Instructions for the simplest payment of FE Credit loans in 6 steps

FE . loan settlement is a very important step to officially end the loan payment obligation for FE Credit. However, many people still confuse this concept. The following article Banktop will explain to you what is a loan settlement and detailed loan settlement steps.

What is loan settlement?

Loan settlement is when customers pay off both principal and interest for FE Credit. Complete payment obligations and close the contract with FE Credit financial company. You can pay off your loan at any time without waiting for the due date.

Loan settlement is when customers pay off both principal and interest for FE Credit
Loan settlement is when customers pay off both principal and interest for FE Credit

Is it possible to pay off the FE Credit loan early?

You can completely pay off your FE Credit loan early if you have enough financial capacity. Early settlement of a FE Credit loan is the borrower's payment of the loan in the contract when the repayment period is not yet due.

When you pay off your FE Credit loan early, you will have to pay a fee called a contract break fee. This fee will depend on the settlement time and regulations of FE Credit. Therefore, when making loan payments, you should carefully consider the time to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

The simplest FE Credit loan settlement process

The simplest FE Credit loan settlement process
The simplest FE Credit loan settlement process

The FE Credit loan settlement process will take place in the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Calculating the interest of the principal and interest payable under the loan contract Fe Credit

Based on the information on the credit contract including: outstanding principal balance, interest rate and loan term, the customer will calculate the remaining amount to be paid. To calculate the outstanding principal balance, you apply the following formula: Outstanding principal balance = Initial loan balance – Monthly payment balance.

If you want to pay off your FE Credit loan early, you need to calculate the early repayment fee. Usually this fee will be 5%* of the remaining payable amount.

Step 2: Check the amount of principal and interest to be paid according to the notice of Fe Credit

Visit Fe Credit's website to view notice of principal amount, interest and fees to be paid, and repayment information. To check this information, you just need to enter contract information, ID card / CCCD, email, phone number, Username, password ...

Check the amount of principal and interest to be paid
Check the amount of principal and interest to be paid

Step 3: Compare the data with Fe Credit

Compare the data you have calculated with the statistics on Fe Credit to agree between the two figures for calculation. You can contact the customer service center of Fe Credit to compare the data according to the following information:

  • Hotline: 0283.9333.888, press 1, # and update the necessary loan information.

  • Email: [email protected]

  • In addition, you can also contact the FE Credit switchboard via Zalo Fe Credit or Fanpage Facebook Fe credit.

Step 4: Finalize the Fe Credit loan

After determining the exact amount you need to pay, go to the transaction office of Fe Credit to pay off the loan. Or you can also use bank accounts, e-wallets, payment shops...

Step 5: Sign the confirmation of liquidation of the FE Credit contract or request a confirmation of the settlement of Fe Credit

After the payment is completed, the customer signs a document to fulfill the loan payment obligation as specified in the credit contract.

Step 6: Check the information to clear debt obligations at FE Credit

To confirm information about debt cancellation at FE Credit, you can access the FE Credit website. If the contract settlement is complete, the contract status will display “Completely liquidated”.

Check the amount of principal and interest to be paid
Check information about debt cancellation at FE Credit

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6 fastest way to liquidate FE Credit loan contract

To pay for the liquidation of the FE Credit loan contract, you can follow the following ways:

Deposit cash directly at FE Credit branch

Direct cash deposit at the nearest FE Credit branches/transaction offices to settle the loan is the traditional method still applied by many people. You just need to bring your ID/CCCD and the amount you need to pay to the FE Credit transaction office and then carry out the loan settlement procedures.

Pay via Payoo

  • Step 1: Find addresses associated with Payoo such as The Gioi Di Dong, FPT Shop, Bach Khoa Computer (BKC), Vinpro, famous supermarket chains such as Vinmart, Circle K, Ministop... to ask staff for payment assistance. FE Credit loans.

  • Step 2: Provide staff with information about ID/CCCD, amount and contract number so that store staff can assist in information retrieval and loan settlement.

  • Step 3: Receive payment receipt, and check the payment information is correct or not, including: customer code, customer name, amount to be paid.

Keep the payment receipt, as this is proof in case of disputes.

Payment via Internet Banking

This is the most popular form of FE loan settlement today because it is extremely simple and fast. If you are using Internet Banking service of any bank and you know the account number of FE Credit, you just need to access the Internet Banking application.

Then select the item "Transfer money", enter the payment account number for FE Credit, the amount and the payment order as prescribed, and then click Pay like normal money orders.

Loan payment via e-wallet

Today, e-wallets are also a simple, time-saving and cost-effective payment method chosen by many people. Here, Banktop will guide you in detail how to pay via Momo e-wallet.

  • Step 1: Open the pre-installed Momo application on your device, log in to the application.

  • Step 2: At the application click on the FE Credit icon.

  • Step 3: Enter the contract code and then click “Continue”.

  • Step 4: Enter the amount you want to pay and then click “Continue”.

  • Step 5: Click confirm to complete the payment process.

Loan payment via e-wallet
Loan payment via e-wallet

Payment via automatic teller machine

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM, select the language to use and press the PIN to log in.

  • Step 2: Select the transaction function with FE Credit, then enter the contract number and press “Agree”.

  • Step 3: Check the contract information and click “Agree”. Then select the “Deposit” function and put the money in the receiving tray.

  • Step 4: The machine will count the money, the screen will display the amount that the machine has received, if it matches, then press "Agree" to complete the transaction.

Note: Money put into the machine must not exceed 200 sheets/time, the money must not be torn, wrinkled or folded.

Paying FE Credit loan at Airpay Agent

  • Step 1: Customers search for the nearest Airpay agent address by following the following link: Or contact the hotline 1900 6906, Facebook of Airpay agents.

  • Step 2: Go to the nearest Airpay agent and provide the customer code. At that time, the Airpay agent will enter the query information into the system, collect cash and pay the loan to the customer.

  • Step 3: After successful payment, the customer will receive an SMS from the Airpay identification switchboard or a printed invoice confirming the payment has been made from the agent.

How much is FE Credit's early loan settlement fee?

Currently, FE Credit is applying a penalty fee for early loan settlement of 5% of the remaining principal amount at the time of payment.

Early repayment fee = 5%* of the amount you want to repay early.


Above is information about the process, payment method, penalty fee (if any) when FE loan settlement Credit that Banktop has shared with you. Please read the article carefully, remember the information to ensure your rights and obligations when ending the loan contract with FE Credit financial company.

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