Is making money on Hago real? Is App Hago a scam?

Make money on Hago really? A question many people ask when they know about Hago. This is a popular social network in many countries around the world, with a relatively large number of users. What application is Hago? Is it really possible to make money on Hago as many people still spread it? If you want to know the answer, please read the following article in detail to be answered by

General information about the Hago . app

Hago is a social networking application originating from Singapore, allowing users to connect with each other and chat online, play games together and participate in many other exchange activities.

General information about the Hago . app
General information about the Hago . app

Besides, Hago is also introduced by the developer as a social networking application that gathers many features in one such as: sharing moments, singing, playing games, livestream, e-commerce, short videos, education...

With diverse features, Hago fully serves the needs and entertainment habits of today's social network users. This application supports both popular operating systems, IOS and Android, users can download the application directly on CH play or App store.

Main features of Hago . app

As introduced, Hago brings together a lot of different interesting features. Hago users can freely choose the form of entertainment they want.

Convergence of more than 80 different games

Instead of having to download many different game applications, you just need to download Hago to your device to experience hundreds of interesting games. Especially the types of games are very diverse and completely free.

Unlimited choices, you can find yourself a suitable game. Find random opponents on the app or play with your friends. Not only that, Hago's games are constantly being refreshed and updated to increase the experience.

Thousands of chat rooms

Hago allows users to create chat rooms, or join unlimited friends' chat rooms. In addition to chatting and exchanging with each other, when participating in the connection in the chat room, users can play games, sing karaoke together...

Matching a gaming team

The games on Hago are not only interesting, useful, suitable for many ages, helping to relieve stress, but also can exchange, get acquainted, make friends through voice chat feature while playing games. If you are interested in how to pair, play games with strangers to get acquainted, you can try this feature of Hago.

Vivid interface

Hago is developed and perfected towards young people, that's why the interface of this application is very eye-catching, lively, creating a sense of excitement right from the first experience.

Various expression states

To increase the attractiveness of features such as chatting and playing games, Hago has a diverse collection of emotions and expression states, which you can freely express to your friends and other users.

Is making money on Hago real?

New to learning, you will surely be skeptical when you hear about making money on Hago, or even there are many rumors of Hago scam. So what's the point of this?

Play games and earn money on Hago app
Play games and earn money on Hago app

The fact that the Hago application allows users to earn money is completely real. However, Hago's form of making money is limited and mainly for entertainment purposes. Hago users can earn extra income from playing games on this app.

The amount of money earned from Hago is not much, only ranging from 50,000 VND to 150,000 VND/day. Users can change to scratch cards to use. Because the income is quite small, making money on Hago is only suitable when you have free time and want to have fun and earn income.

Instructions for installing and registering a Hago account to make money

Currently, Hago is supported to install on both the most popular operating systems, iOS and Android, which is very convenient for users. How to install and use Hago is quite simple, you can refer to the instructions below.

How to install Hago

To be able to install Hago on your phone, you can visit CH play or App store to download the application to your device.

  • Step 1: Access the application download software CH play or App store.
  • Step 2: Search for the keyword “Hago” and choose the right app to download.
  • Step 3: Click “install” to start the download.
  • Step 4: When the download is complete, select “Open” to start using Hago.

How to create an account on Hago

Hago application allows you to use facebook, google and zalo accounts to log in to this platform. However, if you don't like that, you can still create a new Hago account with your phone number in the following way:

  • Step 1: Access Hago, go to the main interface.
  • Step 2: Select the “yellow phone” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3: Enter your phone number in the system as required.
  • Step 4: Enter the confirmation code sent via SMS and select “Login”.
  • Step 5: Add personal information such as date of birth, gender and profile picture.
  • Step 6: Select “Done” to complete.

How to withdraw money on Hago money house

Earning money through the game on Hago is real, so how to withdraw the money earned on Hago and use it?

Currently, Hago does not support withdrawals to bank accounts or e-wallets, you can only withdraw Hago money by changing phone scratch cards. For specific withdrawal methods, refer to the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Access your Hago account.
  • Step 2: At the main interface, choose one of the items: Hago cash-out tree/Hago chicken farm or build a Hago cash-out house.
  • Step 3: Here, the system will display the amount you currently have. Select “Withdraw” to make the next transaction.
  • Step 4: Invite a Hago user to join as required by the application.
  • Step 5: Click “accept” to agree to the rules of the system.
  • Step 6: Provide information such as: phone number, network operator, email upon request.
  • Step 7: Agree conditions to complete the withdrawal. The amount will be transferred to your phone account.

Note: Hago only allows withdrawal when your account balance is over 10,000 VND.

How to make money on Hago application?

Download and experience the Hago app
Download and experience the Hago app

How to grow money trees on Hago

Hago has a very unique game called “Hago money tree”. Players receive seeds from the system, use tools to care for the seeds to grow into trees and generate money. The bigger the tree, the more money you get.

How to play is as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to Hago, at the main screen select "Hago Money Tree".
  • Step 2: Select “sow” to receive seeds and start taking care of them.
  • Step 3: Select the “water bottle” icon on the screen to water the seeds.
  • Step 4: Wait for the tree to grow and generate certain amount. You choose "receive" to collect the first amount.
  • Step 5: Continue to take care of the tree at a higher level and join the quests to get more tools.
  • Step 6: In the "props" section, choose items such as: Fertilizers, pesticides or water to care for and protect plants.
  • Step 7: You can go to other areas to steal money from friends or strangers' trees, you can also take care of them if you want.
  • Step 8: In collection or money every time the tree produces money, you need to take care of the tree regularly to generate a lot of money.

Note: In order for the tree to grow quickly, generate a lot of money to collect water by participating in many games.

How to build a house to make money Hago

If you grow money trees on Hago, you need to collect water to take care of the trees and make money, then building a house is similar. Players need to collect bricks to build houses, complete certain levels to receive money.

By completing the tasks in the game, you will receive bricks to build houses. The harder you work, the more bricks will be and the more money you will earn.

How to raise chickens to make money on Hago

With the game raising chickens for money on Hago, players will be given a chicken farm to take care of by the system. When completing the specified ranks will receive money.

To take care of the chickens on the farm, the player needs to collect food for the chickens. The way to collect chicken food is very simple such as: daily attendance, watching livestream, joining a 1-minute chat room, playing games...

How to refer friends to receive rewards from Hago

In addition to games, Hago users can also earn money by referring new users. In a word, each Hago user is provided with a referral link. When you successfully invite strangers or friends to join Hago application with your link, you will receive money from the system. Very simple and fast, right?

Frequently asked questions about the Hago . application

Making money from Hago app is absolutely true
Making money from Hago app is absolutely true

Is playing Hago for money a scam?

Realistically, the Hago application that allows users to earn money through games and withdraw money to their mobile accounts is 100% true.

However, many users expressed frustration, revealing that this application is a scam due to strict regulations, having to introduce new users to qualify for withdrawal. To avoid pressing misunderstandings, you should carefully refer to Hago's money-making and withdrawal regulations in advance.

How to withdraw Hago money without inviting friends?

According to Hago withdrawal terms, users need to successfully refer a new user. After completing this step, you are eligible to withdraw money from Hago to your phone account. This is a necessary condition to make a withdrawal transaction and cannot be ignored. Therefore, to withdraw Hago money, you must definitely invite your friends to download this application.

The most effective way to earn beans on Hago?

Hago has a live chat feature with an audience of users on the application, for those who have influence. During the livestream, users can accumulate beans and diamonds through gifts from viewers. When a certain number of gifts are accumulated, these beans and diamonds can be exchanged and the user receives a reward of the corresponding value.

Hack to withdraw Hago money?

Regulations to invite friends to join Hago to be able to withdraw money to the account are not always possible. Therefore, many people who intend to hack skip this step to withdraw money from Hago to their phones.

However, this is not possible, the Hago application publisher has foreseen the risks that may arise, so the Hago system has been set up with very high security.

Instead of trying to circumvent the law and compromise the safety of the application, try to invite your friends to join Hago to satisfy the system's conditions.


Hago is considered by many to be an extremely interesting social network that not only connects friends, plays entertaining games but also can make money on Hago. With many benefits and variety of features, Hago is becoming more and more popular. Although there are still a few limitations, this application is trying to improve to please users.

If you are interested in Hago's features, do not hesitate any longer, download this application immediately and try it out.

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