Introducing Contently's new pitch request functionality

The great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said, “For me, writing is simply thinking through my fingers.”

Long stories begin with meaningful ideas, whether we're writing the next great novel or launching a branded publication that will shake up an industry.

Contently's new pitch request functionality taps into the ideas of our strong community of freelancers, helping you harness the creative energy of highly qualified collaborators to fill Your editorial calendar with great content.

With the ability to request a new pitch, you can:

  • Provide detailed instructions to get what you want. Publications can provide clear guidance on the ideas they want their team to send through a detailed pitch brief.

  • Target the right contributors. You can assign pitch requests to everyone on the publication or just a specific group.

  • Schedule in advance. Publications can establish future pitch requests with scheduled submission times. At the end of the submission period, pitches are available for review. (Bonus: Reviewers won't have to remember to contact the collaborator first if a pitch request is scheduled.)

  • Find everything in one place. Editors admins and managers can monitor pitches from one screen — filter by publication, pitch status, or collaborator.

  • Keep everyone up to date. The pitch request now appears on the user's calendar as well as a separate pitch page. Designated teams are also notified at the beginning of each submission period.


Whether you're developing concepts for a sci-fi-themed branded video or building an editorial calendar for a new corporate publication, the pitch request feature will save you money. time and enhance the accuracy and creativity of your stories. Welcome greetings.