How to lock MSB card online on the fastest mobile app 2022

Today, ATM card users are increasingly, it is almost an inseparable object in everyone's wallet. Because it is a place to store money, there are also many bad actors who take advantage of loopholes to steal information in the card.

If detected early, the fastest way to handle it is to block the card. Therefore, this article nganhangonline will guide you how to lock MSB card online on app fastest phone 2022.

How to lock MSB card online on the app

To help people know how to quickly lock MSB cards online on the phone. Below are instructions on how to lock an ATM card temporarily. People can follow these steps:

How to lock MSB card on Mobile Banking app

If you use a phone and have registered for Internet Banking service, you can lock the card with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Download MSB mBank application to your phone. The application allows installation on both iOS and Android operating systems.

  • Step 2: Access the application > Log in by account name, password.

  • Step 3: At the interface home page, select "Card service".

  • Step 4: After selecting, the system will drop down the list of cards you currently have > Select the card you want to lock.

  • Step 5: Choose “Card lock confirmation” > Complete MSB card lock online on mobile app.

How to block MSB card on Internet Banking

Locking MSB cards on Internet Banking is also a great experience to help customers save maximum time. Instructions on how to block MSB card on the website as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of MSB bank.

  • Step 2: Login and password to access the account.

  • Step 3: At the list of cards in use > select the card you want to block.

  • Step 4: In the right corner of the screen, select “Open card/Lock card” > System will do > Report card lock successful.

How to lock MSB card via switchboard

The MSB switchboard is the place to assist customers in handling situations related to cards and bank accounts. How to lock MSB ATM card through the switchboard as follows:

  • Step 1: Call the hotline number MSB (024) 39 445 566 or 1800 599 999.

  • Step 2: To meet a support agent with user questions, press 1 (individual customers), press 2 (business customers.

  • Step 3: The system will connect to the operator > Present the reason and need to block the MSB card.

  • Step 4: Provide information including: full name, phone number, ID card/CCCD, card number, account number, etc.

  • Step 5: Wait for the staff to confirm the correct information > The bank will block the card as required > Notify the card has been successfully locked.

How to lock MSB card at the counter

If you are not familiar with phones, you can still lock your MSB card at the bank. This is the most accurate and safe traditional way practiced by many people.

  • Step 1: Go to your nearest local MSB counter.

  • Step 2: Draw and wait until the transaction session > Presenting the need to lock the MSB ATM card.

  • Step 3: Provide ID card/ CCCD/ Passport,…. and fill out the temporary/permanent card lock request form.

  • Step 4: Wait for staff to check and lock ATM card > Complete the procedure to lock MSB bank ATM card.

Note, when locking the card in this way, you should consult the bank's working time in advance. Normally, the bank will work during office hours from Monday to Friday every week (except holidays and Tet).

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When should the MSB card be blocked?

When should we block MSB card? This is a question many people wonder about. There are many reasons why users actively block ATM cards. Here are some cases when you should block the card:

✔ Cards are lost, lost or stolen by strangers. You should lock your card online or go to the bank to request a card lock to protect your assets. Because crooks can use ATM cards to appropriate account balances.

✔ When making transactions at ATMs, payment POS machines and you suspect that your card information has been exposed to avoid losing money, you should also block your card.

✔ Cards with unusual transactions, strange transactions that are not performed by the account holder also need to lock the card urgently.

✔ If you have multiple card accounts at the same time, but at this time have no need to use an MSB card, you can also block the card to limit risks and save monthly service costs.

Why does MSB card automatically lock?

In addition to customers actively locking the card, there are also a few reasons why ATM cards are automatically locked without warning such as:

✘ When the ATM card expires, MSB will automatically lock the card.

✘ ATM card has not recorded any transaction history for a long time.

✘ If customers do not pay using their credit cards on time, their MSB credit cards will also be frozen by the bank.

✘ Cardholder has a history of suspected illegal transactions, money laundering, bad debt, etc.

✘ When transacting on an ATM, you enter the wrong PIN more than the specified number of times and the card will automatically be locked to protect assets.

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Frequently asked questions about MSB . card lock

Is there a fee to lock MSB card?

An advantage when using an ATM card of MSB is that there is no fee when customers block the card in any form. MSB supports customers to protect their accounts and lock their cards for free even when you call the switchboard. Thus, if there is a situation where the card is suspected of showing signs of information disclosure, everyone should block the card as soon as possible.

If you lock your MSB ATM card, will your bank account be locked?

What everyone often confuses is bank account and card account. Everyone must understand that MSB ATM card lock and bank account lock are not the same. When locking an ATM card, only the function of using the card is locked, the rest does not affect the bank account.

On the contrary, if the bank account is locked, it also means that all transactions will be interrupted. You will not transfer, withdraw or receive funds to your account until the bank account is re-opened.

Can MSB card lock transfer, withdraw money?

When the MSB card is successfully locked, all transactions related to the ATM card will be interrupted. You can only transfer, receive, and withdraw money through a bank account registered with internet banking on your phone. In case, if people do not use internet banking, people can go to the bank's counter to transact.

Can MSB ATM card lock be reopened?

Locking an ATM card is the best way to protect your account when it is suspected that a stranger has appropriated assets. But after locking the MSB card, can it be reopened? You can re-unlock a card only if it is temporarily locked. For a permanent key card, it cannot be unlocked again, but you must register to reopen a new card. The fee for renewing a new card is about 50,000 VND/card.

How to unlock MSB bank ATM card

After the ATM card has been temporarily locked for safety, you can reopen the card by the following ways:

Unlock MSB card via MSB mBank e-banking application

To unlock your temporary MSB card, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log in and the MSB app on your phone as usual.

Step 2: At the homepage interface, select "Card service" > See the message that the card is locked.

Step 3: Choose “Unlock card” > enter the authentication OTP code sent from the phone message > Successfully completed unlocking the card.

Unlock MSB card on website

Unlocking MSB card online on the website is similar to the above:

Step 1: Visit the main website of MSB bank > Log in to your account.

Step 2: In the settings, select “Unlock/Lock/Activate Card”.

Step 3: Continue to select the card that is being locked and unlock it again> enter the OTP code to authenticate the unlock transaction> Receive a notification of successful ATM card unlocking.

Unlock MSB card at bank counters

You can both lock and unlock your MSB card at a bank counter. In addition, if you have any problems related to your card or bank account, you can also ask your bank for support. Instructions to unlock MSB card at bank counters are as follows:

Which bank card (ATM card) should I make Best, free

Step 1: Go to the nearest bank counter of MSB > Draw and wait for assistance.

Step 2: Present the need to reopen the temporarily locked card > Show ID/CCCD documents, phone number, card number, etc. for staff to check.

Step 3: Fill in the ATM card unlock request form provided by the staff.> The staff will check the coincidence and the card will be unlocked> Successfully complete the card unlocking operation at the transaction counter.

Note, in case the customer uses a credit card and has an unpaid debt, the debt must be completed to be allowed to reopen the card. For lost and locked cards, it takes about 7 days to re-issue a new card. Thus, the time to unlock the card will be longer.

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Note when using MSB card safely online

To limit the risks when using the card, people can refer to some more safety tips for using the MSB card as follows:

  • If necessary, you should temporarily block the card first, if there is really a need, then cancel or lock the card permanently because the procedure will be more complicated. Moreover, if you change your mind, you can't unlock it again.

  • If the card is permanently locked, you should send the card back to the staff for processing or remove it.

  • It takes a lot of work to set up an account each time, so if you really need it, you should do it, but you should not lock the card arbitrarily.

  • Do not give your card to anyone, because crooks have many tricks to steal information that they do not anticipate.

  • Do not disclose your login name, account name, PIN code to the 2nd person.

  • When withdrawing money at an ATM, the POS machine should carefully cover the password when entering the password.

  • Observe carefully when dealing in public places, hidden corners, at night, etc. to avoid unnecessary risks.

Thus, the article on nganhangonline has guided Bach how to lock MSB card online on app in great detail. Hope this article is useful to those who are in need. Wish you successful implementation of MSB ATM card lock!

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