidemic raged everywhere, causing many businesses to close and workers to lose their jobs. This leads to a sudden loss of income or a sudden decrease, making the borrower unable to repay the loan. Payments are getting slower and slower and leading to bad debts.

Why do customers have bad debt at Mirae Asset?
Why do customers have bad debt at Mirae Asset?

How to check Mirae Asset bad debt?

To know if you are involved in bad debt Mirae Asset or not, you can check in the following ways:

Look up bad debt yourself

The simplest way to check bad debt is to calculate and review the previously paid loans to see how many days of late payment are. Then it can be compared with CIC for the most accurate results.

  • Group 1 debt (Qualifying debt): Number of days of late payment from 1 to less than 10 days.

  • Group 2 bad debts (Debts to pay attention to): The number of days of late payment is from 10 to less than 30 days.

  • Group 3 bad debt (substandard debt): The number of days of late payment is from 30 to less than 90 days.

  • Group 4 bad debt (Doubtful debt): WILLLate payment days from 90 to less than 365 days

  • Group 5 bad debt (Debts likely to lose capital): Borrowers do not pay debts due for more than 365 days.

There are many ways to self-check bad debt
There are many ways to self-check bad debt

Use a banking app

In fact, there is no CIC lookup on the banking app, so you can't look it up directly in this way. Instead, you can use a banking app to apply for a loan online. If the bank still supports you with a loan, it proves that you are not subject to bad debt and vice versa.

Look up CIC online

CIC stands for Credit Information Center, which means credit information center. CIC is the NPL management agency for all banks and financial companies operating in Vietnam.

Therefore, to accurately check bad debt, you just need to access CIC through the CIC application or look it up directly on the CIC website. Then register a user account and wait for the system to grant an account. Then select the search item and send the request.

The CIC system will receive the request and return the bad debt result to you. This lookup method is completely free, but the information is quite little, you will only know if you are in the bad debt category, but not the cause of the bad debt.

Instructions on how to delete bad debt Mirae Asset not everyone knows

Bad debt group 2

Group 2 bad debt is a type of debt that needs attention and has a late payment period of more than 10 days - less than 30 days. To get rid of bad debt group 2, you need to pay the loan immediately and bad debt group 2 will be written off after 12 months.

Bad debt groups 3, 4 and 5

The reason these 3 debt groups are combined is because it has a bad debt cancellation period of 5 years after you complete the loan payment obligation. Therefore, it is best to take the initiative to pay off loans to avoid falling into bad debt and affecting future loans.

Experience in borrowing money to avoid bad debt Mirae Asset

Here are some experiences to borrow money to avoid bad debt Mirae Asset that you can refer to:

  • Before taking out a loan, you need to review your monthly stable income, loan amount and obligations that you need to make monthly payments.

  • Do not borrow more than 150% of average income.

  • Carefully read the terms of the contract, understand the fees, interest rates and how interest is calculated.

  • Set notes or reminders to monitor loan payments.

  • Proactively pay the loan when it is due to avoid confusion or forgetting to pay.

  • Check again whether the payment has been successful or not, if there are any errors when making the payment or not, to avoid the case of unsuccessful payment.

Experience in borrowing money to avoid bad debt Mirae Asset
Experience in borrowing money to avoid bad debt Mirae Asset

Does Mirae Asset have bad loans?

As mentioned above, bad debts are divided into 5 groups, to know if Mirae Asset has bad loans, let Banktop go into details of each bad debt group.

Mirae Asset supports bad debt loans for groups 1 and 2

Bad debts of group 1,2 are the subjects of the mildest debt. Mirae Asset can still consider creating new conditions for customers to open new loans if the customer has finished paying off the old loan and has no bad debt in the higher group.

  • Group 1: bad debt: Customers will be approved for a new loan by Mirae Asset right after the old loan is paid off, however, the loan conditions will be stricter and the interest rate will be higher.

  • Bad debt group 2: After paying off the old loan, after 12 months, when the bad debt is cleared on CIC, Mirae Asset will continue to approve new loans for customers.

Can Group 3 bad debt borrow Mirae Asset?

If the customer falls into group 3 bad debt, Mirae Asset will reject the unsecured loan application immediately. Because group 3 bad debt is considered a pretty heavy bad debt for all financial companies, not just Mirae Asset.

Bad debt groups 4, 5, does Mirae Asset support loans?

Group 3 bad debt is not approved, surely bad debt group 4.5 will not. Because these two debt groups have fallen into the situation that customers may not be able to pay. Of course, they will be refused and not eligible for further loans.

Experience of borrowing money with bad debt Mirae Asset

To avoid losing time and get the result as zero, it's best if you have bad debt Mirae Asset from group 2 or higher, consider borrowing money in another way. You can quickly borrow money online on the application of some other units. Currently, is supporting customers to borrow money when they have bad debt at Mirae Asset.


Above, Banktop has answered your questions Mirae Asset has bad loans or not. Almost all customers who have bad debt will be refused further loans at Mirae Asset, except for the case of bad debt group 1. Therefore, it is best when borrowing money to control the loan and pay on time. to avoid bad debt.

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