How much is a men's 18k gold ring only? The most beautiful models

Men's 18k gold ring is a jewelry product chosen by many gentlemen. Because of the reasonable price and beautiful design. Those of you who don't get it Men's 18k gold ring 1 only price how much? Let's refer to the following article to understand more information about men's gold rings.

Learn about 18k gold

18K gold is a type of gold with a pure gold content of 75% and the remaining 25% is other precious metals. 18k gold is hard and durable, so it is used to make many jewelry products.

18K gold is still known as western gold and the price of this gold is also lower than our gold or pure gold.

What is 18k Men's Gold Ring?

18k gold ring is a product made from 18k gold. This type of jewelry is used to wear on the hand and is loved by many men.

With a round design and many different designed textures, it brings an extremely high aesthetic sense in terms of both value and material. Currently, 18k gold is chosen by many people. Because the price is soft but still brings beauty to the owner. Ring jewelry products made of 18k gold always attract both men and women.

Should I buy 18k gold men's ring?

The jewelry worn on the body needs to be of good materials, not harmful to health. Especially in the process of wearing, it is not damaged or discolored.

18k gold rings will meet those criteria. The 18k gold type is always shiny when worn, the longer it is worn, the brighter it will be and will not experience discoloration or change to another color.

18k gold is 75% pure gold and the remaining 25% is other metals. This makes 18k gold hard and hard to be distorted and also easier to work than other types of gold.

In terms of value, 18k gold rings are also a type of jewelry that does not lose too much value after a period of use. You can resell it after a period of use.

How much is a men's 18k gold ring only?

Men's 18k gold ring 1 only price

How much is a men's 18k gold ring only? This is probably the question most people ask.

Regarding the price of 18k gold, the selling price will be calculated according to the current gold rate. Meaning that when you buy gold, the increase or decrease in the price of gold will also directly affect the selling price of 18k gold rings.

18k gold rings will be sold by volume, in addition, if there are gemstones attached, the crafting will also be charged. The place of sale will rely on the volume of the jewelry to determine a specific selling price.

The price of 18k gold today is at 16 million dong when bought. But this price is just plain armor that has not been worked on. Therefore, the specific selling price will have to include manufacturing work and other accompanying accessories.

The most beautiful 18k men's gold rings

Here are some beautiful 18k gold men's rings at affordable prices that anyone can afford.

Instructions on how to choose a men's 18k gold ring

The product has a simple design

Choose designs with few colorful patterns. Because the 18k gold ring models have a simple design but dotted with a few small motifs, it will have a stronger feeling. Do not choose a type with many textures that will make cleaning more difficult.

Fits finger sizes

When buying 18k gold men's rings, you should choose a size that fits your hand. Because if you wear it too tight, it will make your hands wrinkled and blood can not circulate. And if you choose a ring that is too wide, it will easily fall off when moving.

Sharing an experience for you when choosing a ring should pay attention to the weather. When it's cold, the hand will be smaller than when it's hot, so be careful.

Comes with accessories

For Men who love strength and power. You should choose 18k gold rings with many accessories, such as a stone or diamond. This will enhance the attraction and create a strong feeling when worn.

Do not wear multiple rings on the same hand

If you wear too many gold rings or jewelry on one hand. Especially the rings with the large version will definitely cause discomfort to the viewer. At the same time, the wearer himself will also feel uncomfortable when operating.

Instructions on how to maintain 18k gold men's rings

Men's 18k gold rings have good durability, but if you do not know how to maintain it, it will also fade or encounter problems during use. So here are some points to keep in mind to know how to preserve 18k gold men's rings.

  • For men who often exercise vigorously, they will bump a lot. Therefore, you should wear the ring on your non-dominant hand to avoid impact.

  • 18k rings should not be worn when working in the kitchen because then it will cause the gold to degrade due to contact with the donkey.

  • If you are a person who sweats a lot, you should not wear 18k gold because it will produce a chemical reaction.

  • Regularly clean your rings and hands with clean water.

  • The ring is in discolored condition, please bring it to the gold shop to have it repaired.

  • When not in use, the ring should be stored in a separate box for storage.

How to renew men's 18k gold ring

If your ring is too discolored and no longer shiny. Then you can renew the ring with the following instructions.

  • Use cigarette butts then rub on the surface of the ring to get a shiny like new.

  • It is possible to give 18k gold men's rings a vinegar solution and then boil it. Thus, it is possible to remove impurities that are sticking to the surface of the ring.

  • Use toothpaste and brush on the dull surface to regain its like-new shine.

Hopefully with this article you have learned about Men's 18k gold ring only how much is it. And also refer to the most beautiful 18k gold men's rings.

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