How to get 500K Momo referral code for family and friends 2022

Momo referral code 500k is an incentive that Momo e-wallet applies to new registered customers, customers only need to install Momo wallet, link with banks to receive incentives from Referral Code and pay bills. such as phone top-up, Grab, electricity and water bills, loan payments...

[UPDATE] From February 20, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

Enter Momo referral code: 0909023278 In the box "Enter promo code" in the "Promotions" section of the app, you will receive a SUPER HUGE gift worth 500,000 VND from Momo.

What is Momo Referral Code?

Momo referral code is a program to enter a gift code on Momo e-wallet, the simplest understanding is that you refer friends and family to use it. electronic wallet If successful, you will receive random gift certificates from Momo wallet to have more experience of Momo's services.

Gift package of 500k from entering Momo referral code includes:

  • 1 gift card for 10K discount + 2 cards for 20K off phone recharge, buy prepaid card code.

  • 1 gift card to reduce 50K to book movie tickets on MoMo.

  • 1 gift card, 40K off electricity bill payment.

  • 1 gift card, 40K off to pay bills for Water/Internet/Television/Apartment.

  • 1 gift card to reduce 20K to pay consumer loan bills.

  • 1 gift card, 50K off to buy 3G/4G data card code.

  • 1 gift card 20K off Appstore/Google Play service payments.

  • 1 gift card, 50K off to pay for plane, train, car tickets...

  • 1 gift card with 50K discount when shopping at BigC Supermarket/Convenience Store, Circle K, Ministop…

  • 1 gift card, 50K off Tiki payment.

  • 1 gift card 30K off BAEMIN payment.

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Benefits of referring friends to download MoMo e-wallet

With referrerTo the person referred

  • Receive a gift package worth VND 500,000 with VND 150,000 multi-purpose gift to use to pay for many services on MoMo.

  • Unlimited referrals and rewards.

  • Receive a gift package worth 500,000 VND.

  • Experience many convenient services on MoMo Wallet such as mobile phone top-up, money transfer, bill payment, train ticket booking, flight ticket booking, etc.

Conditions for participating in the program, enter the Momo referral code to receive 500K

To be able to participate in the program, enter the Momo referral code to receive 500K, just meet the following conditions:

For referrers

The program does NOT apply to customers who are participating in MoMo Referral Partners.

  • Momo wallet must be linked to the bank during the promotion period

  • Use Momo latest version on 2 operating systems Andoird and IOS

  • MoMo will stop paying program incentives in case of detecting mistakes in the process of Referring MoMo or taking advantage of the Referral MoMo offer to make profit.

  • From May 6, 2020, each customer who introduces MoMo will receive rewards up to 50 times/day. From the 51st referral onwards, MoMo Wallet will check your account information and return your gift within 48 working hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

For the referred person

  • Customers have MoMo Wallet on Android or iOS mobile phones.

  • Customers with bank accounts of banks: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Agribank, BIDV, ACB, TPBank, VPBank, Eximbank, OCB, Shinhan Bank, SCB, Sacombank domestic card, VRB, Bao Viet, ABBANK, OceanBank, MBBank , PVcomBank, Nam A Bank, SHB, Bac A Bank, HDBank, Saigonbank, Vietbank, Indovina.

  • MoMo Wallet account has never been linked to any bank account before.

  • The bank account has never been linked to a MoMo wallet account before.

  • Customers have never loaded money into MoMo Wallet from the associated bank, or from the transaction point, or from an international card (VISA/MASTER/JCB), or from an ATM card via Napas gateway.

  • Customer has never transacted with MoMo Wallet (except for receiving money from other MoMo Wallet).

  • Customer has never withdrawn money from MoMo Wallet.

  • Each customer can only receive rewards up to 1 time (1 reward/receipt/wallet/1 ID card/1 bank account/1 device).

  • According to TT23 regulations, the referred person must complete all the steps to verify the wallet to be eligible to receive the reward.

  • Not applicable when customers link MoMo Wallet with Visa/Master/JCB card and ATM card via Napas gateway.

  • In case the gift arrives late, MoMo Wallet commits to paying the reward to the Customer within 72 working hours.

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4 steps to register and receive gifts from Momo Wallet via Momo referral code

To be able to receive 500k from Momo referral code, customers need to follow 4 simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Download and register Momo : Download Momo for Android or Download Momo wallet for IOS

  • Step 2: Enter MoMo referral code: 0909023278 at the PROMOTION section => Enter the promotion code on the application.

  • Step 3: Link your account with 1 of 17 banks using Internet Banking: OCB, Vietcombank, VP bank… in My Wallet => Manage cards/accounts.

  • Step 4: Top up 10k wallet (Agribank alone is 50k) from the bank that has just linked to MoMo Wallet for authentication.

Detailed instructions on how to introduce MoMo to friends to receive a gift of VND 500,000

Step 1. Register a new Momo account

The first thing is to download the Momo application from the AppStore or Google Play to your phone.

  • Android (Google Play): Download MoMo Wallet

  • IOS (App Store): Download MoMo Wallet

Download the Momo app
Download the Momo app

After installation Momo e-wallet successful, you receive a request to enter a phone number.

Note: this should be the number you use the banking service.

Enter your phone number and press Continue

Verification code is sent to you, enter the confirmation code and then click Continue

Set a 6-digit password for momo wallet, then click Continue to complete account registration.

Step 2. Enter the Momo referral code to receive 500k

Step 1. Log in to Momo, at the main screen, select the Offers section and then enter the promo code in the box Enter promo code, share.

Enter promo code in the box Enter promo code, share
Enter promo code in the box Enter promo code, share

Enter promo code Momo 0909 023 278 into the box and then press the Apply button

If you enter it correctly, a Pop up Momo will appear informing you that you have successfully entered the code.

Enter the code successfully
Enter the code successfully

Step 3. Link Momo wallet to the bank

After successfully entering the Momo referral code, the next thing to do is link Momo to a bank account.


  • Your linked bank must register for internet banking service.

  • Each bank will have different linking methods.

You log into the Internet Banking service of one of the banks: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, VPBank, OCB, Eximbank, TPBank... that you use. In this article, I will do a demo on ACB account.

Step 1: Next click Link now after successfully entered the referral code. Select ACB bank.

Step 1
Step 1

Step 2: Sign in to your linked bank account.

Step 2
Step 2

Step 3: Select E-Wallet.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 4: Select Register wallet link.

Step 4
Step 4

Step 5: Select Linked account and tick I agree to authorize… Then, select the authentication method and click Agree.

Step 5
Step 5

Step 6: Re-enter the login password and enter the OTP code just sent to the registered phone number of the linked bank. Then click Confirm.

Step 6
Step 6

So complete the linking step.

Step 4. Generate a minimum transaction of 10k

When the bank link is successful, you must deposit at least 10,000 VND into MoMo to receive the promotion.

deposit at least 10,000 VND into MoMo
Deposit at least 10,000 VND into MoMo

After successful top-up, you will receive a notification that you have received gift cards worth 500,000 VND, applied to top up phone cards or pay utility bills on Momo wallet.

gift card worth 500,000 VND
gift card worth 500,000 VND

Go to My Wallet and choose to view Gift Cards to see your Vouchers.

So, with the Momo referral code, you have an instant gift of 500k for registering a new account. What are you waiting for, do not immediately register for Momo e-wallet to use.


In this article, I showed you how to use Momo referral code to receive 500k promotion when registering and using Momo e-wallet. Hope to have brought you useful information. Wish success!

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