Linguistics - What is the science of language? Revealing 5 interesting things about Linguistics industry

Today with the global popularity of many different languages, understanding and mastering international languages ​​will be the key to your study and career path. Along with the leading education system of international countries, choosing to study abroad study of language would be a reasonable choice for those of you who want to study languages, especially in this era of globalization. Linguistics industry what? Linguistics Industry How to study Let's learn the above information with MAAS.

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I. What is industry? Linguistics?

To put it in the easiest way Linguistics industry is a discipline that specializes in the study, study and use of language not only in terms of phonetics but also in the structure of language including morphology, syntax, phonetics and semantics of a language.

Students, international students studying Linguistics industry will learn general and in-depth knowledge of the language and culture of the countries that speak that language. In addition, students also hone many necessary soft skills such as communication, presentation, and teamwork skills to be able to work effectively in specialized fields of linguistics.

Linguistics industry

II. Some areas of expertise in Linguistics

– Phonetics (Phonetics): Is a branch study of language the study of the sound of human speech, this field deals with the physical properties that help produce speech sounds or signs, physiological pronunciation, and acoustic properties.

– Phonology: is the linguistic study of sound systems to convey meaning in any human spoken language.

Morphology: is the study of language about the structure of words, about the formation of words

- Syntax (Syntax): is the field of studying the rules of combining words and groups of words into structures expressing meaning in sentences in natural language.

Semantics: is the study of language and the philosophy of meaning in language.

III. Requirements for learning Linguistics

Before you fall in love with a certain profession, you should first learn and keep a close eye on the skills and requirements needed for that profession. For linguistics we will need the following points:

1. Love the language

This is the most necessary point for those of you who want to follow the industry closely study of language because linguistics is not just about learning languages, it is a science that specializes in studying the structure of language and it is extremely complex. Therefore, to follow this course you need not only to be smart but also to love it.

2. Ready to challenge yourself

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You should know that even natives who have been exposed to their language since birth have chosen to learn it Linguistics industry This is certainly not an "easy to chew" industry. Learning another language for the sole purpose of communicating can be easy but to learn it intensively and use it to develop your career is not easy, so you must be willing to challenge yourself to can develop themselves more perfect.

IV. What conditions do you need to be able to study Linguistics?

For Linguistics industry If you want to apply for a student visa, the first thing you need to do is to have a foreign language certificate. But also depending on the country you want to study in as well as the school you want to study, the requirements will be different, so before you want to study abroad anywhere you should carefully study the requirements there.


-Academic: The minimum GPA that can be considered is 6.0 – 6.5 and you need to achieve 8.0 or higher to be able to apply to the top schools of that country.

-Certificate of foreign languages: you need a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 – 6.5 or higher if you want to apply to top schools.

Last but not least is the ability to be independent.

V. Career opportunities that Linguistics industry brings

If you graduated with a diploma in linguistics, here are the careers that are right for you:

1. Professor of Linguistics

With you getting a degree in Linguistics industry then you can become a teacher and use your academic knowledge to teach younger generations later. The disciplines you can teach are majors study of languagephilosophy of language, ..

About the professor's salary Linguistics industry It will depend on your teaching experience, if you have less than 1 year of experience, the average salary will be in $38,000 until $52,000 a year, and if you are a professional professor, the salary will be about $65,000 until $160,000 a year.

Linguistics Industry

2. Translators

For this job, you will have to translate about 2000 to 3000 words per day from one language to another. Whether you work as a “Freelancer” or as a full-time employee for a company, you need to have specialized expertise in an area such as economics, law, education, culture. chemistry or science.

In terms of income, this profession will initially be based on the number of words you can translate, the average salary for this profession in the United States will be about $20,000 arrive $70,000 a year in the UK will be less than about $21,000 until $40,000 a year.Linguistics industry

3. Foreign Language Teacher

Becoming a teacher imparting knowledge is also one of the careers that you can make once you get a degree in science. Linguistics industry. Every day you will have to prepare lesson plans, exercises related to the language you will be teaching students, as well as the knowledge and culture of that language for students.

In terms of income, this profession will depend on your teaching experience and where you work. For you living in the United States, the average salary will be about $28,000 until $50,000 a year, and in the UK, your salary will depend on the city where you live, skills and teaching experience that fall into the range of $33,000 until $76,000 a year.

For this job, you will need to add a degree in teaching or take courses in teaching to earn a teaching certificate.

BECAUSE. Top schools specializing in Linguistics

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The following will be the top universities that are highly rated for teaching quality Linguistics industry according to

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university in the city of Cambridge, MIT has always been known for its educational research activities in the physical sciences, engineering, as well as in economics, biology and also Linguistics industry.

2. University of Massachusetts Amherst: is a famous school in the University of Massachusetts system, is the leading public research school in the United States, out of 39 subjects selected for evaluation, four majors - food science, kinesiology, Linguistics and polymer science and engineering – ranked among the top academic disciplines in the United States.

3. University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge is a public research university in the UK, a multi-disciplinary training school including Linguistics industry.

4. University of OxfordThe University of Oxford, also known as the University of Oxford, is one of the joint research institutes in Oxford, England. Multi-disciplinary training school and Linguistics industry is also one of the top majors in this school.

5. Harvard University: Harvard University offers more than 8,000 courses in more than 100 fields of study. The strength of the school's training will help students to study Linguistics industry future career development.


In summary, with the current era of globalization, language majors will never be outdated. With the characteristics and career opportunities mentioned above, choosing Linguistics industry will be the key to your education as well as your career development path. Hopefully, the above information will be useful for your choice, and if in the learning process you have difficulties in essays or essays, especially in these languages, MAAS Assignment Service Will always be ready to help you.

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