How to register for VNPAY app to earn 700k free from referral code 2022

In the digital age, there are many ways to make money through e-apps. Surely many people have heard of VNPay e-wallet. The application allows users to pay online, transfer money, withdraw money quickly.

Moreover, VNPay regularly has many cash gift programs to attract many potential customers to register. This article, nganhangnongthon will guide how to register VNPay app to earn 700k Free from referral code 2022. Please refer to the content below!

VNPay account registration program to earn 700k

VNPay wallet, like Momo, is an electronic wallet for all customers. VNPay is under the management of Vietnam Payment Solutions Joint Stock Company. Currently, VNPay app is implementing a strategy to attract users with a program to give vouchers and cash directly to new users' accounts with a total value of up to 700,000 VND.

How to register VNPAY app to earn 700k

Registering program to use VNPay app, new customers will receive a gift of a voucher up to 700k which will take place from May 10 to July 8, 2022. How to register for VNPAY app to earn 700k simply by following these steps:

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  • Step 1: Click on the referral link to access and download the VNPay wallet application on your phone.

  • Step 2: To register to create a VNPay account, at the main interface you choose "Registration" > enter the required information then press "Continue".

  • Step 3: "Enter OTP code” sent via sms > enter “Referral Code” > press "Continue" > get notification of successful registration.

  • Step 4: Set PIN for Soft OTP.

  • Step 5: Agree to the eKYC identity and link the bank > select the linked bank account > verify the account.

  • Step 6: To receive the bonus, users must make a transaction of at least 10k via card top-up or payment. After 1-2 days you go to "My gift" to receive rewards.

Note, the gift will be received when you fulfill all the requirements and comply with the program rules. In addition, to receive money, you must click on "My gifts", then click on the "Open gift" button to receive money into your wallet account.

Time to receive bonus 700k when registering VNPay app

The time for the program to register for a VNPay app account to receive money will take place from May 10 to the end of July 8, 2022. If you have successfully registered, the deadline for receiving money to your wallet will be extended to July 18, 2022.

Participants in the VNPay app registration program earn 700k

VNPay app registration program to receive 700k immediately applied to all individual customers when registering to use VNPay wallet service.

Prize structure for VNPay app registration program to earn 700k

Eligible customers to participate in the program will receive gifts worth up to VND 700,000. Specifically, VND 70,000 is transferred to VNPay wallet and VND 630,000 as a combo voucher.

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Combo voucher worth 630,000 VND including:

▶ Voucher of 25,000 VND to pay VNPAY-QR, applicable for orders from 100,000 VND (used 02 times)

▶ Voucher for 50,000 VND discount when shopping at VnShop, bill from 500,000 VND

▶ Voucher 50% off up to 80,000 VND for movie ticket booking feature

▶ Voucher 50% off up to 25,000 VND for Delivery feature (use 2 times)

▶ Voucher 200,000 VND when booking flight tickets or hotel rooms, applicable for bills from 2 million VND

▶ Voucher for 50% off up to 100,000 VND when booking train or bus tickets

▶ Voucher for 50% off up to 100,000 VND when ordering flowers

Features of VNPay app

VNPay e-wallet owns many modern features, integrates multi-utilities to meet the maximum needs of users. Some of the popular features of VNPay app are:

✔ Support to top up money from bank accounts, bank cards linked with VNPay wallet.

✔ Support withdrawing, transferring money from bank accounts, bank cards linked with VNPay wallet.

✔ Pay for shopping, consumption, supermarkets with VNPay-QR code quickly and conveniently.

✔ Recharge phones, buy online scratch cards, 3G/4G data.

✔ Fast and secure money transfer via phone number.

✔ Support to pay bills, electricity, water, network, television without going to the counter like before.

✔ VNPay has integrated ticket sales for air tickets, train tickets, taxis, hotel rooms, movie tickets,...

✔ Customers can also shop online on VNShop shop.

✔ In particular, VNPay has a family wallet feature, allowing family members to open wallets without requiring identification of information or complicated banking links.

Why should I register to use VNPay app?

VNPay is a smart e-wallet, so there are many reasons to recommend you to use this app. Some outstanding reasons for VNPay to attract users are:

Open a wallet for yourself, for your family easily

In addition to opening the VNPay app for individuals, the application also allows users to open wallets for family members easily. To create a family wallet for your loved one, you can choose the “Family Wallet” feature and create a new member wallet for each loved one on the mobile app.

Just like when using a personal wallet, relatives can still use all the utilities on VNPay wallet such as: make payment transactions, shop online, top up phone cards, buy consumables, buy movie tickets …

VNPay has a diverse utility ecosystem

Understanding the increasing living needs of customers, VNPay wallet integrates many services to help customers easily shop and pay. VNPay's direction is to develop apps associated with people's daily living needs.

VNPay app ecosystem is diverse from money transfer, bill payment, tuition, electricity and water, wift, telecommunications, online payment, gift purchase, travel,.... Moreover, the app also regularly organizes many discount programs and gives vouchers when paying at VNPay.

Wide coverage

Currently, VNPay has more than 100.00 payment acceptance points. Instead of swiping a card as usual, people just need to scan the QR barcode at the store to pay much faster. VNPay is now present in all businesses from supermarkets, consumer goods, transportation, telecommunications, education, cinema to tourism, food services,...

Fast payment, no need to carry cash or bank cards

In order to enhance the quality of modern life of the people, paying via VNPay, customers do not need to carry cash or bank cards when shopping. This form of payment is very popular because of its speed and accuracy.

Customers using VNPay wallet can almost pay at any store or commercial center. In particular, replacing cash is an outstanding advantage. Because I keep a lot of cash in my pocket, I'm afraid of losing and falling, and my wallet is cramped.

High security, reputation

Different from using a bank card, paying with VNPay QR code has high security, limiting the disclosure of personal information. All operations are done by the customer's hand, you only need to scan the QR code to complete the payment without worrying about the risk of thieves, impersonating the account.

Help banks reduce investment costs in ATMs, POS poles

Because of the simple payment utility by phone, the use of VNPay has helped the bank save maximum installation costs and invest in ATMs and POS poles. VNPay payment gateway is always the first choice because it's fast, economical and safe.

Is VNPay e-wallet safe to use?

Before registering to use any account, people often wonder if using VNPay e-wallet is safe? As analyzed before, VNPay e-wallet uses high security technology, achieved PCI DSS global security certification and international standard Blockchain technology. Therefore, when registering or performing transactions on VNPay e-wallet, you can be completely assured of the safety level.

Notes when registering VNPay app to receive money

When registering for VNPay app to receive 700k money, sometimes there are unintended incidents that make you not receive money. Here are some things you should keep in mind when participating in the VNPay app registration program to receive gifts:

  • You only receive vouchers and money when VNPay successfully issues a wallet number. At the same time, payment transactions must be made from wallet funds (except for deposit/transfer/withdrawal) during the promotion period.

  • Gift vouchers will be sent to "My Gifts" on VNPay wallet within 3-5 working days when you complete the program requirements.

  • Promotional codes are only applicable when you pay on VNPay's application, do not accept the use of 3rd party apps.

  • The program takes place from June 10 to July 8, 2022, so you should register to receive gifts early because the gift is limited in number.

  • The gift is only applicable to new customers, excluding customers who cancel the service and register twice with the same phone number.

  • The reward program may end earlier than the scheduled time depending on the bank and the number of registered participants.

  • VNPay wallet account must be in active status of type A. That is, the account type has been confirmed and linked to at least 1 bank on the wallet.

  • VNPay has the right to refuse to award rewards to customers who commit fraud when participating in the program.

  • Time to resolve all complaints within 7 days, counting from the end of the program.

  • If there is any dispute, VNPay will make the final decision. For any questions, please contact hotline 1900 5555 77.

Thus, this article nganhangnongthon has guided readers how to register VNPay app to earn 700k free from referral code 700k. App VNPay has many great benefits that those who have not registered should try once. Hope the above information has helped answer some of your questions. Wish you successfully registered VNPay app to receive money!

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