How to set BIDV Smart Banking password and instructions for online registration

How to set a password of BIDV Smart Banking The following will help you easily secure your banking application. At the same time, it also helps people quickly set the correct password in accordance with regulations.

Smart Banking, also known as BIDV Online, is issued by Vietnam's investment and development bank, BIDV. Is a bank account management application on smartphones. When using, customers will be able to manage transactions, inquire about accounts, transfer funds, buy airline tickets, etc. right on their phones without going to the bank. Although this is a utility application, not everyone knows how to use it for the first time. So for the best security, please see instructions on setting a password for BIDV Smart Banking below.

What does BIDV Smart Banking password include?

BIDV Smart Banking password is a string of characters including uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. This password is used for BIDV's Smart Banking e-banking platform.

Many users are now confusing Smart Banking password with ATM card password. However, these two types of passwords are completely different, so you should pay attention in the process of using them.

How many numbers does BIDV Smart Banking have?

Smart Banking password has a minimum length of 8 characters and a maximum of 20 characters. Set at the will of the account holder.

Rules for setting password of BIDV Smart Banking

When you set BIDV password for Smart Banking application need to understand the rules. So that when setting a password, you do not encounter problems that are not in the process of use.

  • Set an unused password with your date of birth. If you put it like that, it is easy for others to guess.

  • BIDV Smart Banking password must have at least 8 to 20 characters.

  • When setting a password, there must be at least 1 capital letter and number.

  • The password is unique and only you are allowed to know.

  • To set a password, you need to have an OTP code on the linked phone number by the bank.

  • Password BIDV smart banking not the same as the ATM card password. These are 2 completely different types of passwords.

How to set the most standard BIDV Smart Banking password

Right for the first time after registering for the service and installing the BIDV online application on your device. Customers need to immediately set a password to activate the feature and security. The steps to follow are as follows.

how to register smart banking bidv
Pictures of detailed steps

Step 1: Please open the BIDV application that is pre-installed on the device. At this point, the interface will appear including the information of the terms of use. You can read it or not, immediately scroll down to the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use of the services above” and put a check mark next to it. Press agree to go to the next step.

Step 2: Enter the phone number you have associated with the bank and enter the password. Note that this password is provided by the staff when you sign up for the service. This is not the password we want to change. Then press Log in.

Step 3: At this time, there will be 3 boxes on the screen, the first 2 boxes are the new password you want to set, the third box is the OTP code sent to the phone number right after you log in.

With 3 steps as above you already know how to set bidv smart banking password it's successful. Remember this password to log in to the app. If you forget your bidv smart banking password, it takes time to go to the bank to retrieve it.

Instructions to register for BIDV Smart Banking online

Currently, there are 3 different ways to register for the BIDV Smart Banking utility service. Specifically, I will guide you through the detailed steps below.

Method 1: Register at branch of transaction office

We bring ID card to BIDV's branch to register for the service. Quick procedure, staff will solve for you in 15 minutes. Remember to bring 50,000 VND to pay the registration fee.

Method 2: Register online using your phone or computer. But this method only applies to those who already have a BIDV bank account. If you have not registered for this service, please visit the link below.

Registration website:

After accessing, please scroll down to the section Registration new and tap then follow the instructions.

Method 3: Register via BIDV app

First, you must install BIDV Smart Banking application on your phone first. Then access the application, at the interface, click on the Register online.

how to register smart banking bidv

Then you can choose one of the two services you are using: BIDV Online or Bankplus, and then fill in the required information.

how to register smart banking bidv

Enter the next information and click register to complete.

Above the how to set bidv smart banking password have been instructed. And also shows ways for people to register for this service at home. Good luck.

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