How to transfer money but not receive money?

Sometimes you'll run into a situation wire transfer but not receive money. This makes users very confused and worried. Will my money be lost, will I be transferred to the wrong person? This is the concern of many who are experiencing this situation.

In the content of this article, Banktop will summarize the causes of a successful transfer but not receiving the money and how to handle the error.

Transfer but not receive money
Transfer but not receive money

What is wire transfer?

Bank transfer is a form of non-cash money transfer from one account number to another account number between agencies, organizations or individuals for many purposes such as purchasing goods, paying bills, sending gifts, etc.

There are many types of transfer methods for users to choose according to their needs such as:

  • Transfer money by Internet Banking.

  • Direct cash transfer at the bank.

  • Transfer money by payment authorization order.

  • Transfer money via e-wallets like MoMo, ZaloPay, etc.

  • Transfer money through an ATM.

  • Cash transfer by post.

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Signs of successful transfer but not receiving money

In addition to making a ATM card, the bank will create an online bank account for the user. An online account will help users experience many convenient features. Instead of having to withdraw cash and go to the checkout, you can do it all on your phone. Thanks to this, the payment will become quick and simple.

In addition to the phone, users can pay via any electronic device connected to the network. So you do not have to go to the transaction points to do this. In addition, you can use your online account to transfer money to other banks, swipe POS machines, etc.

The convenience of online payment is quick operation. Sometimes, using an online account will encounter a situation wire transfer but not receive money. The cause may be due to system error, software upgrade, user performing the wrong operation Internet Banking

Usually after payment confirmation, the money will be transferred to the receiving account immediately. However, there will be times when the partner bank does not receive the funds or your account does not decrease at all. In some cases, the account has been deducted but the beneficiary has not yet received it.

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What is the reason for the transfer but not receiving the money?

Transfer money to another bank, slow to receive money

The cause of the above situation may be because you have transferred money to another bank. If the user transfers money from the same bank, the transaction will be completed in just a few seconds. On the contrary, if you transfer money to another bank, the time can take from 5 minutes to 1 day. However, there will be some banks that can still transfer quickly even if they are not with the same bank.

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Incorrect recipient information

This is a very frequent case. In order for the bank to identify the recipient, you need to enter the correct bank branch name, account number, and beneficiary name. If any letter is wrong, the money will not be able to reach the recipient. At that time, this money will be detained for 8-10 days before it can be refunded to your account.

Transfer money on holidays

Non-transferable holidays are a very common occurrence. The bank will notify users in advance that they will be closed for public holidays and at what time and day. Notice will be sent 2-3 days in advance so you can prepare in advance.

Banking system error

Occasionally, banks will stop trading for software upgrades. The upgrade time can take from 2-3 days. Therefore, you will not be able to transfer funds during these dates.

Transmission error

In some cases, due to a problem with the network connection, the transfer error has not yet been received. Don't worry too much, your transaction is just suspended and not done yet, as soon as the transmission is stable the transaction will be done.

What to do when transferring money but not receiving the money?

After completing the transfer order, the beneficiary account still has not received the money. You should double check some of the following points.

  • If transferring with the same bank and checking the correct information: contact the bank switchboard for assistance in checking the transaction history.

  • Transfer money to another bank and check the correct information: the beneficiary account will receive the money within the day. You should wait or learn from experience next time apply fast money transfer 24/7 via card number or account number.

  • If the wrong information leads to the beneficiary account not receiving money: contact the bank for review procedures. Follow the instructions to get a refund.

Specific content as follows.

In case the transaction fails and the money is still in the account

  • Step 1: Check the recipient information and transaction history for the correct account number, beneficiary bank and recipient's name. Or whether the account balance is greater than the transaction amount.

  • Step 2: Bring your identification to a bank counter for help with error checking.

  • Step 3: Report the error status to the staff or the wrong recipient for advice and resolution.

  • Step 4: Include screenshots of successful transactions or transaction codes to check on the system.

  • Step 5: After checking the error why the money transfer is not received, the staff will process and transfer the amount to the recipient as quickly as possible.

In case of transferring money to the wrong account of another person

  • When seeing a problem, the sender should immediately notify his or her bank along with pictures and information to prove the transaction was successful and transferred to another account.

  • Besides, you should also provide the wrong beneficiary's account information, the specific amount and time for the bank to compare and process faster.

  • After verifying the correct information, the bank will contact the wrong recipient directly with the role of an intermediary to request a refund of the amount you have transferred.

  • In the event that the recipient does not intend to return this amount, the bank will contact the authorities to intervene and provide timely support. The bank staff will then guide you through the procedures to get your money back.

Wrong account transfer but not to another account number

If when performing a transaction, you have transferred to the wrong account number, bank, etc. At this time, the money will not be sent to any account. Which is currently being on the banking system. The treatment is as follows:

  • Step 1: Contact your host bank via call center or go directly to the transaction office.

  • Step 2: Report the status of the transaction error you are experiencing.

  • Step 3: Presenting proof of successful transaction.

  • Step 4: Staff will check your transaction is currently suspended or error.

  • Step 5: The bank handles the error and transfers the money back to your account.

How long does it take to receive money after successful transfer?

If you are wondering how long it will take to receive the money in case of a successful transfer, please follow the next section below.

Bank transfer

If transferring money via Mobile Banking application, Internet Banking or cash transfer at the counter in the same bank system, after 5-10 minutes, there will be a notice of receipt of money from the system.

Transfer to another bank system

Normally, the expected time to receive money when transferring money to other banks is as follows:

  • Quick money transfer 24/7 by Mobile Banking/Internet Banking: it only takes 5-10 minutes.

  • Regular money transfer: Within a day or 24 working hours.

  • Cash transfer: During bank working hours, if you transfer early, you will receive it during office hours, if you are late, you will likely receive it the next day.

  • Transfer at ATM: During the same working hours as above.

Transfer money online by digital service

Digital banking services are widely used today. People can transfer money online at home without having to go to a bank branch anymore.

Can be switched to:

  • Mobile Banking

  • Internet Banking.

  • Bankplus service

  • Transfer by e-wallet.

The transaction processing time is also very fast. It only takes about 5 - 20 minutes to receive. If you use the 24/7 fast money transfer service, you will receive it in 1 minute.

Note to avoid transferring but not receiving money

Note when making transactions
Note when making transactions

To avoid the above money transfer errors, before making a transaction, you should note the following:

  • Remittance restrictions on public holidays: Nearly all banks will stop trading on holidays. So, if you need to pay for anything, you should do it before or after the holidays.

  • Regularly check notifications: Any plan to suspend transactions will be sent by the bank via text, email, and notification on the app. Therefore, you should check this information regularly to avoid money detention.

  • Double check the recipient's name, bank name, account number: After entering all the beneficiary information, you need to double check. In particular, users should double-check the recipient's account number, this is the most easily mistyped information.

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Most of the reasons Transfer but not receive money from the user. Information about service suspension will be notified in advance by the bank. Therefore, you need to carefully check the money transfer operations to avoid this situation.

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