How to register for Internet Banking VPBank Online details A - Z

Most banks now provide Internet Banking Online service to create convenience for customers in transfer transactions and bill payment, VPBank is no exception.

As one of the joint stock commercial banks with the largest number of member customers in Vietnam today. The need to use the service VPBank Online is a lot, so VPBank regularly updates new features with many advantages for VPBank online services.

In this article, Banktop will guide you on how to register for the service Internet Banking VPBank Online The fastest, most complete and simple.

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What is VPBank Online?

Internet Banking VPBank (VPBank Online) is an electronic service of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VPBank). Helping customers to query information as well as perform other transactions such as transfer, savings, service payment ... without going to the counter.

VPBank Online new version with many advantages
VPBank Online new version with many advantages

Functions of VPBank Online application

VPBank Online is an electronic service for individual and corporate customers of VPBank. VPBank Online operates with many functions, including:

Flexible transfer

Customers can easily and flexibly transfer money with 3 transfer features:

  • Internal transfer within VPBank

  • 24/7 interbank transfer

  • Transfer to another bank

In addition, customers can schedule future transfers and save a log for automatic search

Pay bills

VPBank Online supports customers to pay: electricity, water, mobile phone bills, credit card balance payments, e-wallet top-ups, insurance payments, e-commerce payments, installment payments. In addition, customers can also buy air tickets, train tickets, car parking tickets, movie tickets

Card service

VPBank Online supports online credit card opening, card information inquiry, statement inquiry, credit card outstanding payment

Online unsecured loans

  • Register on the internet, disburse in 1 minute

  • No need to mortgage, procedures, interest is only calculated from the time you start spending money

  • No other fees

  • No interest when returning money before 18:00 on the same day

  • Free internal transfer

Deposit / Withdraw Money Online with attractive interest rates

Customers will receive higher interest rates at the counter, Diversity of products for customers to choose from, Deposit or close a passbook in 1 minute

Safe: always keep track of balance and interest, Reward loyalty points and exchange many attractive gifts

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Why should you use Internet Banking service of VPBank?

Smart transfer function on VPBank Online

Compared to the old version, customers using VPBank Internet Banking in the new version to transfer funds have the following advantages:

  • Enter characters to search for banks, beneficiaries

  • Save the list of beneficiaries for convenience in the next transfer

  • Create an existing transfer template for regular transactions

  • Schedule automatic transfers

Quick and simple bill payment

With VPBank Online, customers can easily:

  • Set up automatic payments for common utility bills like water, phone, internet, etc.

  • Providing more than 300 products and services that can be paid through VPBank Online

  • Pay installment loan VPBank, credit card balance of VPBank and other banks

VPBank online brings many advantages to customers
VPBank online brings many advantages to customers

Register for Online service

With VPBank Online, customers can easily register for a simple credit card and VPBank unsecured loan. For customers with good conditions, VPBank implements a preferential policy to review available card limits and notify them directly on the application screen as soon as they log in.

Advantages when registering for services on VPBank Online:

  • No service fees

  • Registration form 100% Online

  • You can register at any time

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Instructions to register for Internet Banking VPBank Online

To register for VPBank Online service, customers first need to have an account opened at VPBank. In case customers do not have an account, customers can go directly to the nearest branches and transaction counters to open an account.

Register for VPBank Online at the Transaction Counter

If you are not familiar with technology or do not know how to register for VPBank internet banking on website or phone. The easiest way to register for VPBank Online is to go to the transaction counter.

Registration Profile :

  • ID card (the same ID card opening an account at VPBank)

  • Application form to open an account and activate VPBank Online application directly at the counter

Register VPBank Online online

This is the way to register for VPBank Online chosen by many customers because of its convenience. However, to register, customers need to have a VPBank account number.

Step 1: Visit VPBank Online website > Select Registration.

Register for VPBank Online

Step 2: Choose Customers already have products at VPBank.

Register for VPBank Online

Step 3: Select a card type and fill in your personal information.

  • Account number: Enter your card account number correctly.

  • Phone number: the phone number registered when making the application to open an account at VPBank.

  • Email: Email address used to register VPBank account.

  • ID card or passport number used to register for VPBank account opening.

Register for VPBank Online

Step 4: Enter the verification code you see > Select Continue.

Register for VPBank Online

Step 5: After completing the above steps, you will receive an OTP confirmation code sent to your registered phone number. Enter this code and you will successfully register for Internet Banking VPBank.

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Fee schedule for using VPBank Online service

  • Service registration fee is: Free.

  • Fees for modifying service information on the website are: Free.

  • Service termination fee is: 50,000 VND.

  • Transfer fee (not applicable to query package) inside and outside VPBank system is: Free.

Notes when using VPBank Online service

When using VPBank Internet Banking to perform transactions or pay bills, customers should note the following issues:

  • Absolutely do not provide password or OTP code if you are not the person directly performing the transaction.

  • Regularly monitor application updates to increase security as well as get new utilities from VPBank


VPBank Online is a quite popular application, registered and used by many customers. In this article, I have guided you how to register for VPBank Online application as well as introduced the advantages of this service. Hope the article has brought you really useful information.

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