Don't know where to pay TPBank installment payment, click here

You are taking out an installment loan at TPBank for the first time and there are still many things you don't understand. One of them is Where to pay TPBank installment payment?? This information is very important, if we do not know where to pay. It will most likely lead to late payment and penalty fees, bad debt.

So where to know the TPBank installment payment? Let's go with to find out the fastest ways to pay in installments in the content below. Let's consult now!

What is TPBank installment payment?

Pay installments to TPBank occurs when customers apply for loans at TPBank. If you have a loan at this bank and choose to pay it off in monthly installments. Then the monthly payment will take place.

That is, on one day of the month, the borrower will have to pay the exact amount of the pre-calculated installment payment according to the loan contract with TPBank. On the date of payment, TPBank will remind customers of payment on time.

Payment of installments will continue from the date of loan application until the date of contract termination and payment of principal and interest. If the customer does not pay the installment amount in full, it will be fined and put on the bad debt list.

Where to pay TPBank installment payment?

Paying installments to banks other than credit institutions can be made at supermarkets and affiliated stores. But for banks, customers need to pay installments in accordance with applicable regulations. That's why a lot of people don't know Where to pay TPBank installment payment??

The following are ways to pay installments that TPBank accepts.

Method 1: Transfer money

Currently, e-banking services are developed to help customers easily perform transactions. And so is the installment payment to TPBank. We can transfer money directly to the bank account and specify the payment content.

Option 2: Pay into Livebank TPBank

where do you go to tpbank?

Only TPBank has this service. This utility is very similar to other regular ATMs but is an online ATM. Customers can proceed to top up their accounts and make payments via Livebank TPBank.

Option 3: Pay in installments at TPBank counters

where do you go to tpbank?

In my opinion, the best and safest way to pay TPBank installments is still to the bank. Although it takes a bit of time, but in return, we can take the initiative in time and ensure that the money is paid on time. Just bring your ID and the amount you need to pay to the bank and submit it.

Method 4: Pay TPBank installments via Momo wallet

With this Momo wallet payment method, your Momo account must be linked to a bank account. And you must have money in your account to do this. The steps are as follows

  • Step 1: Sign in to Momo app > All services

  • Step 2: Click on consumer loan payment > TPBank – FPFICO.

  • Step 3: Enter your ID number or loan account number and select continue.

  • Step 4: Enter the amount to pay and press continue.

  • Step 5: Confirm the transaction and proceed with the payment.

Experience in paying TPBank installments on time

Many of you pay installments to TPBank too late, leading to penalties for late payment. And when fined, the fee will be very high and this is also the main cause of inability to pay.

Therefore, you should pay attention to some of the following points to pay the installment payment on time.

  • It is recommended to pay the loan 3 to 5 days in advance. Even the payment date is not yet closed. This prevents overdue. Because the system may fail, the amount you pay cannot be recognized immediately. When we close a few days in advance, we will ensure that there is no late payment.

  • Can use automatic payment feature. This means that on the payment date, the system will automatically deduct money from the account to close the installment loan.


Paying installments to TPBank on time will help you avoid penalty fees and bad debt. To do that, we need to know how to pay the installments correctly and correctly. I'm sure the above article has helped you know those things.

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