Instructions on how to rename Momo Wallet quickly and simply in 3 minutes

Account identification and authentication is a must when using Momo e-wallet for payment. While identifying, the item Momo's name changed It is very necessary to make the authentication process faster. Join us to learn the simple conversion operations in the sharing post below.

Momo wallet to pay for smart and convenient transactions
Momo wallet to pay for smart and convenient transactions

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About Momo wallet

Momo e-wallet is a financial application used to transfer money, pay transactions, pay periodic bills, etc. smart utility. Momo e-wallet is linked directly to your bank account and thereby gives you finer control over your activities.

In addition, when using Momo e-wallet, customers can also make consumer loans, buy movie tickets, air tickets, etc. with many attractive incentives. Specifically, the services that customers will receive when using Momo wallet include:

  • Transfer money easily anytime, anywhere and get instant money. The recipient will be able to withdraw money to the previously linked bank account completely free of charge.

  • Make super fast recharge with discount up to 4% of Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Vietnamobile,...

  • You can buy 3G and 4G data with special offers from Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone operators with a cashback package of up to 10% for each transaction.

  • Pay bills quickly without using cash

  • Paying CHPlay recurring bill services, Apple bill payments

Momo e-wallet is now trusted by more than 10 million users. This is the smart payment platform that will replace cash payment in the future. With just one touch of payment, customers can control the transaction as well as receive many attractive gifts in return.

Why is it necessary to change the name on Momo e-wallet?

Momo e-wallet or any product electronic wallet Every user needs to authenticate a user account – an account identifier for payment security. In order for identification information to be verified quickly, users need to take a photo of their identity card and face recognition.

All information provided on the e-wallet and user information must match. So users need to proceed to rename Momo to make the authentication process faster. The operation to change the name is not difficult, please refer to the simple steps to rename Momo below.

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The easiest way to change your name on MoMo wallet

To change the name of momo, you need to follow the quick instructions as follows:

  • Step 1: Login your momo account

  • Step 2: Select “my wallet”

  • Step 3: Select “personal information”

  • Step 4: Proceed to correct personal information

With just 4 simple steps, you can proceed to rename the utility Momo and create convenience when using smart money transfer - receive payments. To help you better understand each step of the operation, let's do the following in turn:

First you need to check if your Momo e-wallet account has been verified. If the display interface is not authenticated, you need to verify your account by email and by personal information.

Check if momo wallet is identified
Check if momo wallet is identified

For verified accounts, right below the username there will be authenticated information:

momo wallet verified
momo wallet verified

For accounts that have undergone identity verification, you can still change the account name by accessing the "My Wallet" section and then selecting the "Edit" section to perform the rename operation. momo users.

Edit account information
Edit account information

When the name conversion interface appears, you just need to convert the Momo username in the intimate name section and then save it. After you press save, reset the application, you will see that the account name using the momo wallet has been reset to the new name. The operation does not take much time, but it has better security and is more convenient in online payment.

Edit the necessary information
Edit the necessary information

For those who use momo to make money transfers and internal payments, they need to use the correct name in the account registration, the name in the identity card. This will make the process of re-authenticating information more convenient and easier, and the accuracy and security of the account will also be better.


The way to perform renaming Momo is quite simple, so you can easily perform the conversion whenever you need it. Please note that it is necessary to convert Momo's name to your correct name, correct information in the identity card to increase account security better.

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