Instructions on how to lock Agribank card online on your phone

How to lock Agribank card how? This is a question asked by many customers using Agribank's services. So when should Agribank ATM card be locked? And how to lock the card quickly and accurately.

In some cases people need to proceed to lock their ATM cards. So how does Agribank support ATM card locking? Let's find out through the article below.

Why should Agribank ATM card be locked?

For many necessary cases, customers need to lock the bank's ATM card to ensure safety. So when do customers need to lock ATM cards? Below we will give you some specific reasons as follows:How to lock Agribank card

  • When a customer's ATM card is dropped or lost, now you need to lock the card to ensure safety.

  • When you notice that there are unusual transactions on your card, you also need to lock your ATM card.

  • Customers no longer need to use the bank's ATM card. Need to lock the card to avoid paying monthly fees.

  • When you want to withdraw all the money in the ATM card, you also need to lock the card. After that, you can withdraw all the money in the card.

Detailed instructions on how to lock Agribank card

Currently, Agribank supports customers to lock their ATM cards in many different ways. To be able to proceed to lock Agribank's ATM card, please refer to a few ways below.

Instructions to lock Agribank card at transaction counters

The first way we want to introduce to you is. Lock your ATM card directly at the bank's counter. To proceed, everyone should bring identification including: ID card/CCCD or passport. Then go to the nearest branch, transaction counter of Agribank to proceed to lock the ATM card.How to lock Agribank card

When you go to the bank, you meet the staff at the counter. Then tell the counselor that your card has been lost and want to block it. Bank staff will proceed to ask you to confirm some information. Next will compare the information you provide. If the information people provide is correct, the bank fee will proceed to assist you in locking your ATM card as quickly as possible.

How to lock Agribank card via E-Mobile Banking

If you have registered for E-Mobile Banking service of Agribank. People only need a phone connected to the Internet to be able to lock the card at home. The operation performed on Agribank's application is as follows:How to lock Agribank card

  • Step 1: Open the E-Mobile Banking application installed on your phone. Then proceed to login with the account and password previously registered.

  • Step 2: After logging in, at the main interface of the application, please select the "Card service“.

  • Step 3: In the card service section, select “Card information query“. Then select the card type and ATM card number you want to block.

  • Step 4: In the card section, select “Turn on card lock” and proceed to confirm the steps to complete the card lock operation.

Lock Agribank card through 24/7 call center

The fastest way to process Agribank's ATM card lock. That is calling directly to Agribank's total account. To lock your ATM card, please call the hotline number: 1900558818. Then meet the call center consultant and ask for assistance in locking the card.

The bank's call center staff will confirm some information such as: ID number, card number, account number… By everyone provided, if it has been confirmed that the information is correct. The bank's switchboard staff will assist you to quickly lock your card.

Some questions when locking Agribank card

During the process of locking ATM cards, customers will encounter some questions. Below we will answer some questions related to the card locking process. Please refer to the following.

Is there a fee to lock Agribank ATM card?

When locking ATM card of Agribank. Many customers ask if there is a fee to lock the card or not? To this question we will answer one person at no cost. Because the bank supports customers to lock ATM cards of the bank quickly and free of charge. To be able to ensure the safety of customer accounts.

But if for customers using the services of telecommunications carriers to perform. You will have to pay the fee according to the regulations of the network everyone is using. Lock your ATM card at the bank's transaction counter. If you lose your card, you will also be charged a card loss fee according to the bank's regulations.

Can a locked Agribank card receive money?

Many customers wonder if a locked ATM card can conduct transactions such as receiving money, transferring money or not. Currently, many customers are still confused between card lock and bank account lock.

  • Lock card: People will not be able to make withdrawals and payments with ATM cards. But it is still possible to transact directly at the transaction counter or on the bank's Banking service.

  • Lock account: Different from card lock when proceeding to lock your bank account. People's transactions will no longer be executed. Your bank account will be frozen immediately after locking. To be able to use it, you can only unlock your account.

Can Agribank card lock be reopened?

Many customers have the same question that when locked the card can be reopened or not. For this question, if you temporarily lock your card, you can reopen it. If the customers proceed to lock the ATM card permanently. Then it will not be possible to reopen, but can only register to open a new ATM card.

Notes when locking Agribank ATM card

In the process of locking Agribank card, people need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The person locking the card must be the owner of the ATM card. Card cannot be locked by 3rd party help.

  • When proceeding to lock the card with the bank's banking service. If the system gives an error, everyone needs to log out and log back in.

  • If you have successfully locked your ATM card. In case of card loss, you need to arrange a time to go to the bank to make a new card. Avoid affecting the use process.


The above article provides information about how to lock Agribank card fastest and most efficient. Agribank wants customers to have the best experience when using the bank's services. With the above information we hope it will be helpful to you.

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