How to apply for a TP Bank card online and get it at an ATM

TPbank is one of the leading banks in applying information technology to its products. LiveBank TPbank is the most obvious achievement. The TPbank LiveBank atm tree not only allows withdrawal, top-up, money transfer, but you can also open an atm card here. If you don't know how make TP Bank card Please see our article below for detailed instructions.

What is TPBank ATM card?

Make a city bank card

TPbank ATM card is a card issued by Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) for customers who need to use it. The atm card has a rectangular shape, size 8.5×5.5cm. It is quite compact so you can easily carry it around. TPbank atm card has many uses. You can use it to transfer money, withdraw money at atm. Or used to pay bills through POS machines.

TPBank ATM card has two main types of cards: debit and credit cards. Each card type will have its own special features to suit the needs of customers.

Conditions & procedures for making TP Bank card

To be able to apply for a TPBank ATM card, you need to pay attention to the following conditions and procedures.


  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living in Vietnam.

  • The age of card issuance is from 22 years old to 59 years old for men and 54 years old for women.

  • Customers who want to apply for a TPBank credit card must have an additional monthly income of 5 million or more at least in the last 3 months or have collateral as prescribed.

  • Application form for ATM card issuance provided by TPBank.

  • Identity documents ID/CCCD/Passport.

  • Temporary residence certificate or household registration book.

  • Proof of personal income.

Top 3 fastest ways to get TP Bank card for free

Method 1: Make a TP Bank ATM card at the LiveBank ATM

You must understand that the atm here is a new atm machine, ie atm LiveBank TPbank. Old atm machines can't do atm cards. The new generation atm LiveBank TPbank can perform many transactions. Including allowing customers to register to open an atm card.

The advantage of LiveBank TPbank is that it can work and transact at any time, including holidays or holidays. Moreover, with incidents or important transactions, you will be supported through Video Call. There will be a consultant and video guide that is no different from when transacting at a bank counter.

If you are interested in how to make a TPbank card at the LiveBank TPbank atm, please follow the steps below.

Make a city bank card

  • Step 1: Move to the nearest LiveBank TPbank. When you go, you need to bring the original ID/Citizen ID/Passport.

  • Step 2: You choose the feature Open an account on LiveBank. Then the system will automatically connect you with a support staff.

  • Step 3: The staff will guide you on how to help the ATM machine recognize your ID/Citizen ID card and recognize your face. The machine will then scan to receive and store the information.

  • Step 4: On the other side, the staff will scan the necessary documents and the application for opening an account. When finished, the staff returned to the machine. Please wait 1-2 minutes for the staff to confirm.

  • Step 5: After the staff confirms and informs that the card request is successful, the card will be paid immediately through the card reader slot. With atm cards made at LiveBank TPbank will be automatically connected to the payment account. You do not need to reactivate the card.

Method 2: Register as a TP Bank card on Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking TPbank is an online banking application installed and used on mobile phones. This application is extremely convenient, you can register for a TPbank atm card online right through the app without going to the bank or atm.

You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open App store (for IOS operating system) or CH Play (for Android operating system). Then search for TPbank application and download it to your device.

  • Step 2: Open the downloaded application. You choose Begin and select Sign Up Now.

  • Step 3: Start registering for a Mobile Banking account by entering your phone number. Immediately after that, an OTP code will be sent to the phone number for confirmation.

  • Step 4: Verify personal information by taking a photo of two-sided ID card.

  • Step 5: Face recognition according to the instructions on the app.

  • Step 6: Enter your personal email to receive the necessary banking notifications.

  • Step 7: Create password to login TPbank Mobile Banking application.

Thus, the steps to register for a TPbank Mobile Banking account have been completed. Now you just need to log into the application. Then select the online card issuance feature. You select the account to issue the card. Next, enter the card receiving address, the bank will send the card to you at this address.

Method 3: Register to open TPBank ATM card at transaction counters

Make a city bank card

This is the most popular and traditional way of doing it. You just need to bring your ID card to the nearest TPbank counter to request a card.

The staff will give you a ticket for you to fill out. Once completed, sign and return. Finally, you will receive a paper with an appointment date to come back to pick up the card. Usually your card will be done in 5-7 working days.

How much is the TPBank ATM card fee?

The fee schedule for issuing TPBank ATM cards of each card type will have a different fee, specifically as follows:

Fee typeCharges
TPBank domestic debit card registration fee
Card issuance fee for the first time

  • eCounter ATM card without photo printing: 50,000 VND.

  • eCounter ATM card with photo printed: VND 100,000

  • eCounter ATM card without photo printing issued within 2 working days: VND 100,000

  • eCounter ATM card with printed photo issued in 2 working days: 150,000 VND.

Tran Anh Duc

  • eCounter ATM card without photo printing: VND 50,000

  • eCounter ATM card with photo printed: VND 100,000

  • MobiFone TPBank co-branded card: VND 50,000

Other fees

  • Card class change fee: Free

  • PIN code re-issuance fee: VND 30,000

  • ATM card unlock fee: Free

  • Fee for printing statement at ATM: 500 VND

TPBank international debit card registration fee
Card issuance feeIssuance of the first primary and secondary card: Free

Issuance fee from second card onwards:

  • Standard class: 55,000 VND

  • Gold: 55,000 VND

  • Platinum grade: 199,000 VND.

Card renewal feeVND 99,000
Card re-issuance fee due to bent, damaged, lostVND 99,000
Other fees

  • PIN/ePin re-issuance fee: 33,000 VND

  • Inspection fee: 220,000 VND.

  • Fee for printing statement at ATM: 11,000 VND

  • Account inquiry fee: Free at ATMs, at other banks' ATMs 11,000 VND.

  • ATM transaction fee: Free

  • Foreign currency transaction fee: 1.8% of the transaction amount

  • Handling fee for special international transactions: 5,500 VND/transaction.

  • Fee for providing transaction invoices: VND 88,000

  • Card information confirmation fee: VND 55,000

TPBank credit card issuance fee
TPBank Visa international credit card

  • Standard/Gold: Free

  • Platinum grade: 825,000 VND.

  • MobiFone Card – TPBank Visa Platinum: VND 990,000

  • FreeGo Card: Free

  • Signature card: 1,990,000 VND.

  • Signature card (metal card + issuance fee): 4,000,000 VND.

TPBank World MasterCard international credit card

  • TPBank World MasterCard Club Privé credit card: 999,000 VND

  • TPBank World MasterCard Golf Privé credit card: VND 1,499,000.

Things to remember when using TPBank atm card

If you are new to TPbank atm card, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to use your card safely and effectively:

  • When you first receive the card, you need to carefully check the information on the card to see if it is correct. If you find an error, you should immediately report it to the bank to re-issue another correct card.

  • You need to change the pin code to activate the card, then you can use the card to make transactions at atm and POS machines.

  • If you make an atm card via LiveBank TPbank, you do not need to activate the card because the card is already activated.

  • The atm card pin is very important. You need to remember and not reveal to anyone in any way. Avoid having bad guys infiltrate your account to get money.

Above are some ways to make TPbank atm card. In there How to make TP Bank card It's a new way of doing things and not many people know about it. has given you detailed instructions. Follow along and get yourself a convenient TPbank atm card. Good luck with your card making!