How to cancel Vietcombank Internet Banking service on mobile phone

Internet Banking Vietcombank offers a safe and convenient online transaction method. However, when you have no need to use it, you should cancel Vietcombank Internet Banking so as not to incur maintenance and other fees. There are many ways to cancel this digital banking facility at home. But what if you don't know what to do? Please refer to the instructions below the following article.

What is Vietcombank Internet Banking service?

Internet Banking Vietcombank is a digital banking service provided by Vietcombank. Through this service, customers can easily manage accounts, transactions, transfer money, withdraw money through Vietcombank's website address without having to go directly to the bank.

Internet banking vietcombank

With Internet Banking, all transactions of money transfer, payment, savings, balance lookup, etc. will become easier than ever. You only need to register for Vietcombank Internet Banking and use a device with Internet connection to use these features.

Utilities of Vietcombank Internet Banking service

With a convenient service such as Internet Banking, the features that this service brings and are numerous. No matter where we are, it will be easy for us to use only devices with a network connection.

Some features that Internet Banking Vietcombank brings:

  • Fast internal and interbank money transfer.

  • Look up account balance at home without having to go to the bank.

  • Register for Vietcombank online savings or withdraw money online.

  • Look up exchange rate information, interest rates quickly.

  • Pay bills for electricity, water, internet, phone charges, etc.

  • Recharge phone subscribers, recharge e-wallets, top up securities accounts.

  • Look up loan information, credit limit.

Cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank in which school?

You should consider before canceling Vietcombank Internet Banking. Because once canceled, we will no longer be able to use the above utility features. Therefore, only in certain cases should this service be canceled.

Reasons to cancel Mobile Banking, Internet Banking Vietcombank:

  • Customers are not fluent and difficult to use Internet Banking services. You should cancel to avoid risks during the transaction.

  • Internet Banking is not necessary for your transaction needs. Please cancel to avoid maintenance fees.

  • Internet Banking service fee is too high (11,000 VND/month) and you don't want to spend this money.

  • Bankikng Internet account information is exposed or stolen. Should be canceled to not be taken advantage of by bad guys, illegal transactions.

Instructions for 2 fastest ways to cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank

To cancel Vietcombank's Internet Banking service, you can use one of two ways as follows.

Method 1: Cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank directly at the transaction office

Customers want to deactivate Internet Banking Vietcombank on their account. If your home is near a Vietcombank branch, go to the transaction office location to do this procedure.

Cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank at pgd

  • Step 1: Bring your ID card or citizen ID to Vietcombank branch.

  • Step 2: Notify the teller that you want to cancel the Internet Banking service.

  • Step 3: Fill in your personal and account information in the required form.

  • Step 4: Return it to the teller, then they will confirm the request and deactivate Internet Banking on the account.

  • Step 6: Get your ID back and leave.

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Method 2: Cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank online

Note: Vietcombank Internet Banking service for individual customers is Vietcombank Digibank. Currently, Vietcombank does not support the function of canceling Vietcombank Digibank service on online phones. Customers must go to Vietcombank's branch to make or call 1900 54 54 13 to request a temporary lock.

As for the customer enterpriseif you want to cancel Internet Banking service, follow the steps below.

How much does it cost to cancel Vietcombank Internet Banking service?

Refer to the service fee table of Vietcombank, when customers cancel the service or register for digital banking, there will be no fee. The customer is not required to pay the cancellation fee. Therefore, if required, please bring your ID card to a Vietcombank branch to cancel immediately.


Here are the instructions how to cancel Internet Banking Vietcombank fastest for customers who want to stop using VCB's digital banking facility. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you better understand the operations of using VCB's services. If you still have an error or want an answer, please leave a question for

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