How to transfer money from MoMo to a bank card on your phone

Depositing money into MoMo wallet is now too familiar for users. So yes how to transfer money from MoMo to bank card no and how is the process. That is also a question many people ask and ask With today's article we will provide you with information on how to withdraw money from MoMo accounts to ATM cards of banks. friend.

What is MoMo e-wallet?

MoMo let you be called as MoMo e-wallet. Released by Online Mobile Service Company founded in 2007 with the abbreviation M-Service. And an electronic wallet used to pay instead of bank ATM to transfer money from momo to bank card

When using it, you can easily pay bills, shop, top up phone cards, etc. And many other utilities. When using, customers can not only recharge MoMo. You can also transfer MoMo cryptocurrency to your bank account quickly and easily.

What services does MoMo wallet have?

When you use MoMo wallet you can use many different utilities. In total, MoMo wallet provides more than 200 different services covering many different fields. Here are some services of MoMo e-wallet used by many to transfer money from momo to bank card

  • Customers can transfer money by phone number to another MoMo wallet.

  • You can transfer money from your wallet with your bank's account number and card number.

  • Top up your wallet easily to use services

  • Recharge phones, buy game card codes, recharge for loved ones, buy 4G data quickly.

  • Pay bills for electricity, water, Internet, Cap TV, ..

  • Booking air tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, movie tickets,…

  • Online shopping link on shopee, lazada, sendo,...

  • Pay installment loans at banks such as: HD Saigon, Mirae Asset, Mcredit, SHB Finence, ...

Which bank is MoMo e-wallet associated with?

To be able to help customers have a great user experience with MoMo e-wallet. The issuer has linked the e-wallet with more than 40 different banks. Make it convenient for customers to use their transactions. Below is a list of banks associated with MoMo e-wallet.

SeABankShinhan BankOceanBank
VPBankMaritime BankABBank
SacombanCIMB, NCBTPBank
VIBDongA BankNam A Bank
EximbankGP BankPG Bank
Indovina BankBac A BankVietBank
HDBankLienVietPostBankIndustrial Bank Of Korea – IBK
BaoViet BankKienLongBankWoori bank
Public BankCo-op BankSaigon Commercial Joint Stock Company
Hong Leong BankViet Capital BankAgribank

Benefits of transferring money with MoMo . wallet

When transferring money from e-wallet to bank, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You can easily transfer money through more than 40 different banks 24/7 anywhere.

  • When transferring money, there is no waiting time to receive money quickly.

  • But transaction information will be stored so that you can report your spending.

  • Stay safe with the highest level of PCI DSS certified international security.

  • Experience hundreds of different features on MoMo e-wallet.

How to transfer money from MoMo to bank card

With links with many different banks, transferring money is much easier. Here is how to transfer money from MoMo wallet to bank account. Follow the instructions below:how to transfer money from momo to bank card

  • Step 1: You open the application vi MoMo on your phone.

  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, select the "Money transfer" section.

  • Step 3: You click on the item to transfer money to the bank and select the bank you want to transfer money to.

  • Step 4: After choosing the beneficiary bank, you fill in all information such as: Account number/Amount you want to transfer/message.

  • Step 5: You check the information again. After checking, click confirm to complete the transaction.

How much is the maximum withdrawal from MoMo e-wallet?

However, it depends on how the MoMo wallet is linked to the bank account. Then the transfer limit will be different as follows:

Your MoMo Wallet account has not been verified, you will be able to perform transactions on it.

  • Verified MoMo wallet you can transfer up to: 20,000,000 VND/ 1 day.

  • The wallet has not been authenticated but has been linked to international cards such as: VISA, Mastercard, JCB). You can transfer up to 1 day is 5,000,000 VND / 1 day.

Fee for transferring money from MoMo to bank account

For customers using MoMo wallet to transfer money to the account. You will be charged a fee as specified by the issuer. The formula for calculating the remittance fee will be calculated as follows:

(0.65% x Transfer amount) + VND 3,300 = Money transfer service fee


Transfer amount (VND)Money transfer fee (VND)
500,000 VND6,550 VND
1,000,000 VND9,800 VND
1,500,000 VND13,050 VND
2,000,000 VND16,300 VND
5,000,000 VND35,800 VND

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How long does it take to transfer money from MoMo to a bank account?

MoMo e-wallet is an application with smart and agile data processing speed. When a customer conducts a money transfer transaction using MoMo e-wallet to a bank account. The recipient will receive the money immediately, once the sender completes the transaction. Notifications will also be sent to your MoMo e-wallet account you can check to transfer money from momo to bank card

If within 48 hours the recipient still does not receive the money. There may be a problem with the system, you can call the MoMo hotline number: 1900 54 54 41 or 028 399 17 199. To be able to be supported by MoMo switchboard staff in this case

Is it safe to use MoMo wallet?

When using MoMo e-wallet, customers can rest assured to use it for the following reasons:

  • MoMo e-wallet is licensed for management and operation by the state. And as one of the big banks in Vietnam, you can completely trust.MoMo meets the criteria

  • PCI DSS international security standard at the highest level of security.

  • With the feature of verifying by OTP code, fingerprint, face and automatically locking the transaction when it is suspected of having an unauthorized entry certificate.

The article above is a guide how to transfer money from momo to bank card quick and easy. Hope the above information will help you. If you have any questions, please leave feedback in the article below for support.