How to make Vietcombank ATM card online for free registration

With the way make Vietcombank card online Customers who want to open a card will no longer need to go to bank branches. Currently, most banks allow registration of online card opening, typically Vietcombank.

That means you can register to open a Vietcombank atm card online right on your computer or phone. Busy customers don't have time to go to the bank. If you are in need of making a Vietcombank online atm card, please see the following instructions.

What is Vietcombank ATM card?

Vietcombank is a long-standing bank with many card products. ATM cards of Vietcombank serve the needs of many customers.

Currently, Vietcombank has the following cards:

card typeName card
Vietcombank domestic debit card

  • Vietcombank Connect24 domestic debit card

  • Vietcombank co-branded domestic debit card – AEON

  • Co-branded card Co.opmart Vietcombank

  • Vietcombank link card – Cho Ray Connect24

  • Vietcombank – Tekmedi – Thong Nhat Connect24 card

Vietcombank international debit card

  • Vietcombank Connect24 Visa international debit card

  • Vietcombank Visa Platinum international debit card

  • International debit card linking Vietcombank – Ho Chi Minh National University Visa

  • Vietcombank Cashback Plus American Express Card

  • Vietcombank Mastercard international debit card

  • Vietcombank Unionpay card

  • Vietcombank Takashimaya Visa co-branded debit card

Vietcombank credit card

  • Vietcombank Visa international credit card

  • Vietcombank Cashplus Platinum American Express international credit card

  • Vietcombank Mastercard World international credit card

  • Vietcombank Vietnam Airlines Platinum America international credit card

  • Vietcombank Vietnam Airlines American Express international credit card

  • Vietcombank American Express international credit card

  • Vietcombank Visa Platinum international credit card

  • Vietcombank international co-branded credit card – Vietravel Visa

  • Vietcombank Mastercard international credit card

  • Vietcombank JCB international credit card

  • International co-branded credit card Saigon Center – Takashimaya – Vietcombank Visa

Is it possible to register for a Vietcombank ATM card online?

Currently you want register for Vietcombank ATM card online. So, can I open Vietcombank card online?

From June 1, 2021, Vietcombank will support the feature of creating an online bank account on VCB Digibank application. However, for this form, customers can only apply for the issuance of non-physical cards. This means that the virtual card cannot be held. If you want to apply for a physical card, you need to go to the nearest Vietcombank transaction office or branch to register and receive the card.

That means you can still apply for a Vietcombank card online. But only non-physical cards can be issued. If you want to issue a physical card as usual, you need to go to a bank transaction office.

Instructions on how to make Vietcombank card online

Below, I will guide you on how to make a Vietcombank card online. You can sign up for a free account and card right at home.

Method 1: Register for Vietcombank card online via Digibank

Currently, you can register to open a card on Vietcombank Digibank application completely free of charge. The steps to register are as follows.

Step 1: Download and install Vietcombank Digibank application to your phone via Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: After you have successfully installed the application on your phone, open the application. Then you click on Open account for new customers.

Step 3: Enter the mobile phone number in use and click Continue. Next, an OTP code will be sent to you, enter this code to authenticate. If you do not receive the code, please click Resend right below.

Step 4: Select the type of identification ID card/CCCD or passport to verify your identity. Then you take a clear 2-sided ID document and upload it.

Step 5: Authenticate your face by tapping Start capture and bring it up in front of your phone screen to capture.

Step 6: Your personal information will be displayed again. Please fill in your gender and email address.

Step 7: Select account number and ATM card type.

  • In this section, you can choose the account number by phone number.

  • In the section below you can choose to issue 2 types of cards: VCB Connect 24 domestic debit card and international debit card.

  • Enter Vietcombank's transaction point near where you live and select Continue.

Step 8: Click accept and agree to the terms of use.

Step 9: Click Back to home page and enter your phone number. There will be a message sent to the phone number containing the login password. You use that password to log in and immediately the system will ask to change the new password.

Step 10: OTP code is sent to your phone number, enter this code to confirm.

Step 11: At the main screen interface of VCB Digibank. Click on Manage card services > Select Issuance/switch card > Apply for non-physical debit card issue.

Method 2: Register for Vietcombank ATM card online on the web

Step 1: Please access the online registration address by computer or phone. Application form to open a card

how to make atm vietcombank online

Step 2: The application form will appear, please fill in all the information including

  • First and last name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • ID number/Citizen identification/passport number

  • Where you want to transact: Province, district

  • Personal income level

how to make atm vietcombank online

After you have filled in all the information, then tick the box agree. Next enter “confirmation code” and press complete and submit.

Step 3: Wait for the bank to confirm the registered information.

When the bank receives information from the deposit application. Staff will confirm that you meet the needs to open Vietcombank online ATM card or not. If fully requested, they will contact you with more detailed instructions on online openings.

Step 4: When you have a card, go to the bank to receive the card

The bank will contact you when the card is completed. Please go to the branch and transaction office you have registered to receive.

When making atm Vietcombank online card is done and receive the card. When you come to receive it, please register for more Internet Banking services to enjoy convenient services.

Method 3: Register to issue Vietcombank physical cards at transaction offices

If you want to apply for a physical card, you will need to bring identification to the bank branch. Here you will follow the steps to register for a free card issue.

  • Step 1: Go to the branch of Vietcombank's transaction office.

  • Step 2: Apply for Vietcombank's card issuance registration form.

  • Step 3: Fill in your personal information and return it to the teller.

  • Step 4: Receive an appointment to get the card.

How much is the fee for making Vietcombank online atm card?

If you register to issue a non-physical Vietcombank card online, there will be no fee. But if you register a physical card at a bank transaction office, the fee schedule is as follows.

The main and auxiliary Vietcombank domestic debit card issuance fee: 50,000 VND/card.

Vietcombank international debit card issuance fee:

+ Vietcombank MasterCard/Connect 24 Visa/ UnionPay card 50,000 VND.

+ Vietcombank Cashback Plus American Express/ Visa Platinum Card: Free

How long does it take to make a Vietcombank card online?

Making a Vietcombank ATM card online is a non-physical card, so right after the registration is complete. You can already use the card. If it is a physical card, it will take from 7 days to 15 days to receive the card. The time to receive the card has been specified on the appointment letter of the bank.

Here are the fastest steps to sign up make Vietcombank card online right at home. With this online registration, you will not waste time and effort. But still enjoy the convenient services that the bank brings.

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