How does Mirae Asset Bank collect debt? Is the process correct?

Mirae Asset is a loan support finance company chosen by many customers today. However, did you know about this unit or Mirae Asset Bank collects debt How about when the customer is late for payment? Is this form of debt collection correct? To answer your questions, please take a look at the article summarized by Banktop below.

About Mirae Asset

Mirae Asset is one of the financial companies present in Vietnam and operating for a long time. This is a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Group in Korea – A company with extensive experience in the fields of finance, securities and investment.

Supporting customers with almost all services available at banks such as consumer loans, unsecured loans, mortgages, installment loans for electronics, cars, etc. With the advantages of simple and fast procedures, solutions fast bank. Meeting all the needs of customers should receive the majority of trust and satisfaction from service users.

Mirae Asset is one of the financial companies present in Vietnam and operating for a long time
Mirae Asset is one of the financial companies present in Vietnam and operating for a long time

How many days of late payment will be required by Mirae Asset?

When signing a loan contract at Mirae Asset, there will be specific information so you can monitor the loan and interest payment time each month. As well as the regulations, if the payment is overdue or late for how many days, there will be another penalty fee.

It is possible to be late for payment 1 - 5 days, 7 days, 1 month, etc. The longer the delay, the higher the penalty fee.

What is Mirae Asset's debt collection policy?

Mirae Asset is one of the leading large financial companies in Vietnam market. Operating based on the permission of the State and with clear documents. Customers who come and use services at Mirae Asset will be supported with all their needs, for financial loans Mirae Asset supports customers to borrow loans with a limit of more than 100 million when customers need it.

However, the current situation of borrowing money at financial companies is that the problem of customers not paying on time or defaulting on debt is quite common. And the financial unit also needs to have a reasonable policy to ask customers to repay the debt to recover capital and maintain the company's operations.

Mirae Asset will not collect debt in the form of "gangster" such as hiring gangsters, threatening, etc... But Mirae Asset will strictly comply with Vietnamese law to have the right form of settlement for him.

After contacting and exchanging between the borrower and the borrower to resolve. If unsuccessful, with customers intending to avoid debt, Mirae Asset will file an application to the court to request support for credit abuse to appropriate finance.

How does Mirae Asset Bank collect debt?

How does Mirae Asset collect debt?
How does Mirae Asset collect debt?

In the event that the debt is due, Mirae Asset Bank will collect debt by the following methods:

Call to notify customers of debt repayment

When the payment is due or 1-5 days past the payment date, the company's staff will call to remind the customer to pay the loan. If the customer deliberately does not answer the phone, the debt collector will use multiple phone numbers to call continuously and disturb the reference relatives related to the borrower to request support.

Send notice to the place of residence

Financial unit Mirae Asset will also send notices to customers' homes when they cannot be contacted by phone. The content of the notice is the credit loan contract at Mirae Asset, the denunciation filed in court with the request for early loan payment.

Sue in court

When I sent the notice to my house but still have not received a response. Mirae Asset will proceed to file a lawsuit in court for the fastest resolution of both parties.

Go to the place to collect debt

There are also some cases where Mirae Asset staff will come to the place to ask customers to repay the debt. When exchanging, Mirae Asset may make customers uncomfortable and loudly when customers do not cooperate. This sometimes leads to the misunderstanding that Mirae Asset hires gangsters to collect debts.

Transfer files to 3rd parties

When one of the above methods cannot be applied, Mirae Asset Company will transfer the application to a 3rd party to request assistance in debt recovery. This is a unit that has its own professional measures to be able to solve and increase the possibility of higher debt recovery.

Is the information that Mirae Asset bank hires gangsters to collect debt, is it true?

Information that Mirae Asset bank hires gangsters to collect debt is just a rumor. As we mentioned, Mirae Asset is a large financial company and is licensed to operate in Vietnam. There are clear rules and policies for debt collection when customers intentionally do not want to pay loans.

The rules on debt collection always follow the laws and regulations of the State, the worst case scenario is to sue in court so that between the two borrowers and the lender can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

What's wrong with not paying Mirae Asset's debt?

The fact that customers borrow money at banks and financial units not only affects individuals but also affects the lending unit with many problems.

For customers

  • The lender will call repeatedly to ask for payment, along with annoying calls to relatives and friends that the customer borrows money from.

  • Pay penalty fees with interest up to 150% of the loan amount.

  • Having a bad credit score, it will be difficult for customers to get a loan later.

For Mirae Asset

  • Impact on business operations and revenue when the unit does not collect debts on time.

  • There is no revolving capital for borrowing from new customers in need.

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Mirae Asset Bank scam?

Does Mirae Asset scam customers?

Mirae Asset has never scammed its customers. Over the years, Mirae Asset has gradually affirmed its brand reputation and created trust from customers.

Mirae Asset has never scammed its customers.
Mirae Asset has never scammed its customers.

The highlights of the financial company Mirae Asset significantly come if you do not know:

  • There is a leading parent company in Korea with 100% foreign capital.

  • Support customers with many loan products and services to suit the needs of many customers.

  • Belonging to the top of the leading large financial companies in our country, having a clear license to operate under the management of the State Bank.

  • Enthusiastic and attentive customer support.

  • Owning a large number of customers nationwide about using financial services.

  • Mirae Asset collects debts from customers in accordance with the process, without using violence, force or strong measures against its customers.


The article on Banktop has fully summarized the process Mirae Asset Bank collects debt how, is this financial unit reputable, etc. Help readers understand better before intending to borrow money at financial companies. If you are interested in Mirae Asset bank, please refer to the article above.

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