List of stocks in the US with the best potential to invest in 2022

Participating in the US stock market is one of the popular ways of getting rich for Vietnamese investors. For those who have never played this market, there are still many questions.

The following article, nganhangnongthon will provide you with a list Stocks in the US should invest. Let's take a look at the Top 10+ US stocks worth buying in 2022.

Overview of the current US stock market situation

The American stock market was founded by brokers together on May 17, 1792. Over the years, the US stock market has become one of the hot topics discussed and traded by many investment experts.

Every day, US stocks have a huge trading volume, more than 10,000 companies are listed, the total market value is up to 30 trillion USD. Currently, the US stock market is regulated by two major exchanges, the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

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Although also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the US stock market still achieved high performance. Stock codes of "big guys" such as: Amazon, Google, Facebook, BABA, MSFT,,…. continuously growing every quarter.

List of potential US stocks

US stocks are good performers and have the potential to grow even more in the future. Investing in US stocks is attracting a lot of attention from investors in Vietnam. Below is a list of potential US stocks you can refer to.

StocksCurrent price% change 1 week% change 1 yearMarket capitalization (billion USD)


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Intuitive Surgical


Axon Enterprise


NVIDIA Corporation




Activision Blizzard




Microsoft Corporation


List of US stocks to invest in 2022

Stock ticker LMT – Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a large military and industrial company listing stock code LMT on the US stock exchange. This stock code has recently been welcomed by many investors. Due to the recent fierce war between Russia and Ukraine, with no signs of cooling down, this stock ticked up from $2.73/share to $464.25/share. According to many sources, this code can still continue to increase in the next sessions.

Information about the Lockheed Martin stock ticker

Stocks LMT
Main exchangeNYSE
Market capitalization price116.44 T USD
Trading volume1.48 CHILDREN
P/E . Ratio19.47

Stock ticker APPL – Apple Inc

Apple is a large corporation that manufactures electronic devices such as computers, phones, earphones, iPad tablets, and many other electronic components, etc. It can be seen that Apple is one of the famous enterprises. spot, continuously ranked first on the US stock market.

Although APPL's ​​stock ticker was also highly volatile due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in general, this code continued to grow and achieved peak revenue. Specifically, Apple stock had a correction from $4.34/share to $165.75/share. This could bode well for Apple stock going forward.

Information about Apple's stock ticker

Stocks APPL
Main exchangeNASDAQ
Market capitalization price2.42 NT USD
Trading volume98.30 CHILDREN
P/E . Ratio24.26

JPMorgan stock ticker – JPM

JPMorgan is one of the oldest financial services firms. The business is headquartered in New York, with total assets of up to $2.6 trillion and becomes the largest bank in the US.

Currently, JPMorgan Chase's JPM stock code has been listed on many major stock exchanges in the world such as Germany, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, etc. In the last trading session, JPM had an adjustment rhythm. slightly adjusted back to $0.49/share to $133/share. This is a good opportunity for investors to seize the opportunity in time.

Information about the JPMorgan stock ticker

Stocks JPM
Main exchangeNYSE
Market capitalization price358.85 T USD
Trading volume15.04 CHILDREN
P/E . Ratio9.07

Stock ticker Pfizer – PFE

Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical company. The company's headquarters is located in New York City, USA. It can be said that this is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, achieving huge annual revenue.

The company's stock ticker is PFE. This pharmaceutical code has just had a slight decrease of $0.30/share to the price area of ​​$52.44/share. But investors still believe that PFE is a potential stock worth investing in in the future.

Information about the Pfizer stock ticker

Stocks PFR
Main exchangeNYSE
Market capitalization price284.30 T USD
Trading volume25.60 CHILDREN
P/E . Ratio11.78

Microsoft ticker – MSFT

Microsoft is a leading technology and software company in the world. Currently, there is no competitor that can match this technology giant. Microsoft provides software products such as: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Skype, Outlook, ...

The Microsoft stock ticker is MSFT. This world leading technology code has just dropped $1.55/share to the area of ​​$313.86/share in the recent session. MSFT is one of the potential stocks with stable development that investors should consider holding as soon as they have the opportunity.

Information about the Microsoft stock ticker

Stocks MSFT
Main exchangeNASDAQ
Market capitalization price2.00 NT USD
Trading volume34.35 CHILDREN
P/E . Ratio27.84

Why should investors buy US stocks?

US stocks are one of the hottest stocks in this market. There are many reasons why many Vietnamese investors are interested in these codes such as:

  • Although the US stock market is constantly fluctuating, US stocks still maintain a stable growth rate..

  • The potential for growth in US stocks is huge.

  • Most US stocks are traded with high volume and flexibility, so liquidity is highly appreciated by experts.

  • When participating in the US stock market, investors are entitled to 100% tax exemption on profits.

  • The US stock market is very flexible, allowing trading even outside office hours.

  • Many large multinational enterprises and corporations choose the US stock market to list.

  • The trading market has strict, efficient and transparent regulations.

  • Tax exemption from capital gains tax for investors.

Face value of US shares 2022

Here are some common US stock denominations 2022:

AAPL149.24 USD
MSFT266.82 USD
GOOG2334.03 USD
AMZN2307.37 USD
TSLA761.61 USD
Facebook202.62 USD
UNH492.53 USD
DRAW204.00 USD
XOM92.11 USD

The best US stock exchanges today

Currently, on the US stock market, there are the following stock exchanges:

Exchange NYSE

NYSE is headquartered on Wall Street, New York, United States. This can be considered the largest stock exchange in the US. Currently, the NYSE has more than 3,000 listed companies with quite strict terms and regulations.

Nasdaq Exchange

The Nasdaq exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the United States. Nasdaq has more than 7,000 listed corporations with huge trading volume. The listing fee on Nasdaq exchange is relatively low compared to other exchanges, around 150,000 USD.

Exchange AMEX

AMEX exchange is also one of the famous stock exchanges in the US. After the NYSE and Nasdaq, AMEX has the number of companies, small and medium enterprises listed here. Products traded on the exchange are mainly stocks, options contracts and ETFs.

Exchange BATS

The BATS stock exchange currently accounts for about 12% of total US equity trading volume each day. Following the major exchanges, BATS stock exchange ranks 4th in the top of the best stock exchanges in the US.

US stock trading session opening time

Nganhangnongthon will review the opening time of the US stock trading session of the two most popular exchanges: the New York Stock Exchange, and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

Business hoursStandard transactionAfter-hours tradingPre-market trading
New York Stock ExchangeMonday to Friday

20h30 to 2h00

Monday to Friday

3:00 am to 5:30 am

Monday to Friday

19h00 to 20h30

Nasdaq Stock ExchangeMonday to Friday

20h30 to 2h00

Monday to Friday

3:00 am to 5:30 am

Monday to Friday

19h00 to 20h30

How Vietnamese people buy US stocks in Vietnam

How to buy US stocks in Vietnam? This is the question many future investors are most curious about. Instructions on how Vietnamese people buy US stocks on the derivatives market follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the exchange “xxx”.

  • Step 2: At the main interface > select “Register for an account” > fill in complete and accurate information > select "I agree".

  • Step 3: Create a login password.

  • Step 4: At the interface of the declaration, fill in the required information. Note that everyone should fill in without accents.

  • Step 5: At the next interface, select the currency and language of the transaction.

  • Step 6: Verify your account through the activation code in your email inbox.

  • Step 7: Verify your identity > Complete registration for an online securities investment account successfully.

Thus, the article on nganhangnongthon has compiled a list for readers Stocks in the US potential. Hope this information will be useful to everyone. The US stock market is always flexible, so if you have an investment plan, you will have a plan and a long-term vision. Wished everyone success!

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