How to change MBBank account number to beautiful number, VIP number


Many people believe that owning a number of beautiful digital bank accounts will bring a lot of luck and fortune. How to change MB Bank account book to beautiful number, VIP number?

Just like other banks at MB Bank, customers can still open a beautiful digital card at will right on the MB Bank application. Owning a MB Bank bank account with a beautiful VIP number not only satisfies your own interests but also brings a lot of luck and fortune to the owner.

So how to change MBBank bank account number to beautiful number, VIP number? Let's find out with Alo Open Card.


What is a nice number account?

A beautiful digital account is understood as a series of numbers that match or follow the date of birth, the beautiful numbers according to feng shui and the harmonious structure are meaningful to the person opening the account.

What is a nice number account?


  • Loc Phat (68)
  • God of Wealth (39,79)
  • Quarterly (8888, 9999...)
  • Dual (1010, 2020...)
  • Single forward (12345, 1234567...)
  • Date of birth…

If in the past only VIP customers of the bank had the opportunity to open a beautiful digital account number, now the bank has a beautiful digital account inventory including the desired STK, date of birth or opening an account number. account according to feng shui to do business..

Types of beautiful digital accounts of MBBank

Types of beautiful digital accounts of MBBank

How stk is a beautiful account number depends on the customer's perception. Here are some examples of nice stk:

Sequences of duplicate numberseasy to remember: for example: 6666, 8888, 9999...this is a requirement of companies to wish to bring luck at work and impress partners.

Have a meaningful lucky numberAccording to folk beliefs, each number has its own meaning. Eg:

  • 86, 68 means fortune, fortune
  • 39.79 means the god of patronage
  • According to the theory of the five elements, the number 5 will represent metal, wood, water, fire, earth, harmony and independence, bringing a good life to the owner.
  • Number 7: According to Buddhist concept, the number 7 is associated with the formation of Buddhism, so many customers also like their account number to contain the number 7 for a comfortable life and good luck.
  • Number 9 represents eternity, power…

Therefore, they often rely on the meaning of numbers to create a series of meaningful bank accounts that bring luck and fortune.

Bring special meaning to customers: here can be the date of birth, anniversaries... This is also the choice of the majority of individual customers.

Can I change my MBBank account number to a nice, VIP number?

Change of STK MB Bank is the act of changing from the old registered and used STK to a completely new account. This may be the purpose of wanting to change to a beautiful number, a customer's VIP number.

Therefore, the customer asked "Can I change my MBBank account number to a nice, VIP number?" The answer is NO. Because when a customer opens an account, any bank has saved the customer's information, this is a fixed number that can only change the services.

Therefore, if the customer wants to change the account number to a nice number, a VIP number, he can only open a new STK and delete the old account number and replace it with the desired account number.

How to change MBBank account number to beautiful number, VIP number

How to change MBBank bank account number to beautiful number, VIP number

The way for customers to pour into beautiful, VIP STK is:

Open a new account

The bank allows customers to open up to 2 bank accounts. If customers want to change to a nice number or a VIP number, they can open a new account number.

The procedure to open a new account is also very simple, customers bring their ID card/CCCD to get the number and ask the bank staff to help you make a bank card. Note that it is necessary to provide more old bank STK for staff to confirm information to ensure information safety and security.

Register to reopen a new beautiful number MB account

If you don't feel it is necessary to have 2 STK, you can cancel the old account and make a new account with a beautiful number and a new VIP number. By deleting old account and making new bank account number.

Customers need to go directly to MB bank branch, then request to delete current account. Note, before deleting the account, the customer needs to check the balance and make sure to withdraw all the money in the account, cancel the services in use.

Instructions on how to open a MB Bank account with a beautiful number, a free VIP number

To register to open a beautiful digital account, MB bank VIP number, you just need to follow the following process:

  • Step 1: Download MBBank app to your phone

Customers download the MBBank App to their mobile phones with iOS or Android operating systems.

  • Step 2: Sign up for an account

Open the App, click Create account to start registration. The customer fills in the information completely and accurately as required.

  • Step 3: Enter phone number

Provide the phone number you are using for MB bank to send the OTP code to the phone message. Enter the OTP code in the box to authenticate and then click “Next”.

  • Step 4: Verify customer information

MBBank will ask to authenticate customer information with documents such as ID card/CCCD, Passport or Military ID card (if military). Customers proceed to enter in the corresponding box and then click "Next".

  • Step 5: Take a photo of your identity document

Take a photo of your ID/CCCD front and back and upload it to the system. Customers note, the image needs to be clear, without losing corners.

  • Step 6: Face authentication

Face detection by turning the face close-up from left to right. Next, read aloud, clearly the number line that MB has set up and then press "Finish".

  • Step 7: Enter personal information

Enter full personal information including: Full name, gender, date of birth, address. Then, enter your email username and select “Next”.

  • Step 8: Choose a beautiful digital account

The interface will display a beautiful free and premium digital account. Depending on needs, interests, financial ability...customers enter the desired number sequence, the bank will provide accounts to choose from.

  • Step 9: Check the information again

Customers check all information, if nothing changes, click "Confirm" to complete the account registration.

Is there a fee to change MB Bank account number to a beautiful number?

Fees or not depends on the choice of the customer. As mentioned above, opening a beautiful digital account has 2 options: open more or delete old and open new. If at banks, customers have to pay extra costs, sometimes very high, to choose the number they want, at MB Bank, customers can choose two ways:

  • Open a free beautiful digital account via the MBBank App: Choose from a variety of beautiful digital accounts using your date of birth or a meaningful number sequence.
  • Opening a beautiful digital account in the form of feng shui, supporting business: Customers will have to spend a certain fee to buy that account number.

All of the above is information on how to change your MBBank account number to a nice, VIP number. Hopefully, after the article, you will have a basic understanding of beautiful digital accounts and go to the right bank to open a beautiful digital account as you like. Good luck.